Mount Hope, West Virginia Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Mount Hope, Ontario, was incorporated on June 1, 1895. The town was a rapidly growing community. The population was approximately 6,600 at that time. It is a predominantly middle-class area, with a median household income of two-thirds of the province's average. The following table shows the population and steets breakdown of Mount Hope. This data is not intended to be comprehensive, and there is no guarantee that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

The median age of residents was 43.8 years. This makes Mount Hope a lower middle-class city in comparison to other cities in the state. Only about 18% of the population was below the age of eighteen, and another 8.3% of residents lived alone. There were roughly the same numbers of low and middle-class residents. The median household income was $43,125. The poverty rate in Mount Hope was 5.9%.

The City of Mount Hope is located in Sedgwick County. The city's GIS (Geographic Names Information System) report indicates that the city has an estimated population of 802 individuals. The population's name comes from the city of Mount Hope, Michigan, and is 1,430 feet above sea level. It is located within the (316) area code. A quick Google search will show you the population and steets of Mount Hope City.

The Mount Hope area was once part of Montgomery County, Virginia. Because of its lack of man-made roads, the area remained isolated. The nearest highway was an old buffalo trail. Buffalo didn't roam the roughest parts of the New River Gorge, so the only way to travel through the mountains was by foot. In 1888, Fayette County became the first county in West Virginia to produce one million tons of coal.