What Is The History Of The Last Name Barnard?

The name Barnard has Anglo-Saxon origins and is derived from the personal name Bernhard. The name means "bold, brave bear" and was introduced into England by the Normans. One of the first recorded bearers of the name was William Bernhard, who was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086. Barnard is the 9,591st most common name in the United States.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Barnard?

Yes, there are several famous people in history with the last name Barnard. For example, there was a renowned French mathematician and philosopher named Pierre-Simon Laplace who was born in 1749 and died in 1827. Another well-known person with the last name Barnard is the English actor Hugh Laurie, who is perhaps best known for his role on the popular TV show House.

Where Does The Last Name Barnard Rank In The Most Common US Names?

When it comes to the most common US names, Barnard is definitely not one of them. In fact, it ranks quite low on the list, coming in at number 8,601. Out of the over three million babies born in the US each year, only around 158 of them are given the name Barnard. So, if you're looking for a unique name for your baby, Barnard is a great option!

List of People with the Last Name Barnard

Charles BarnardDavid BarnardRobert BarnardMichael BarnardJ BarnardJohn BarnardWilliam BarnardJames BarnardRichard BarnardMary BarnardC BarnardM BarnardThomas BarnardPatricia BarnardJennifer BarnardLinda BarnardL BarnardElizabeth BarnardChristopher BarnardChris BarnardBarbara BarnardB BarnardSusan BarnardGeorge BarnardSteven BarnardKaren BarnardJoseph BarnardSarah BarnardDonald BarnardKenneth BarnardDaniel BarnardPaul BarnardMargaret BarnardT BarnardBetty BarnardSandra BarnardDonna BarnardMichelle BarnardGary BarnardMatthew BarnardRuth BarnardDeborah BarnardSteve BarnardMark BarnardJessica BarnardNancy BarnardAmy BarnardMelissa BarnardLisa BarnardScott BarnardLaura BarnardKimberly BarnardBill BarnardE BarnardRebecca BarnardJeffrey BarnardDebra BarnardEdward BarnardW BarnardBrian BarnardCarol BarnardAmanda BarnardKatherine BarnardAnn BarnardHelen BarnardCynthia BarnardRonald BarnardKathleen BarnardJeff BarnardLarry BarnardPamela BarnardTimothy BarnardAndrew BarnardJason BarnardStephen BarnardKevin BarnardDorothy BarnardFrank BarnardCatherine BarnardAshley BarnardKathy BarnardJoe BarnardKelly BarnardJoshua BarnardAngela BarnardSharon BarnardDiane BarnardKathryn BarnardBrenda BarnardJack BarnardJulie BarnardMike BarnardCheryl BarnardStephanie BarnardDouglas BarnardKim BarnardJean BarnardChristine BarnardHarold BarnardJanet BarnardFrances BarnardCarolyn BarnardAnna BarnardEric BarnardAlice BarnardTeresa BarnardTerry BarnardHeather BarnardShirley BarnardJeffery BarnardJamie BarnardJane BarnardLawrence BarnardJudy BarnardRachel BarnardCindy BarnardMarie BarnardJustin BarnardRoy BarnardDon BarnardConnie BarnardSara BarnardVirginia BarnardBruce BarnardRaymond BarnardArthur BarnardEmily BarnardAdam BarnardRalph BarnardNicole BarnardFred BarnardMartha BarnardRyan BarnardLynn BarnardNicholas BarnardLori BarnardChristina BarnardTammy BarnardDawn BarnardJudith BarnardSue BarnardRobin BarnardDennis BarnardJoyce BarnardJanice BarnardTina BarnardJerry BarnardAnthony BarnardJackie BarnardAnne BarnardTracy BarnardBonnie BarnardLeslie BarnardMaria BarnardDoris BarnardDale BarnardCraig BarnardHarry BarnardVictoria BarnardCarl BarnardAmber BarnardCathy BarnardWayne BarnardLois BarnardDiana BarnardJacqueline BarnardMarilyn BarnardSamuel BarnardCrystal BarnardGregory BarnardWalter BarnardBenjamin BarnardAaron BarnardClarence BarnardRoger BarnardEvelyn BarnardRandy BarnardRay BarnardLauren BarnardHenry BarnardSheila BarnardLee BarnardAndrea BarnardGlenn BarnardGrace BarnardJay BarnardJonathan BarnardJulia BarnardBeverly BarnardShannon BarnardBrandon BarnardJacob BarnardPeter BarnardKeith BarnardDenise BarnardBrittany BarnardMildred BarnardIrene BarnardSherry BarnardTheresa BarnardLouise BarnardShawn BarnardDana BarnardMegan BarnardRose BarnardJoann BarnardPhillip BarnardAudrey BarnardMarjorie BarnardBradley BarnardBobby BarnardJoan BarnardRandall BarnardCharlotte BarnardBilly BarnardPhyllis BarnardEdna BarnardGerald BarnardRussell BarnardBryan BarnardSamantha BarnardWendy BarnardHoward BarnardNathan BarnardLloyd BarnardMichele BarnardKyle BarnardEmma BarnardFrederick BarnardSylvia BarnardGail BarnardAlan BarnardJeremy BarnardWanda BarnardPhilip BarnardLeonard BarnardRhonda BarnardAlbert BarnardEugene BarnardPaula BarnardMarion BarnardGladys BarnardKristen BarnardDanielle BarnardCarrie BarnardAustin BarnardFrancis BarnardGloria BarnardEarl BarnardHerbert BarnardRuby BarnardAnnie BarnardCurtis BarnardSean BarnardFlorence BarnardDanny BarnardTyler BarnardPatrick BarnardZachary BarnardMaurice BarnardJeanne BarnardRita BarnardWesley BarnardJune BarnardErin BarnardGene BarnardJordan BarnardPauline BarnardBeatrice BarnardErnest BarnardCharlie BarnardClara BarnardPeggy BarnardEthel BarnardEdwin BarnardEdith BarnardMarian BarnardBrett BarnardEleanor BarnardLewis BarnardGordon BarnardNorma BarnardColleen BarnardGertrude BarnardLucille BarnardTravis BarnardBertha BarnardLeon BarnardClyde BarnardAlexander BarnardShane BarnardNorman BarnardMarvin BarnardStanley BarnardFloyd BarnardLillian BarnardJohnny BarnardLester BarnardJoel Barnard