How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Alexander?

According to the 2010 US Census, there are 8,288 people in the US with the last name Alexander. This makes Alexander the 5,466th most common name in the US.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Alexander?

There are a few different theories out there as to which state in the US has the largest population of people with the last name Alexander. Some say it’s California, while others believe it’s Texas. But the real answer may surprise you.The state with the largest population of people with the last name Alexander is actually New York. In fact, there are over 73,000 people in New York with the last name Alexander. This is more than any other state in the US.

So why is the name Alexander so popular in New York? There’s no definitive answer, but one theory is that the name is popular because of Alexander Hamilton, who was a Founding Father of the United States and the first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton was born in the West Indies, but he spent most of his life in New York.

Whatever the reason may be, there’s no doubt that Alexander is a popular name in New York. If you’re looking for someone with the last name Alexander, there’s a good chance you’ll find them in New York.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Alexander?

There are many different and uncommon names that people can choose to name their child. However, there are some names that are more uncommon than others. One example of an uncommon name is Alexander.There are only 497 baby boys named Alexander in the United States in 2017. This makes Alexander the 9,513th most popular name for boys. While the name is not extremely uncommon, it is not as common as some of the other popular names for boys.

Alexander is a Greek name that means "defender of mankind". It was the name of several famous kings, including Alexander the Great. The name is also associated with the Alexander surname.

There are many people who choose the name Alexander for their child because of its unique and distinguished meaning. However, there are also many people who choose the name because of its strong association with the Alexander surname.

If you are looking for a unique name for your child, Alexander is a great option. This name is not as common as some of the other popular names, but it has a strong and distinguished meaning.

List of People with the Last Name Alexander

A AlexanderYvonne AlexanderRegina AlexanderJacqueline AlexanderBrandon AlexanderWilliam AlexanderHarry AlexanderSusan AlexanderEdward AlexanderVeronica AlexanderAnna AlexanderJ AlexanderDorothy AlexanderTheresa AlexanderRandy AlexanderAndrew AlexanderDonna AlexanderMildred AlexanderSarah AlexanderJoan AlexanderAnita AlexanderJoshua AlexanderAlbert AlexanderJonathan AlexanderAmanda AlexanderDaniel AlexanderRodney AlexanderSteven AlexanderMarilyn AlexanderCharles AlexanderRita AlexanderLee AlexanderAlice AlexanderJames AlexanderJohn AlexanderTina AlexanderJudy AlexanderJanet AlexanderNancy AlexanderAlex AlexanderValerie AlexanderLaura AlexanderBrian AlexanderMarvin AlexanderSamantha AlexanderStephen AlexanderKim AlexanderAustin AlexanderReginald AlexanderJane AlexanderLauren AlexanderCourtney AlexanderBonnie AlexanderGrace AlexanderHarold AlexanderEmma AlexanderJean AlexanderDon AlexanderAshley AlexanderAlexis AlexanderNorma AlexanderTeresa AlexanderHerbert AlexanderScott AlexanderEric AlexanderJerry AlexanderLeroy AlexanderFrances AlexanderTracy AlexanderDavid AlexanderDonald AlexanderCraig AlexanderMargaret AlexanderIrene AlexanderChristopher AlexanderEdith AlexanderWayne AlexanderCalvin AlexanderFlorence AlexanderDouglas AlexanderRebecca AlexanderKathy AlexanderBilly AlexanderCarol AlexanderEthel AlexanderS AlexanderCynthia AlexanderWilli AlexanderHeather AlexanderAlfred AlexanderJuanita AlexanderMark AlexanderHelen AlexanderLeonard AlexanderJamie AlexanderApril AlexanderGerald AlexanderEdna AlexanderJanice AlexanderJoyce AlexanderLouise AlexanderElizabeth AlexanderEmily AlexanderBobby AlexanderWanda AlexanderPeggy AlexanderAllen AlexanderRobert AlexanderLillian AlexanderBetty AlexanderAnnie AlexanderMinnie AlexanderBessie AlexanderDeborah AlexanderDoris AlexanderJennifer AlexanderD AlexanderJack AlexanderLarry AlexanderMartha AlexanderShirley AlexanderJulie AlexanderLucille AlexanderHazel AlexanderBeverly AlexanderStephanie AlexanderWillie AlexanderSara AlexanderAmy AlexanderEvelyn AlexanderLisa AlexanderJulia AlexanderTerry AlexanderTimothy AlexanderJessica AlexanderMegan AlexanderBertha AlexanderRachel AlexanderGary AlexanderKatherine AlexanderJimmy AlexanderLinda AlexanderClara AlexanderBenjamin AlexanderChristine AlexanderShannon AlexanderAnne AlexanderNathan AlexanderFrank AlexanderLeslie AlexanderEugene AlexanderBrenda AlexanderAmber AlexanderGladys AlexanderDenise AlexanderMarjorie AlexanderRuth AlexanderPaul AlexanderHoward AlexanderMonica AlexanderPatricia AlexanderCheryl AlexanderTiffany AlexanderR AlexanderDiane AlexanderRaymond AlexanderPaula AlexanderJason AlexanderCindy AlexanderBarbara AlexanderMary AlexanderMichelle AlexanderCarrie AlexanderPatrick AlexanderVictoria AlexanderTaylor AlexanderRonald AlexanderKenneth AlexanderKyle AlexanderJessie AlexanderChristina AlexanderSheila AlexanderElaine AlexanderRose AlexanderAnn AlexanderNicole AlexanderThomas AlexanderRoger AlexanderPhillip AlexanderRobin AlexanderDanny AlexanderJeffrey AlexanderDennis AlexanderStanley AlexanderLois AlexanderMarcus AlexanderClarence AlexanderErnest AlexanderLynn AlexanderJay AlexanderRay AlexanderLouis AlexanderCatherine AlexanderClyde AlexanderGregory AlexanderTony AlexanderTodd AlexanderJesse AlexanderKimberly AlexanderDawn AlexanderKathryn AlexanderChris AlexanderSharon AlexanderTroy AlexanderZachary AlexanderGail AlexanderRyan AlexanderTammy AlexanderSherry AlexanderMarie AlexanderRussell AlexanderAdam AlexanderMarion AlexanderJoe AlexanderGloria AlexanderC AlexanderEarl AlexanderMaria AlexanderAaron AlexanderSamuel AlexanderMelissa AlexanderMichael AlexanderLawrence AlexanderRuby AlexanderJohnny AlexanderVictor AlexanderSam AlexanderJoseph AlexanderBruce AlexanderDebra AlexanderArthur AlexanderAngela AlexanderPeter AlexanderCurtis AlexanderBryan AlexanderSteve AlexanderTheodore AlexanderWendy AlexanderSandra AlexanderJordan AlexanderJudith AlexanderShawn AlexanderRhonda AlexanderGlenn AlexanderLeon AlexanderDale AlexanderCharlotte AlexanderPamela AlexanderLori AlexanderKathleen AlexanderDanielle AlexanderWalter AlexanderAlicia AlexanderCarl AlexanderKevin AlexanderAndrea AlexanderRichard AlexanderRoy AlexanderEddie AlexanderKelly AlexanderCarolyn AlexanderDerrick AlexanderMelvin AlexanderVirginia AlexanderKaren AlexanderConnie AlexanderHenry AlexanderRalph AlexanderPhyllis AlexanderFred AlexanderCrystal AlexanderJeremy AlexanderPauline AlexanderGeorge AlexanderFrederick AlexanderAndre AlexanderTonya AlexanderPhilip AlexanderMatthew AlexanderKeith AlexanderJustin AlexanderTravis AlexanderBrittany AlexanderLillie AlexanderAnthony AlexanderAlvin AlexanderNicholas AlexanderSean AlexanderTyler AlexanderJacob Alexander