North Chittenden, Vermont Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The demographics of the city are very important for a town's quality of life. For example, a high percentage of educated people means that the city has a greater economic potential. The proportion of educated men and women in a city can vary greatly. However, the higher the percentage of educated men and women, the better the quality of life is in a city. In North Chittenden, VT, women have a higher education level than their male counterparts. The average female resident in the city has a high school education. Twenty-four percent of women are college educated, while fourteen percent of women have doctoral degrees.

The average age of a person living in North Chittenden, VT is forty-two years. The median age of women is thirty-seven years old. The average number of children per household is four. The population of North Chittenden City is about 3,600.

Chittenden County, Vermont, is the state's economic hub and the largest city in the county. It has over 158,000 residents and is made up of eighteen towns and villages. The county seat, Burlington, is the state's largest and has earned the title of Queen City. The region is renowned for its scenic beauty. Four colleges in the area foster a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

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