Smithville, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

To get a better idea of the Smithville City's housing market, consider the rent burden. This statistic measures the proportion of household income spent on rental housing. It is a useful indicator of housing affordability in the city. Compared to the state average of 29.3%, Smithville's rent burden is lower than that of nearby cities, including North Kansas City, Missouri (26.7%), and Northmoor, Missouri (26.9%). In terms of home ownership, there are more than 21.2% of households in Smithville who rent their home.

Initially, the town was settled by Lipan and Tonkawa Indians. These tribes were buffalo hunters who held uneasy peace with the Mexicans. In 1876, the area became a post office. By May of the following year, the town was described as a thriving village. Although the area grew rapidly, many local businessmen still lived in nearby cities. Some of these entrepreneurs helped establish a ferry across the Colorado River.

Currently, the population of Smithville stands at 4,793 according to the United States Census. In 2000, the city had a population of 3,994. The city is located approximately 12 miles southeast of Austin, a ten-minute drive from Interstate 35. It is home to a number of colleges and universities, including the DeKalb Community College. A number of businesses have their headquarters in Smithville.