Sperry, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In this article, you'll learn about the Population & Steets in Sperrry City, OK. You'll also discover whether Sperry is a safe and clean community. This midsized city along the Arkansas River is home to an industrial, commercial, and cultural center. Sperry is also known as "the place where the South meets the West." It has a population of 1,355, and has grown by just 0.6% since 2020. The average commute time is 25.7 minutes, which is longer than the national average.

Sperry is located in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, and has a population of 1,205 in the 2010 census. It has an active retirement community. As of 2010, it has fewer evictions than neighboring towns, but is still home to many people. The town is a popular bedroom community, with 85 percent of its residents commuting to Tulsa for work.

While crime rates in Sperry City vary, they are significantly higher than in surrounding communities. During the past year, there were only two reports of violent crime in Sperry. Those reports were not backed by any reliable sources. Because of this, there is no reliable way to predict whether Sperry is safe for children. Luckily, crime statistics are available on the Internet. You can find this data by searching online or by visiting the Sperry Police Department.

The Census Bureau provides data on housing in Sperry City. Currently, 66.1% of homes in Sperry are owned by residents. The rest are rented. The median gross monthly rent is $824. Listed below are the housing costs in Sperry. In Sperry, Oklahoma, you can expect the median gross rent to be around $825. There are many places to find affordable housing in Sperry, but a little bit of research is necessary.