Webbers Falls, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

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For information about crime in Webbers Falls City, you can check the Crime Map. This map will give you an idea of the number of crimes committed per resident. However, be aware that crime statistics are not always accurate, as it depends on how many people visit a particular area. Also, remember that the area in red does not necessarily indicate danger to residents. Therefore, it is vital to check the information provided by local schools before you make a decision.

The Census Bureau reports that there are 545 people in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma. The majority of these residents are White, with a minority of Asian and Hispanic people making up the remainder. There are also people who identify themselves as two or more races. The city's population is comprised of 54% white residents and one-fifth Hispanic people. The median gross monthly rent in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma is $550.