Ravia, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following information will help you learn more about Ravia, OK, including its population and steets. OK is a state with a high rate of homeownership, and the population of Ravia is no exception. In fact, Ravia has a higher homeownership rate than the state's average. However, there are some important differences between Ravia and other nearby cities. The median income in Ravia, OK is less than that of the neighboring cities.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 99% of residents in Ravia, OK are U.S. citizens. The median home value in Ravia was $53,800, and most people drove alone to work. The average commute time was 28.4 minutes. In Ravia, OK, there are 511 residents. You can find more information on its population, zip code and schools by clicking the links below.

The most common racial and ethnic groups in Ravia, OK are White, Two Or More, and Native American. A household's percentage of income will determine whether a person falls into the poverty line. The city's population is also highly educated, with nearly 79% of residents having a college degree or higher. Despite its small size, Ravia, OK residents enjoy good health care coverage. Among the different types of plans, 78.1% of Ravia residents are covered by an employer-sponsored health plan. Another 12.7% of residents are on a Medicare plan, and 16.0% of households are non-family-based.