How to Find Out If Someone is Registered on a Dating Site

It's necessary to find out if the person you are interested in has a similar frequency to you. Or you have got engaged with one, but they are dating others behind your back. For example, it could be immensely stressful to distrust your spouse when they aren't being honest with you.

Whether you are frankly willing to indulge in or snoop on anyone's personal life out of curiosity, discovering someone (if they are registered on a dating site) is more straightforward than you think.

Read this article to learn how to find out if someone is registered on a dating site.

Is There a Way to Find Someone's Dating Profile?

So many people have hidden dating profiles these days. People might turn unfriendly while they use some dating sites in the USA without payment to connect with others. It could be a reason why you want to find out their confidential dating profile.

In order to dig up someone, you will require:

  • Internet connection
  • A few minutes of time
  • Email id, name, and location of the person you are searching for
  • An efficient profile search tool

FindPeopleFast is one of the best-in-class online dating sites to reveal someone's dating profile. This search tool gives you insightful information, including a person's property holdings, address, relatives, and many more.   

How to Find Out If Someone Is on Dating Sites 

Finding people for dating and other personal causes seems utterly convenient with search tools like FindPeopleFast. Conducting a thorough search on this site will fetch you a detailed profile of the person, containing valuable dating information and shreds of contact details will appear at zero hidden charges.

It provides helpful information like a person's civil records, location history, personal information, financial background, marital status, social profiles, dating site search, and many more. In order to search for people's dating information online, you should follow the steps below:

  • On this article page, click the search bar present on the top.
  • Enter the searched person's details, like first and last name, city, and state, to get precise information.
  • Hit the search button to obtain results within a few minutes.

You may find someone on dating sites by email or their contact number too.

Why FindPeopleFast?

FindPeopleFast possesses an intuitive interface and provides 100% authentic details along with background checks. So, you can get extensive public information about your recent boyfriend or girlfriend if they search dating sites.

Benefits of FindPeopleFast

Huge database
FindPeopleFast database comprises millions of public profiles, so it is credible. This huge database is efficient at crawling information from various sources on the internet through its sophisticated algorithms, so it performs amazingly.
It's easy to use
The process of finding any person is hassle-free on FindPeopleFast and there will never be any additional effort required in the searching process. You just need to provide the name of a person, or email address, or any similar information to fetch matching records.
Complete Security
FindPeopleFast doesn’t store your search history and as soon as you leave its database after obtaining your information, it will delete all the search results. This means, with FindPeopleFast, your privacy is maintained well.

Find Someone on Dating Sites by Email 

In most of the country, finding out people's data is legal or advisable. Moreover, as you are searching for information in the public domain only, there is nothing to worry about.

Enter your loved ones' email ID into the search bar of FindPeopleFast.

If they have been dating someone on your back, you can reveal everything quickly. You need to search for an error message, for example, "the wrong password." It will assure you that they may have registered on a dating site.

Another probability is to utilize the "forget password" option. With the help of that, FindPeopleFast will reveal if that email is associated with a dating account. 

However, the major downside is that FindPeopleFast might not let you know if your spouse or partner possesses an active account or not. People sometimes left those dating accounts without deactivating, hence your profile will be shown on the database.

Another way to conduct an email search on someone is by doing a reverse search using his/her email addresses. It will discover all the accounts your spouse is registered with. 

A Great Way to Find Someone on Dating Sites by Their Browser History

One of the crucial steps to finding out your spouse's hidden profile online is by searching their browser history. Keeping aside the steps like email search, address search, and number search, discovering anyone's profile by digging into their browsing history is the best strategy.

A person's search engine's browser history is highly personal, which people often forget to delete. If you have ever suspected that your partner is secretly using a dating site, it would be necessary to check their search history. After getting into their search history, you may reveal their previous visits to the social platforms, dating sites, and many more.

It doesn't matter which device or OS you are using. You can seamlessly dig into your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife's browsing history from any device they are using. All you need to open up that internet browser, visit the "settings" menu from the right-hand side of the page.

Now, search for "history," and you will obtain all the websites they have been visiting for a few days or today. Some of the popular dating sites are Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Zoosk, Match, etc.  

Find Someone on Dating Sites by Social Media

While pondering over how to find out if someone is on a dating site, the first thought that comes to your mind is, search for the person with a social media search engine.

Using a social media handle is the best strategy to find someone or your beloved spouse on dating sites. If you want to find someone on Twitter and Instagram, you must use "@" followed by typing their names on the search bar.

By doing so, the relevant profiles will quickly pop up on your eyesight. From the bunch of various profiles, you need to select their profile. After opening that preferred profile, you can quickly get all the information you have longed for.

On the other hand, you may also use LinkedIn, the social media handle of all the global professionals. This may also help you snoop on your spouse's profile and get vital information from there.

On the search bar of LinkedIn, you need to type their name and wait for a few seconds until the relevant profiles come up. Choose that profile, which you have been searching for, and get everything you want.

Next, Google search is also a top-notch way to find anyone's information. After getting hold of the type of social media your spouse uses, do a Google search to see if anything appears on the result pages. Otherwise, the safer way to search is by using social media and dating sites.    


You will face severe conundrums while searching for hidden dating profiles over social media. Although searching by emails, phone numbers, and social media are pretty good for discovering dating sites your spouse is registered to. Using FindPeopleFast is pretty seamless for you to reveal information without paying a dime, as this is the best among all.

With FindPeopleFast, It is guaranteed to avail all the background information, including if anyone is registered with a dating site. So, you can easily carry out meticulous research with supreme convenience while spending a few minutes. It’s a user-friendly tool to carry out searching anytime and anywhere.