Circleville, Utah Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you looking for the Population & Steets in Circlesville, Ohio? Circleville is a small city in the state of Ohio. Circleville is situated on the Scioto River and offers a pleasant climate. June, September, and August are considered the most pleasant times to live in Circleville. January and February are the least comfortable months to live in Circleville. If you are considering moving to the city, consider exploring the various options.

Circleville is located in Pickaway County, Ohio. It is the county seat. The city is about 25 miles south of Columbus and is known for its circleville pumpkin show. This event has been held for over a century. The population of Circleville is estimated at 13,314 people. The population is a key economic indicator. The median household income is $42,500. There are several other factors that can affect the income of a community.

The median age of the citizens of Circleville, OH is forty one years old. This number includes both native and foreign-born citizens. In fact, people in Circleville are getting older. The median age of residents in this city was forty in 2018. The most common foreign-born country was India, followed by Mexico and China. Residents of Circleville City are primarily white. But the community is home to a diverse ethnic mix.

Circularville is an economically strong community. More than 5.5 thousand people live in the city. The most common occupations are health care & social assistance, retail trade, and construction. In addition, there are also numerous high-paying industries, including Utilities, Public Administration, and Manufacturing. In addition, the median household income is forty-one thousand and sixty-eight-five dollars, with a growth rate of 1.06%.