Owasso, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Owasso, Oklahoma is a city located near the Arkansas River in northeastern Oklahoma. The city's original plat was signed by the Secretary of the Interior. The town's original plan included three streets running north and south and eight streets running east and west. Owasso has a population of 37,241 and has increased by 28.7% since the year 2000. It has a low violent crime rate, compared to the national average.

The population of Owasso is racially and ethnically diverse. Most residents identify as White, but others claim to be Native American or Asian. The biggest percentage of foreign-born residents report ancestry from Mexico, followed by Vietnam and English. Another important country of birth for residents of Owasso is India. More than one in five of the city's residents is Hispanic.

In 2019 the median property value in Owasso, OK was $172,700. This number is 0.718 times lower than the national average. In the same year, the percentage of residents working from home reached 3.39 percent. Owasso's homeownership rate is 68.3%, higher than the national average. The average commute time is 20.8 minutes. Owasso's car ownership rate is the same as the national average, with two cars per household.

Owasso, OK is located in the state of Oklahoma. Most residents commute to work by car, walking, or riding a motorcycle. Using this data can help you target your advertising campaigns and marketing efforts based on local demographics. These statistics are useful for business planning, advertising, job research, and even just moving to a new city. In addition, Owasso is a great place to visit if you're thinking of moving to this area.