What Is The History Of The Last Name Avila?

What is the history of the last name Avila?The history of the last name Avila can be traced back to the early 10th century, when it was first used in the Iberian Peninsula. The name is derived from the Latin word avis, meaning bird. It was likely given to someone who was known for their keen eyesight or their ability to fly.

Over the years, the Avila name has been used in a number of different countries, including Spain, Mexico, and the United States. Today, it is the 6th most common surname in Mexico and the 15th most common surname in the United States.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Avila surname, there are a number of resources online that can help. The Ancestry website, for example, has a database of over 1 million Avila records dating back to the 10th century.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Avila?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Avila. One example is Avila Camacho, who was the president of Mexico from 1940-1946. Another example is Avila Echevarria, who was a Cuban writer and journalist. Lastly, there is Avila Beltran, who is a Mexican writer and journalist.

Where Does The Last Name Avila Rank In The Most Common US Names?

In the United States, there are over 150,000 last names. While there are many uncommon last names, there are also many that are quite common. In fact, the top 10 most common last names in the US account for over 20% of the population.The name Avila is not one of the most common US names, but it is still quite popular. There are over 83,000 people in the US with the last name Avila. That makes it the 819th most common US name.

While the name Avila is not as common as some of the other top 10 US names, it is still quite popular. If you are looking for a unique name that is still relatively common, Avila is a great option.

List of People with the Last Name Avila

Nancy AvilaAbel AvilaVanessa AvilaEmily AvilaMarisol AvilaDavid AvilaSara AvilaJaime AvilaAmanda AvilaAlbert AvilaAnthony AvilaSalvador AvilaGerardo AvilaRichard AvilaVictoria AvilaRafael AvilaAntonio AvilaCarolina AvilaMartha AvilaEva AvilaGabriela AvilaMichelle AvilaArmando AvilaAlicia AvilaLaura AvilaMonica AvilaAndres AvilaJonathan AvilaMaribel AvilaAdrian AvilaSusana AvilaElizabeth AvilaHumberto AvilaJ AvilaOmar AvilaYesenia AvilaLuz AvilaOlivia AvilaAlvaro AvilaEdith AvilaOlga AvilaIsrael AvilaM AvilaRaymond AvilaIsabel AvilaFrank AvilaLupe AvilaLinda AvilaAurora AvilaMary AvilaJavier AvilaHenry AvilaAlexander AvilaJacqueline AvilaJuana AvilaChristina AvilaJohn AvilaSilvia AvilaDora AvilaSarah AvilaJoaquin AvilaAna AvilaJanet AvilaMaria AvilaAnna AvilaJesus AvilaJoe AvilaAlma AvilaBeatriz AvilaGuadalupe AvilaDiana AvilaLourdes AvilaJose AvilaGilbert AvilaLouis AvilaAraceli AvilaIrma AvilaRaquel AvilaGeorge AvilaRamiro AvilaVincent AvilaEsther AvilaMartin AvilaRobert AvilaNicole AvilaJulia AvilaJosefina AvilaDaniel AvilaAshley AvilaErica AvilaCindy AvilaCristina AvilaKimberly AvilaKarina AvilaCarmen AvilaEsmeralda AvilaAngelica AvilaGuillermo AvilaFelipe AvilaAlejandra AvilaRebecca AvilaMaricela AvilaGraciela AvilaCecilia AvilaRaul AvilaVirginia AvilaRosario AvilaTeresa AvilaLisa AvilaMayra AvilaJulie AvilaLeticia AvilaYolanda AvilaSantiago AvilaMichael AvilaRuben AvilaLorenzo AvilaHilda AvilaWilliam AvilaManuel AvilaCrystal AvilaEnrique AvilaNorma AvilaSylvia AvilaRose AvilaIgnacio AvilaTony AvilaEfrain AvilaEric AvilaSusan AvilaThomas AvilaEdgar AvilaFrancisca AvilaPaul AvilaVeronica AvilaAndrea AvilaAngela AvilaLorena AvilaAlfredo AvilaBrenda AvilaAlexis AvilaRene AvilaAdriana AvilaRuth AvilaSandra AvilaAlex AvilaJuanita AvilaPaula AvilaPablo AvilaBlanca AvilaJesse AvilaIvan AvilaSaul AvilaChristine AvilaIrene AvilaRicardo AvilaCynthia AvilaPedro AvilaCarlos AvilaBenjamin AvilaTomas AvilaRodrigo AvilaStephanie AvilaMargarita AvilaPatricia AvilaGloria AvilaIsmael AvilaJoseph AvilaMarcos AvilaMario AvilaClaudia AvilaMoises AvilaSonia AvilaLucia AvilaJames AvilaMelissa AvilaAbraham AvilaVictor AvilaChristian AvilaConsuelo AvilaJessica AvilaAgustin AvilaElena AvilaAntonia AvilaErika AvilaGilberto AvilaRodolfo AvilaSamantha AvilaFernando AvilaFelix AvilaRosa AvilaMiriam AvilaJorge AvilaAlberto AvilaDiego AvilaGabriel AvilaSteven AvilaKarla AvilaRamon AvilaBertha AvilaEdward AvilaDolores AvilaErnesto AvilaEsperanza AvilaSantos AvilaAngel AvilaAngelina AvilaJoel AvilaHector AvilaJoshua AvilaSergio AvilaRocio AvilaRigoberto AvilaRogelio AvilaEsteban AvilaJulio AvilaMiguel AvilaLuis AvilaSocorro AvilaAlejandro AvilaHugo AvilaKaren AvilaCristian AvilaElvira AvilaAndrew AvilaAlfonso AvilaElsa AvilaEvelyn AvilaJennifer AvilaMark AvilaRoberto AvilaOscar AvilaJuan AvilaLiliana AvilaRachel AvilaMarco AvilaFrancisco AvilaEduardo AvilaMercedes AvilaVicente AvilaNicolas AvilaEdwin AvilaGustavo AvilaRolando AvilaLidia AvilaMagdalena AvilaJulian AvilaCelia AvilaLeonardo AvilaArturo AvilaAnita AvilaSamuel AvilaKevin AvilaCesar AvilaDelia AvilaElisa AvilaChristopher AvilaOrlando AvilaAmelia AvilaEstela AvilaRita AvilaErick AvilaBarbara AvilaAaron AvilaReyna AvilaNoe AvilaNoemi AvilaNora AvilaGriselda AvilaOctavio AvilaEmma AvilaMatthew AvilaGregorio AvilaMaritza AvilaWendy AvilaBenito AvilaElias AvilaGonzalo AvilaElvia AvilaCatalina AvilaDaisy AvilaYvonne AvilaAdolfo AvilaLydia AvilaBrian AvilaGerman AvilaNelson AvilaJason AvilaLeonel AvilaEmilio AvilaMauricio AvilaIsaac AvilaSofia AvilaManuela AvilaRamona AvilaFidel AvilaArnulfo AvilaTrinidad AvilaBrandon AvilaDomingo Avila