Tahlequah, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're planning to relocate to Tahlequah City, you should have a general idea of what to expect. The city's population is roughly 16,998 people and the median age is 29.1. This figure includes both native born and foreign-born residents. The majority of foreign-born residents are from Mexico, where 107,399 people live. Another popular foreign-born country is Vietnam, with 14,412 people calling Tahlequah City their home. And for those of you looking to purchase a property, you can't go wrong with Tahlequah City's median home price of $115,800.

The population of Tahlequah is divided into four buckets, based on car ownership. The largest share is two cars, while the lowest percentage is false. Eighty-seven percent of the population has health coverage, including Medicare, employer-sponsored plans, and non-group plans. Meanwhile, 2.72% of the population has military or VA coverage. While these numbers may seem low, they still represent a significant number.

The city is located in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, and has a population of approximately 15,753. It is the oldest municipality in Oklahoma, incorporated by the Cherokee National Council more than half a century before Oklahoma was granted statehood. The city's Charter was approved on June 18, 1940. In addition to being the state's capital, Tahlequah is the seat of the Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.