Sand Springs, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Sand Springs is a mid-sized Oklahoma city located along the Arkansas River. Tulsa, the commercial, industrial, and cultural center of a vast agricultural area, is just 45 minutes away. Sand Springs is home to over 20,000 people. Since the census was taken in 2000, the population has grown by 6.9%. The city's commute time is 21.9 minutes, which is a shorter commute time than the national average.

The city was founded in 1908 by oilman and philanthropist Charles Page. He originally intended the land for an orphanage, and built a community west of the orphanage. This wealthy businessman offered free land and utilities to anyone who moved to the town. He also helped build the Sand Springs Railway, connecting the town to Tulsa. The Kerr Glass Plant remained in business for decades.

The city has several public parks. A public park known as Case Community Park offers a variety of sports activities and is a privileged use of park space for the youth sports program. The largest employer in the city is the Sand Springs Public School District, which has five elementary schools, one middle school, two public high schools, and four private Christian schools. The city is served by US Route 412, Oklahoma State Highway 51, and Oklahoma State Highway 97.

The zip code for the city of Sand Springs is 74063. The city is located in Oklahoma, and is in Multi-county. You can access the city's address and ZIP code by going online to its website. A map showing the location of all businesses is also available. You can view Sand Springs' schools, libraries, and other important buildings on the page. The list will include their addresses, phone numbers, and more.