A person can not learn the identity of a person or organization with a Verizon phone number due to privacy regulations. Moreover, if one is getting repeated calls from a Verizon number, there is no direct way of knowing who is calling you as the Verizon cell phone directory is inaccessible.

Still, there is no need to panic as users can apply some handy method to perform Verizon phone number lookup. We will share how to do reverse phone lookup for Verizon numbers in this post.

What Is a Verizon Phone Number Lookup?

As discussed earlier, it is improbable to learn the details of a Verizon number from the White Pages due to privacy regulation. However, one can access an online Verizon phone number lookup platform, such as Kiwi Searches, to conduct stated endeavors quickly.

The steps to check the Verizon phone directory using the reliable Kiwi Searches tool are as follows:

  • Step 1: Access Kiwi Searches’ Reverse Phone Number Search tool from any web browser.
  • Step 2:Now, enter the Verizon phone number into the tool’s search bar.
  • Step 3:Press the Search button to collect the relevant records, such as the name of the number’s owner, from the Kiwi Searches database.

How to Do a Reverse Verizon Phone Number Lookup?

Another online tool that offers Verizon Reverse Phone Number Lookup accurately at a fast pace is FindPeopleFast. The service collects data from public records and the FBI criminal database to reveal Verizon’s user identity.

Besides, the service offers several other features, such as searching a person’s social media profiles, location, address, and email.

The process of finding who is behind the Verizon number with FindPeopleFast is pretty simple. First, the user has to access the Reverse Phone Lookup page, enter the correct phone number in the search bar, and hit Search. Once all is done, it will display the required results instantly

Why Choose FindPeopleFast?

There are added benefits to using FindPeopleFast. Some of them are listed below:

Easy to Use
The interface is easy to navigate. The users do not have to acquire any technical skills before accessing the database to perform a Verizon phone numbers search. It will merely take a few minutes to complete the searching process.
Users tend to avoid entering their personal information on online platforms as the action puts the data in danger of getting leaked. However, FindPeopleFast maintains the anonymity of its users, and no one can learn what the user has searched for on the service.
Vast and Accurate Database
FindPeopleFast offers a comprehensive library of public and private records to display accurate results related to the Verizon phone number in no time.

Other Ways to Check a Reverse Verizon Cell Phone Numbers

This section explains some additional techniques for users who wish to know alternative Verizon reverse phone lookup solutions.

Use Google Search Engine

Google is accessible to every user on the internet. However, only a few know that they can use the powerful search engine to learn about Verizon’s phone number owner. Open Google.com from any browser, and enter the Verizon number in the search bar.

Search in Whitepages

Though Whitepages doesn’t carry information on new Verizon numbers, the database of older numbers still exists. In addition, one can access the Verizon cell phone directory by opening Whitepages from a web browser.

From there, click on More Searches and open the Mobile Carrier Lookup option. Select Verizon as the cell phone carrier, and enter the phone number. Finally, click on Find to access the results.

Use Social Media

People have a habit of sharing their cell phone numbers in the About section of their social media profiles. The user can look up the Verizon number by entering phone numbers in the search bar of the social networking platform, such as Facebook.

Try other phone number lookup services

There are other helpful number lookup tools that the user can try to identify the actual owner of the Verizon number. Some convenient services include NumLooker, USphonebook, Spokeo, CocoFinder, and NumLookup.


Previously it was an unnerving task to perform Verizon phone number lookup as privacy restrictions prevented users from accessing the database quickly. However, thanks to services such as FindPeopleFast, Google, CocoFinder, and social media, the process has become quite simple. This article has listed how to use the listed platforms and conduct reverse phone lookup on Verizon efficiently.