Washington, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are several cities in Washington, all of which have their own unique characteristics and cultures. Here are some facts about each one. Washington is home to the fifth largest Asian population in the US. While the number of Asians in the state is low, the number of Asian Americans living in the state is rapidly increasing. In fact, it is now estimated that 12.9% of Seattle's population is Asian, making it the second largest Asian population in the US after San Francisco.

According to the United States Census, Washington has a population of 6,724,540. The largest city, Seattle, is located on the Salish Sea and is the center of industry, business, and transportation. The state is divided into three geographical areas: deep rain forests in the west and central mountain ranges in the east. The southern regions are semi-deserts, with some areas dedicated to intensive agriculture. But there are still many other cities in Washington that deserve a closer look.

Throughout the state, people migrated from various parts of the country to find work. Many immigrants were able to find work, and the population grew quickly. As a result, Seattle experienced a major growth period. It was a shipping and trade center, and its population diversified rapidly. It became home to many Scandinavians, African Americans, and Japanese. Its booming economy was further helped by its proximity to the Yukon and the North Pacific.