Wynona, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're thinking about relocating to Wynona City, Oklahoma, you'll need to know some statistics about the city. The following information will help you find out what the population and the stites are like. As of 2016, Wynona has a population of 5,857 people. The median age is 39. It is a safe city with a high quality of life, and many residents are happy to live there.

In 1909, residential structures were built on unimproved lots. By 1910, these structures were located on streets. The city incorporated a pump station and twenty new dwellings in Winona. These buildings followed current building trends in middle-class housing, and were usually smaller in scale than the ones built before. Elmere Place houses were constructed on the lots that were originally designed in a plat from 1910. These are part of the original community layout, but separate from it.

The Winona neighborhood is characterized by well-landscaped streets that run north-south. Most homes are detached, single-family dwellings that sit on narrow lots. The houses are large, and many have free-standing garages. Many of these houses have artistic value. These houses are a good value for the money and can be found in a quiet neighborhood near the Lafayette River.

The Neal property is located at the crossroads of Highways 82 and 51, and it is the only property in the quadrant that is not part of the city. Neal property is currently used for grain hauling and a retail store. These activities require careful planning and zoning control. While the Neal parcel is small, it is considered a prime parcel for annexation.