Alexandria, Virginia Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the population and steets of Alexandria City, Virginia? This city in Virginia ranks among the 133 counties and independent cities in Virginia. The city has a diverse population, as demonstrated by the diversity of its neighborhoods. For example, areas in green have a diversity of people of different races living close together. Conversely, areas in red are dominated by white residents. The following table shows Alexandria's diversity in terms of race and ethnicity.

Alexandria, VA is home to approximately 97k people. The most common occupations are Health Care & Social Assistance, Public Administration, and Professional, Scientific & Technical Services. The median household income is $89177, which is slightly above the US average of $64772. Nearly one-third of Alexandria residents earn less than half of the median income, which is $64772. In addition, 58.9% of the population qualifies for free or reduced-price school meals.

When the City of Alexandria was incorporated, it was a part of Virginia. Then, it was incorporated into the District of Columbia. Ultimately, it was split off from the District of Columbia, which is why it is now called Arlington County. Today, it is the seventh largest independent city in Virginia. However, it remains Virginia's highest-income independent city. The population is a key indicator of how wealthy a city is.

Throughout the city, residents enjoy several recreational activities. The park system covers 950 acres. The Chinquapin Recreation Center is one of the city's largest centers, with facilities for swimming, tennis, and racquetball. A number of sports leagues are also organized in the city. There are several attractions and points of interest to visit in Alexandria. A visit to the Alexandria Black History Resource Center and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial will provide a glimpse of history and culture in the city.