What Is The History Of The Last Name Ball?

Surnames are an important part of a person's identity. They can tell you a lot about a person, such as their family history and where they come from. The last name Ball is a good example of this. The Ball name has a rich history that goes back centuries.The Ball name first appeared in written records in the 12th century. It was derived from the Old English word beall, which means "bold, brave, or daring." Over the centuries, the Ball name has been associated with a number of prominent families, including the Earls of Derby, the Dukes of Roxburghe, and the Barons Inchiquin.

Today, the Ball name is associated with many famous people, including singer Sir Elton John, actor Tom Hanks, and golfer Tiger Woods. It is also the name of a number of well-known businesses, including the Ball Corporation, the Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation, and the Ball State University.

The history of the last name Ball is a long and proud one. It is a testament to the bravery and determination of the men and women who have borne it. If you are interested in learning more about the Ball name, be sure to check out the Ball family history website.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Ball?

There are several famous people in history with the last name Ball. One of the most well-known is baseball player Joe (Joseph) Willie "Willie" Ball. He played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Cincinnati Reds from 1957 to 1969. Ball was a six-time All-Star and won two World Series championships.Another famous person with the last name Ball is American actress and singer Alyson Rae Ball. She is best known for her roles as Tiffany Warren in the TV series The Game and as Simone in the movie Think Like a Man. Ball also competed on the first season of the singing competition show The Voice.

There are also several other people in history with the last name Ball who are worth mentioning. These include British chemist and physicist Joseph John Thomson, who was the first person to discover the electron; American film director, actor, and producer Penny Marshall, who directed the popular movie Big; and American business magnate and philanthropist Howard Hughes, who was the founder of Hughes Aircraft Company.

So, are you related to any of these famous people with the last name Ball? If not, maybe you can find someone in your family tree who is!

Where Does The Last Name Ball Rank In The Most Common US Names?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the last name Ball is the 360th most common name in the United States. This means that out of the more than 330 million people living in the country, approximately 360,000 have the last name Ball.The SSA also releases data on the most common first names in the United States. As of 2015, the top five most common first names are Noah, William, Liam, Lucas, and Mason. So, where does the last name Ball rank in terms of popularity?

Interestingly, the name Ball doesn't even make the top 1,000 most common US names. In fact, it is less common than the names Jordan, Hunter, and Brooke. This may be due, in part, to the fact that the Ball name is usually passed down from father to son, as opposed to being chosen by the parents.

That said, the Ball name is still relatively common, and there are likely thousands of people in the United States with that last name. If you are looking for someone with the last name Ball, the best place to start is your local phone book or online directory. You can also try searching for the name on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

List of People with the Last Name Ball

Christine BallCarolyn BallHarold BallRuth BallKathleen BallLinda BallHelen BallChris BallCharles BallKenneth BallStephen BallBarbara BallMargaret BallCynthia BallBrenda BallKathy BallEdward BallJ BallSharon BallChristopher BallRobert BallMary BallTammy BallBetty BallJoseph BallJerry BallSteve BallW BallAndrew BallTeresa BallElizabeth BallMichelle BallM BallFrank BallShirley BallRoger BallDonna BallDebbie BallVirginia BallJeffrey BallLaura BallDonald BallMelissa BallRebecca BallJeff BallLarry BallJames BallDorothy BallKaren BallJoe BallAngela BallDavid BallB BallDeborah BallBrian BallJulie BallPatricia BallRichard BallJason BallTerry BallRonald BallThomas BallDebra BallLisa BallJohn BallJoshua BallKelly BallLawrence BallPamela BallKevin BallNancy BallMatthew BallSandra BallSarah BallD BallMichael BallAnna BallAnthony BallCarol BallWilliam BallAmy BallGary BallCatherine BallGeorge BallStephanie BallKatherine BallSusan BallMark BallDaniel BallAshley BallJessica BallRaymond BallSteven BallJennifer BallTimothy BallGregory BallAmanda BallMartha BallDiane BallChristina BallAnn BallKim BallKimberly BallHeather BallDouglas BallJudy BallJack BallJeffery BallWalter BallKathryn BallDon BallEmily BallFred BallScott BallJanet BallFrances BallJonathan BallCindy BallCheryl BallJamie BallJacqueline BallJudith BallAlice BallArthur BallTina BallRachel BallDennis BallNicole BallJoyce BallEric BallRyan BallAndrea BallJustin BallCrystal BallLeslie BallCarl BallClarence BallRose BallBeverly BallJean BallDenise BallRandy BallBonnie BallJanice BallTheresa BallHoward BallBrandon BallMarie BallBilly BallBobby BallTracy BallLori BallRobin BallRalph BallJane BallDoris BallDiana BallKeith BallRay BallSamuel BallBrittany BallRussell BallPatrick BallGerald BallJoan BallRoy BallEvelyn BallSara BallShannon BallJulia BallSherry BallHenry BallConnie BallWillie BallAaron BallJeremy BallMaria BallSamantha BallHarry BallLauren BallVictoria BallPaul BallSheila BallMildred BallPeggy BallPhillip BallTiffany BallAmber BallErnest BallWayne BallLois BallGloria BallEarl BallLouise BallAllen BallAlbert BallWanda BallEugene BallDanny BallCarrie BallLynn BallDale BallLee BallJacob BallNathan BallMegan BallJimmy BallLillian BallRhonda BallFrancis BallAnne BallApril BallPhyllis BallRuby BallAlan BallDawn BallKatie BallDanielle BallRandall BallEllen BallWendy BallEthel BallFrederick BallJesse BallNicholas BallJessie BallElaine BallBruce BallDarlene BallNorma BallShawn BallBryan BallTyler BallLeonard BallBenjamin BallPauline BallPaula BallRicky BallFlorence BallHazel BallGladys BallEdna BallCharlotte BallMarjorie BallCourtney BallTony BallBradley BallMarilyn BallJohnny BallDana BallGlenn BallGrace BallCurtis BallIrene BallAnnie BallMarion BallZachary BallTravis BallErin BallRita BallEleanor BallEdith BallLouis BallClifford BallRonnie BallDarrell BallJordan BallEmma BallJay BallKyle BallGordon BallStanley BallMelvin BallAlexander BallTaylor BallAustin BallRodney BallAdam BallAlfred BallClara BallLewis BallFloyd BallThelma BallEsther BallNorman BallCalvin BallHerbert BallClyde BallMarvin BallMartin BallWesley BallCraig BallLucille BallBessie BallNellie BallLester BallTroy BallEdwin BallElsie BallChester Ball