Nash, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There is a great deal of history about the Blacks of Nash City. It was a slaveholding town where more than three thousand African Americans lived. The city was a rail and shipping center during the Civil War. Both the Union and Confederate armies sought control of these important routes. In February 1862, Nashville fell to Union troops. The Union occupied the state for the remainder of the war. Some of the enslaved Blacks in Middle Tennessee were moved to Union lines or housed in a contraband camp around military installations.

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Listed below are demographics and other information about the Town of Nashville, Tennessee. The population is approximately 5,352 and is 51.8% White. There are also 1.6% Hispanics and 0.6% American Indians. Males are majority in the population, while females are the minority. The vacancy rate is 6.5%. In 2014, only 17.4% of the population had bachelor's or master's degrees.