If you are inquisitive about how to find someone's current address but don't have many details without a first and last name, you can still track them quickly.

It happens to lose contact with those people with whom we shared our close bond once. Fortunately, we live in the informative era, where we can access almost every piece of information within a few minutes of google searching, including anyone's residential address.

Let's find out the top 5 ways of finding someone's address.

Method 1: Find Out Someone's Address Online

When you are thinking about how to find where someone lives, always remember that you choose a safe and stealth way for doing so. A credible search engine like FindPeopleFast, a superior address finding tool, helps people extract address-related information. You don't need to be a tech-savvy person for navigating the site.

FindPeopleFast takes a few minutes and finds out where someone lives without any hassle. This tool allows you to rummage for their current address only by providing the person's name.

What Makes FindPeopleFast the Best Way to Find Someone’s Address ?

Using this tool, you will find every possible information on them, such as social media accounts, contact details, distant relatives, traffic records, criminal records, addresses, and so on.

It is a renowned people search engine that provides you with accurate public online details about anyone and everyone. It targets providing complete transparency of further information so that you can quickly search through publicly available data.

Here, all you need is a first and last name to proceed further and identify an address. So, the more information you have, it will augment your chances of getting precise details. People search is a remarkable feature to locate your friend or relative's address.

How to Use FindPeopleFast?

In order to use the find people search service of FindPeopleFast, follow the steps below to track down anyone from your previous days with whom you felt estranged. Here’s how to find people address:

  • Step 1: Look for the search bar on this page

Just slide your mouse on this page, you will find a ‘search bar’ on the top and middle of this article.

  • Step 2: Enter the details of the person you want to search

Carefully enter that individual's first and last name along with the state and city to get more precise details about their address.

In case you don't know their surname or don't have accurate information about their current state, where they are residing, we go through our vast database carefully to represent the best possible information about the person you are searching for.

You may also narrow down your search results utilizing its online tools to acquire more accuracy.

  • Step 3: Start searching

After hitting the search button, FindPeopleFast will start rummaging for their address and other details through its enormous database.

After a few minutes, you will get all the relevant information about the person you have been seeking. FindPeopleFast sifts through its database and mitigates all the address-related queries by demonstrating authentic results.

Method 2: Check Who Lives at an Address with Public Records

You can save valuable time while using top-notch public records in order to find the address you are looking for. Telephones, taxes, and resident information are included in the public record, and these can help you find someone's whereabouts.

You will get full-fledged access to millions of customer records, precise and researched reliable data, and regular updates from state, federal, and municipal databases by searching public records.

As the local public library is mainly a repository of details, you may inquire about the local phone directories, which amass all the resident's addresses. The county court clerk's office may also assist you, once you have filtered your search to a definite region.

You may also ask about property deeds, marriage licenses, and court information that might contain that person's address you are looking for. So, finding out where someone lives becomes hassle-free after availing of the help of City Hall, the conserver of enormous public records.

Method 3: Find Out Where Someone Lives through the Mail

If you still have that person's email ID, it becomes easier to think about how to find out where someone lives. It's possible to send them a certified letter to their former address. Therefore, you will get an address notice where the certified letter was accepted by incorporating a return receipt.

In case the person's mail hasn't forwarded that letter, it will be bounced back to you. Likewise, you can also contact the former landlord of that individual and inquire about their present address.

This could be completed by sifting through the property details for the individual's current address and writing or contacting the parcel's owner where your searched individual last dwelled.

Method 4: Find Someone's Address with Social Media

Finding someone's address with social media sites is one of the most crucial ways to utilize Google and various social media search engines, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.

With Google, all you need to enter the person's name and relevant search results will appear. You may also provide more pertinent keywords to get filtered results.

You can conduct a similar search on social media platforms that possess the bonus of profile pictures. This is how you can mark them easily, whoever you are searching for.

The most prominent social media platform, Facebook, helps you find someone's address with social media. On the other hand, LinkedIn being the business-specific social channel will also ease your search if you can get their profile here.

In the end, you can privately send him a message and ask them for his address. So, social media facilitates by finding their address within a few minutes.

Method 5: Find an Address Use a Phone Book

Exploring anyone's whereabouts is more accessible than your contemplation. Numerous websites are there, which can ease your search while finding someone's address.

It is the most streamlined way to discover their address using a phone book. Therefore, all you require is that individual's name, with which you can find out their home or business address. Initiate the search by utilizing a local phone book to lookup an address.

Various businesses and people can be explored with their phone numbers. If you have their phone number, you can directly contact them and verify their address. Do you know that individual's workplace address and contact number?

This is how you can quickly look up the name and address of their employment place. You might also be capable of contacting the person at work and ask them directly for their residential address.


It's not needed in this era of cutting-edge technology to rummage through the yellow pages. You have the internet to do things faster.

With these top 5 ways for how to find someone's address that we listed above, you can seamlessly get the individual's address within a few minutes of simple searching. So, if you have their name and residing state, scroll to the FindPeopleFastsearch search bar on this page, provide such details, sit back and relax.

Within a few minutes, FindPeopleFast will demonstrate the necessary information about that person. So, you won't repent it after using its intuitive interface. Instead, use any of the aforementioned tips to establish a connection with the long-lost people.