Waynoka, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Waynoka is comprised of a variety of ethnic groups, but the most common racial group is White, while Native Americans are the second most common racial group. There are various important ancestries, including German, English, and Irish. Scots-Irish is also spoken by a few residents. The primary language spoken by the population is English, but Spanish is also widely spoken.

The waynoka city area has a total population of 854 residents, with a median age of 33.3. The median household income is $41,042, which represents a 0.591% increase over the previous year. The city's ethnic composition is made up of a majority of White (Non-Hispanic) and one percent of Hispanic residents. There are also approximately 34 foreign-born residents in Waynoka, OK.

In terms of the racial composition, 84.9% of the population is white. The racial composition of the area is mixed, with a high proportion of American Indians. The remaining 2.8% of residents are American Indian. The city has an unemployment rate of 1.6%, and 19.0% are employed in state, federal, and local government jobs. The median household income is $41,042 and includes those with college degrees.

The waynoka city area is predominantly residential. To the east of Eastview Avenue, safe housing opportunities are available, while west of the redevelopment area, there is a large concentration of substandard housing. The rate of poverty and crime are high. The waynoka city area also features a railroad that follows an east/west route. There are several correctional facilities in the area. The population of the Waynoka City area is comprised of 570 households, with an average house value of $56,400.