Castleton, Virginia Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Interested in learning more about the Population & Steets in Castlton City, Vermont? Read on! We have the latest demographic data, including the number of residents and households, as well as other pertinent statistics. Learn more about the people who live in this town, including its average age and ethnic makeup. In addition, you can view the city's top schools. Get to know your neighbors and what their ancestry is!

The median age of all residents of Castleton, VT is twenty-one. This includes both native-born residents and those who were born abroad. Unlike many communities in Vermont, Castleton, VT is getting older, with the average age being twenty-one. The most common birthplace for those who are foreign-born in the area is Canada, with 1.7% hailing from that country. The number of foreign-born residents is smaller, with approximately 1.6% of people claiming to be of Asian origin living in the city.

The Castleton Fire Company was established in 1871, and has its main station at Green Avenue in Castleton. The company is comprised of 35 volunteer professionals. Its fleet of fire apparatus includes three pumper/tankers, one tank, and an EMS vehicle. Throughout the town, the population of Castleton is constantly growing, with a total of 2,786 residents. The city's economic prosperity has been driven by manufacturing.