Keystone, West Virginia Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population and steets of Keystone City are provided below to provide an overview of the city's demographics. The city's median household income is $54,476 and is comprised primarily of white-collar workers. Of the population, 98.8% is white-collar, while 0.5% are black or Hispanic. In Keystone, there are 3.82 homeowners for every one renter. In addition, the median household income is $47,672, which is lower than the average state income of $54,476. Additionally, 83% of the Keystone's population is high school graduates, and 44% of the population works in white-collar jobs.

In 2018, Keystone's per-capita income was $24,018. This is lower-middle income compared to the rest of South Dakota and the country. That equates to $96,072 for a family of four. The city is home to both rich and poor residents. For the sake of comparison, Keystone has a low poverty rate. For those interested in Keystone's economic climate, a visit to the city is worthwhile.

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