Forksville, Pennsylvania Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Forksville City was 147 at the 2010 census, putting it at 92 people per square mile. The city is home to the 150 year old Forksville General Store and is close to Worlds End State Park. The town was formed 228 years ago in 1793. The name Forksville means "a meeting point" and derives from two creeks that flow through it.

The population of Forksville City is mainly white, with about 61 percent of residents identifying as white, 12.3% identifying as black, and 5.4% identifying as Asian. Twenty-seven percent of Forksville residents identify as Hispanic or other, which makes up the remainder of the population. The median home price in Forksville is $172,100, with appreciating value of 10.8% in the last ten years.

Forksville City is part of ZIP Code 18616, and it includes portions of the 18607, 18616, and 18701. The ZIP code is a four-digit extension of the area's five-digit zip code. The first two digits of the ZIP code represent the city's population, while the last four digits designate a street segment or apartment.