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What is Background Check?

Basically, a background check is a process of inspecting public or private records to obtain a background profile of an individual. This includes searches such as criminal records, arrests records, and other personal information used as a background check.

Moreover, Background checks are performed for different reasons depending on the type of background check being requested. Some examples include employment background checks, tenant background checks, or even people seeking their date’s online profiles before meeting them in person. Overall, conducting a criminal background search is a protective measure.

Common Types of Background Checks

If one has any doubt on the type of background checks a person can perform, then this section has stated all the available options.

  • Employment Background Checks

    An employer should know who they’re hiring in their organization. For them, an employment background check is conducted using public/police records to see if the person is clean or not.

  • Criminal Background Checks

    Whenever dealing with somebody new, a user needs to perform a criminal background check to verify if the other individual has a criminal past or not.

  • Universal Background Checks

    Suppose a person aims to buy a firearm. In that case, the arms dealer performs a universal background check using the National Instant Background Check System/NICS’s resources to verify their eligibility.

  • Credit Background Checks

    When applying for a loan, one might be asked to provide a credit background check. It is a record of how much money someone owes and their history in paying their bills on time.

  • Personal Background Checks

    If users wish to check what the public records say about them, they can conduct a personal background check using various resources to learn the answer.

  • Professional License Background Checks

    A professional license background check is a process of verifying that the applicant possesses a valid license or not. This step helps employers to protect themselves from negligent hiring claims.

  • International Background Checks

    If a person considers hiring or meeting someone from outside the US, they can conduct a thorough international background check to verify their personal information.

  • E-Verify Background Checks

    Every employee has to fill the I-9 form to verify their eligibility to work in the USA. After that, employers can use E-verify background checks to compare their real identities.

Why Do You Need A Background Check?

Before Meeting Someone From Online

If a user has recently become acquainted with someone from online platforms, such as social media or dating sites, it is better to do a background check before finally meeting them in person.

Learning About the New Neighbor

If someone new has moved to the neighborhood, then it is essential to conduct a background check on them to see if they have a shady past or not. Such an endeavor will allow the user to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from harm.

Check Someone’s Credit History

If a person is getting into business with someone, then it is vital to check whether their credit history is clear or not. It will help the user from getting defrauded.

To Avoid Hiring a Criminal

Background checks generally are used by companies to try and see if they are hiring a criminal. This is because they can save the employer both time and money down the road if they hire a convicted felon. However, one should run background checks on not only potential new hires but also current employees.

Customer Help and Support

Background check services offer support by email, phone, or live chat. Go for the service that has a preferred support method and verify their agents.

Easy Online Platform

The right background checker has a simple and easy interface that does not require high knowledge to perform a background check. An intuitive online portal helps place orders and view results.

How to Do a Background Check?

A person can do a background check online using reliable services such as FindPeopleFast to get the truth on an employee, new neighbor, or someone from the internet. It is entirely web-based and offers the users fast and accurate results. In addition, FindPeopleFast will provide complete details about a person, such as their current residence, email, and criminal history.

Simply enter the First and Last Name of the target person in the FindPeopleFast’s search bar, and click on Start Search to get the results.

Here are some factors why FindPeopleFast is a top-quality choice to do background checks:

  • Large Database

    Using conventional background checking resources, it takes time to receive results. However, FindPeopleFast offers an extensive database accumulated from public, private, and state resources to provide free criminal records on the target individual.

  • Secure

    FindPeopleFast offers a secure environment for its users. The information entered and received on FindPeopleFast will remain for the user’s eyes only, and not even the service’s employees will be able to access the details.

  • Easy to Use

    The web interface is smooth, and there is no need to possess any technical knowledge to perform a free criminal background check on FindPeopleFast. The user only has to enter the name, and the service will provide an accurate report containing their address, criminal records, and credit history.

Free Background Checks (No Charge & No Credit Card)

  • Google

    Google has been an easy, simple, and go-to method to find information and research people since its inception. It is the best option if you want to do a smart background check for free. This method contains an index of the most information that you can find on the Internet.

    If you want to search for an individual, enter a name that will list millions of different results. However, you need to know more background information to filter down the results.

  • Social Media

    Social media gives some sort of information from the people's profiles that you are looking for. Many people reveal a lot about themselves on such platforms. If you can locate your target's profile on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or professional profile on LinkedIn, then you would get the right amount of information about them.

    Also, in some cases, many people keep their accounts private for a good reason. Their profiles are limited to people they know. Social media is a helpful approach if you are friends or see them.

  • Public Court Records

    Another great approach to check someone's background is to check the county clerk of records website. You will need at least the location or address of the target person. If you don't know, then you may have difficulty getting results this way.

    The public court will only show the government records information that an individual has from the state or city he lived in. You need to create a separate search for an individual address in case you want a record of his past address.

    Public records don't provide a great deal of information in the first place. Even if you find a target person, you might be annoyed with the search results.

  • State or Local Prison Records

    In addition to public records, you might have some chance to get a good piece of information in state or local prison records. If you are looking for criminal history, check using the 'Corrections Inmate' tag on Google. You should know the prison's official website, and then you can enter a person's information to find if they ever had a criminal record.

    However, the information is quite limited, and they can only show data for that specific state. This approach could be time-consuming but rewarding if you know the details about a person.

  • Credit Reports

    Accessing the credit report of another person legally is not possible. However, you can do a background check for your own identity with several credit bureaus and request a report for yourself.

    The government annual check is available only for free once a year. You need to pay the required fees if you want an additional report later.

Are These Free Background Checks Legit & Effective?

There are many free sites where you can do a background check, but it is essential to check the site to ensure that the information can be trusted. It is possible to check the background yourself by exploring someone's social media account or public records. However, you can't access much of their information because it will be hidden, even if you know him.

If you are interested in performing background checks on someone or yourself, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and research. It should also be legal to perform.

Actually, a specific law concern is to perform a background check known as the Fair Credit Report Act. It requires that you use an officially licensed Consumer Reporting Agency to obtain a credit report. The official Consumer Reporting Agencies are responsible for gathering, providing, and curating accurate details about the consumers.

Other Free Reverse Email Lookup Solutions

Searching on Google

Google is the only answer against everything that we are looking for. A free email search is also applicable here, so you can find out your target person. There are chances that the email contains some personal details on any online web portals.

By typing an email address, Google will perform deep research on your target and show you desired results. Google search is free of cost but doesn't offer a bulk research feature; that's why you have to search each email one by one. However, this type of search requires decent research for good results.

Searching on Social Media platforms

Type the email address of a target person in a search bar of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. A list of profiles created by that email address will be shown on the screen.

However, it is a limited method, as it is of no use if the target person does not have an account on any platform. You can also confirm the credibility of the given information and monitor the activity of the target person on those accounts.

Searching in Public Records

Public records are a beneficial way to find someone's information. Many government departments have stored information that can be accessed by the public. These records details related to property taxes, residential or licensing information. However, you can find target information against the individual's email.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Background Check

How Do I Do a Background Check on Myself?

You can enter your name(First and Last) into the FindPeopleFast interface to do a complete background check on yourself.

What Can Be Revealed in a Background Check?

A background check reveals information such as a person’s address, email, criminal record, traffic violation, relatives, social media accounts, phone number, and more.

How Far Back Do Most Background Checks Go?

Typically, background checking services provide results from the past seven years of criminal and court records.

How to do background checks for free?

You can access public records, such as court or police information, to do free background checks. However, for fast results with no charge, FindPeopleFast is an excellent choice.

Do criminal records go away?

The criminal history of a person remains on public record until the said individual turns 100 years old. After that, however, some official solutions keep the information from public view, especially if the conviction is not significant.

Get Started with Your Background Checks Now!

If you are still pondering how to find out if someone has a criminal record for free, then what are you waiting for? Start checking the background history of a potential employee, dating partner, neighbor, or friend using FindPeopleFast’s extensive database and smooth interface in a matter of minutes!