Historical Information About The Last Name Aguilar

There are many interesting facts about the last name Aguilar. For example, did you know that the Aguilar name has a very rich and colorful history? The Aguilar name can be traced all the way back to the ancient region of Andalusia in Spain. It is believed that the Aguilar name originated from the Arabic word “Al Ghawr,” which means “the valley.”There are many theories about how the Aguilar name made its way to Spain. One theory suggests that the Aguilar name was brought to Spain by the Moors, who invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century. Another theory suggests that the Aguilar name was brought to Spain by the Visigoths, who invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the 5th century.

Whatever the case may be, the Aguilar name has been a part of Spanish history for centuries. And today, the Aguilar name is still common in Spain and other parts of Latin America.

If you are interested in learning more about the Aguilar name, I suggest you check out the website of the Aguilar Genealogy Society. This website contains lots of information about the history and ancestry of the Aguilar name.

The Popularity Of Aguilar As The Last Name

Aguilar is a name that is often thought to be of Spanish descent. However, the name Aguilar actually has a much more diverse origin. Aguilar is a name that is derived from a number of different languages and cultures.The name Aguilar is thought to come from the Arabic word "al-ghawlariyya". This word means "the one who catches prey". It is thought that this is in reference to the Aguilar family's skill in hunting.

Another possible origin of the name Aguilar is from the Latin word "aculeata". This word means "thorny". It is thought that this is in reference to the spiky leaves of the aguilar tree.

The name Aguilar is also thought to come from the Basque word "aguilari". This word means "the one who is above all others". It is thought that this is in reference to the Aguilar family's great skills and abilities.

Whatever the origin of the name Aguilar may be, it is clear that it is a name that is highly respected and admired. The Aguilar name has been around for centuries and is likely to continue to be popular for many more.

Naming Ideas With Aguilar As The Last Name

Naming your baby can be a challenge, but it's also a lot of fun! If you're looking for a unique name that's still tied to your Hispanic heritage, consider a name with Aguilar as the last name.There are plenty of great Aguilar names to choose from. Some of our favorites include:

Aguilaria – This beautiful name comes from the Latin word for "aguila" which means "eagle."

Aguilar de la Frontera – This name is perfect for a baby born in the town of Aguilar de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain.

Aguilar Lopez – This name is perfect for a baby with two Latino parents.

Aguilar Torres – This name is perfect for a baby with two Latino parents.

No matter what name you choose, we wish you and your little one all the best!

List of People with the Last Name Aguilar

Samantha AguilarMark AguilarMichelle AguilarKarla AguilarCecilia AguilarDelia AguilarAlbert AguilarAnna AguilarNoemi AguilarBertha AguilarJavier AguilarCarmen AguilarFernando AguilarGabriel AguilarJulia AguilarGilberto AguilarJuan AguilarJesse AguilarAlfredo AguilarGuillermina AguilarIrma AguilarJennifer AguilarAdriana AguilarKarina AguilarRocio AguilarManuel AguilarLisa AguilarMargarita AguilarSteven AguilarAmanda AguilarRodolfo AguilarAdan AguilarOlivia AguilarThomas AguilarNorma AguilarJonathan AguilarJanet AguilarAndres AguilarFederico AguilarClara AguilarFelipe AguilarTeresa AguilarCynthia AguilarDaisy AguilarJose AguilarLouis AguilarLourdes AguilarSylvia AguilarAngela AguilarJulian AguilarElvira AguilarElena AguilarNora AguilarConsuelo AguilarElizabeth AguilarAlicia AguilarLucia AguilarLuis AguilarCelia AguilarJoe AguilarAdam AguilarJuanita AguilarLilia AguilarCarlos AguilarPaula AguilarDavid AguilarMaria AguilarRebecca AguilarGilbert AguilarRuben AguilarAntonio AguilarSusana AguilarEsperanza AguilarStephanie AguilarDora AguilarDenise AguilarRaul AguilarMirna AguilarEsteban AguilarHilda AguilarMary AguilarAnita AguilarGeorge AguilarTony AguilarChristina AguilarMarina AguilarGuadalupe AguilarMonica AguilarLinda AguilarJohnny AguilarArturo AguilarMartha AguilarJason AguilarGuillermo AguilarJames AguilarBarbara AguilarLeticia AguilarMarta AguilarAna AguilarOlga AguilarCindy AguilarVictoria AguilarRobert AguilarDiana AguilarEnrique AguilarJohn AguilarLorena AguilarIrene AguilarRaquel AguilarSilvia AguilarGregorio AguilarJesus AguilarMarco AguilarRaymond AguilarRachel AguilarSonia AguilarRichard AguilarAbraham AguilarBlanca AguilarCatalina AguilarMelissa AguilarSalvador AguilarRamon AguilarAlma AguilarRosa AguilarVanessa AguilarEdward AguilarRamona AguilarPatricia AguilarVeronica AguilarKimberly AguilarEsmeralda AguilarBeatriz AguilarJoseph AguilarLuz AguilarGerardo AguilarJacqueline AguilarMiguel AguilarJessica AguilarEmilio AguilarJaime AguilarFlor AguilarGabriela AguilarEstela AguilarBrian AguilarElvia AguilarBenjamin AguilarJuana AguilarSara AguilarSantiago AguilarVirginia AguilarLiliana AguilarOmar AguilarAbel AguilarErika AguilarOctavio AguilarFelix AguilarWendy AguilarMarisela AguilarEric AguilarPedro AguilarMaricela AguilarSamuel AguilarArmando AguilarGraciela AguilarJorge AguilarGriselda AguilarJosefina AguilarDolores AguilarEdith AguilarEmma AguilarA AguilarAlex AguilarVicente AguilarErica AguilarMayra AguilarMichael AguilarFrank AguilarLaura AguilarSandra AguilarAlberto AguilarReyna AguilarAlejandro AguilarAnthony AguilarEvelyn AguilarHenry AguilarMartin AguilarMercedes AguilarReynaldo AguilarGloria AguilarEva AguilarAndrew AguilarLorenzo AguilarAngelica AguilarRaymundo AguilarAlejandra AguilarJudith AguilarRolando AguilarDaniel AguilarYolanda AguilarRamiro AguilarLeonel AguilarMagdalena AguilarAshley AguilarKaren AguilarClaudia AguilarAngelina AguilarRosario AguilarAndrea AguilarAlfonso AguilarMarcos AguilarMiriam AguilarRigoberto AguilarRuth AguilarPaul AguilarFrancisca AguilarRoman AguilarRoberto AguilarGustavo AguilarNancy AguilarAlvaro AguilarAlexander AguilarEduardo AguilarAaron AguilarNicolas AguilarOscar AguilarCristina AguilarBenito AguilarEsther AguilarAntonia AguilarFrancisco AguilarIsaac AguilarIgnacio AguilarChristopher AguilarIsidro AguilarCrystal AguilarCesar AguilarHumberto AguilarCruz AguilarMaribel AguilarElias AguilarErnesto AguilarYesenia AguilarRogelio AguilarMaritza AguilarIvan AguilarLidia AguilarJoshua AguilarIsabel AguilarRicardo AguilarConcepcion AguilarRene AguilarAraceli AguilarElsa AguilarPablo AguilarAdolfo AguilarVictor AguilarAlexis AguilarCarolina AguilarMauricio AguilarSaul AguilarRodrigo AguilarIsrael AguilarJoel AguilarEdwin AguilarOrlando AguilarWilliam AguilarAngel AguilarTomas AguilarJoaquin AguilarWalter AguilarChristian AguilarNelson AguilarLeonardo AguilarRudy AguilarRafael AguilarErick AguilarNoe AguilarEfrain AguilarCristian AguilarMario AguilarAgustin AguilarSantos AguilarDiego AguilarBrenda AguilarIsmael AguilarGerman AguilarJosue AguilarEdgar AguilarGonzalo AguilarHector AguilarKevin AguilarJulio AguilarDomingo AguilarMarisol AguilarSergio AguilarAdrian AguilarHugo AguilarMoises AguilarFidel Aguilar