If you have a family member who has been missing for an extended period, you may be wondering if they have died. There are many reasons why someone may need to find the death of an individual in a family tree, such as tax or inheritance purposes. It's not always simple to find out if someone died, but there are quite a few ways that you can look into this.

How to find out if someone has died in your family, here is listing top 3 ways:-

Talk to Family Members

If several people in the family know that the person is dead, there's a good chance that it's true. The person who believes that the individual is deceased should ask the family if they think it is true. If there are many people within the family, this would be an accurate conclusion because a few would know about the death and agree with it.

Sometimes, if you talk to the neighbors or make friends with the person, they might tell you more about it. But this should be adopted only in case the person is well acquainted with you.

Start an Online Search

If you do not have any information or proof about the death of the person, then you can use a computer to start an online people search for the death certificate. If you do not know where to begin searching, many websites are made just for this purpose.

Check Online Obituaries

There are many websites that provide these services. You can also search for other obituaries in your area. If you have an obituary online, you might be able to find out if someone has died. If the person does not have one, you might deduce that they are still alive by checking a family member's obituary.

Search Social Media

If you have an account with Facebook, Twitter, or the like, then you can search for the deaths of some of your friends. Here are the 10 best social media search engines for you.

You can look for a death date on the family member's page, and if you see that there is a death date, you can assume that the person has died.

If you directly connect with the person, there is a better chance that you will track down their death date. 

Check Genealogy or Historical Website

You can also search for historical websites and genealogy websites to find the obituary of someone you were interested in. You may also find some interesting information about your ancestors that you may not have known before, like how they died and when they died, etc.

Use FindPeopleFast

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Go To An Archive Facility

One of the best ways to find information on death is to go to a good archive facility. This facility allows you to access more data than a library because they may have more advanced tools for preserving data. Follow the instruction cautiously to obtain the requisite information. You also may have to pay a small fee for access. When looking for death records, first look in the "death certificates" and "funerals" indexes before searching by name. If you cannot obtain the information, search for the name on the census and see if there was a death record filed in that year.

Review Government Records

The search for your lost loved ones is difficult, especially when there are no clues at all.

The most important tip is to look at public records databases online, which will provide you with information on death employing an obituary or vital record registration that might be found on file.

The second type of government record that can help you find out about someone you believe died would be property deeds and property transactions. Death sometimes means that people lose their property or end up in financial ruin.

The last record to search for would be the voting records. If someone you are concerned about died, they might not be registered to vote anymore.

Read The Paper or Watch The Local News

Watching the local news for information about death can be a good way of learning about things near your town or state.

Newspapers and watching the local news are two ways to learn about death in your community.

Most newspapers list death notices in the obituary section of the paper.

Sometimes, these are published regularly, but they are often issued when someone dies unexpectedly. It may be hard to find because the notice is usually tiny and often placed at the bottom of the paper's pages.


When someone vanishes mysteriously, it sometimes becomes a little awkward to inquire about their demise. You can rely on various other methods rather than enquiring about it with close friends or relatives, like online search or fossicking the Government records. But in my opinion, the most accurate, effective, and cost-efficient mode is the FindpeopleFast app.

With just a first and last name, you should be able to get helpful information in minutes. It is ensured by the fact that it is simple to use.