Peoria, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you want to know more about the people who live in Peoria City, then you've come to the right place. This city is located in northern central Illinois, about 135 miles southwest of Chicago. The weather is generally mild year-round, with the least comfortable months being July and August. Here's some information to get you started. In fact, Peoria City has a fairly high population density.

Peoria City's population is made up of households of various sizes. There are 45,199 households, with 29.9% of the population being under the age of eighteen. Twenty-four percent of households have at least one car, with the largest share of two cars. The percentage of non-families is 39.5%, while one out of every five households consists of individuals. One-fourth of the population lives below the poverty line.

The median age of all residents in Peoria is 35.2 years old, with a slightly older median age amongst native residents and foreign-born citizens. It's no wonder that Peoria's residents are getting older: the median age of Peoria residents was 35 in 2019, compared to 39 for native citizens. The largest foreign-born group in Peoria is Filipino-American, with 8.7%. The city is marked by significant gender disparity.

The city is home to the Peoria Rivermen, a minor-league hockey team. They play at the Carver Arena and were previously part of the American Hockey League. However, the Vancouver Canucks purchased the team in 2013 and announced plans to relocate to Utica, New York. The team's executives subsequently applied to join the Southern Professional Hockey League and joined forces with the Bloomington Thunder.