Stroud, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Stroud City is a mid-size town located in northeastern Oklahoma along the Arkansas River. The city is an industrial, commercial and cultural center within a large agricultural area. It has been known as "where the South meets the West" and has a population of 2,704 residents. There are three main types of jobs in Stroud: service industry, blue-collar jobs and white-collar roles.

In the Census, there were 1139 households with an average of two people. The median age of these households was 39. There were also a lot of young adults living in the community. However, the number of elderly residents was high as well. One in four households was composed of a person over the age of 65. The population density of Stroud was higher than the state average. This is a town of many small businesses, so it's important to know about the economy before you move to the area.

Before Route 66 was built in 1926, Stroud was a sleepy town. In fact, it was not until 1927 that it started to flourish and become a popular rest stop. Today, travelers and locals alike stop here for a meal, a nap, or a great dinner. The town also has three major banks: BancFirst, RCB Bank and Stroud National Bank.