Volant, Pennsylvania Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population and steets of Volant City are not particularly diverse. The median age is 48 and there are 2.5 people per family. This is below the state and national average. The median household income is $38,750. Poverty rate is 5.28% and the percentage of people living in poverty is lower than the national average.

Volant is located in the state of Pennsylvania. It is a small borough. In fact, it is smaller than the town of New Wilmington, PA. The town is home to Westminster College and the second-largest Old Order Amish population. While the population is small, the community is thriving.

Although the population in Volant has declined steadily over the past five years, there are many reasons for this. This may be due to a single traumatic incident, or it may be the result of long-term demographic patterns. A low birth rate can cause a domino effect that leads to a decline in the city's population. In addition, a low demand for basic services may be a contributing factor.

Crime rates in Volant are low compared to nearby cities. Involant, crime rates are lower than in most cities of the same size, but there are some pockets of high crime. In fact, the crime rate in Volant is less than the national and Pennsylvania state average.