How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Barnes?

There are an estimated 128,000 people living in the United States with the last name Barnes. This name is derived from the occupational name for a person who worked in a barn. The name is derived from the Middle English word 'barnes', meaning a shelter for animals.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Barnes?

The US state with the largest population with the last name Barnes is Texas. According to the 2010 Census, there were 10,624 people in Texas with the last name Barnes. This accounted for 0.2% of the population in Texas. The next most populous state with Barnes last names was California, with 5,730 people. This accounted for 0.1% of the population in California.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Barnes?

There are many Barnes family names throughout the United States, but which are the most uncommon?According to Nameberry, the top five most uncommon Barnes names are Asa, Balthazar, Dagon, Grendel, and Hrothgar. These names are all inspired by characters from literature or mythology.

If you're looking for an uncommon name for your little one, one of these five Barnes names might be perfect!

List of People with the Last Name Barnes

Johnnie BarnesDorothy BarnesFrances BarnesWillie BarnesJohn BarnesJoan BarnesCarol BarnesShirley BarnesLouise BarnesMary BarnesHelen BarnesIrene BarnesRonald BarnesSheila BarnesJohnny BarnesSylvia BarnesLois BarnesFrederick BarnesLeroy BarnesRebecca BarnesNicole BarnesRuth BarnesLucille BarnesBetty BarnesFred BarnesGrace BarnesGloria BarnesRuby BarnesThelma BarnesLauren BarnesBilly BarnesAnnie BarnesBeverly BarnesCarolyn BarnesRalph BarnesEthel BarnesEdna BarnesCindy BarnesDouglas BarnesJoyce BarnesMartha BarnesJ BarnesEarl BarnesAnna BarnesJulia BarnesEllen BarnesAlice BarnesMarion BarnesRobin BarnesRaymond BarnesMaria BarnesErnest BarnesChris BarnesNancy BarnesRichard BarnesRicky BarnesBobby BarnesGerald BarnesHoward BarnesRenee BarnesJean BarnesDavid BarnesPatricia BarnesTony BarnesJack BarnesCharles BarnesKatherine BarnesBrenda BarnesWayne BarnesDonna BarnesJerry BarnesBrian BarnesEvelyn BarnesPaul BarnesJoshua BarnesMark BarnesGladys BarnesClara BarnesGlenn BarnesSherry BarnesKelly BarnesKathryn BarnesHenry BarnesMarie BarnesMegan BarnesRoy BarnesJacqueline BarnesFlorence BarnesLouis BarnesCrystal BarnesMelvin BarnesAmy BarnesCatherine BarnesHazel BarnesMichelle BarnesSharon BarnesC BarnesAnne BarnesDenise BarnesMarilyn BarnesAmanda BarnesSteve BarnesElizabeth BarnesKathy BarnesAllen BarnesAnn BarnesJimmy BarnesPaula BarnesAngela BarnesVirginia BarnesAnita BarnesAnnette BarnesWilliam BarnesWalter BarnesTeresa BarnesRose BarnesPhyllis BarnesDeborah BarnesJuanita BarnesJeffrey BarnesTerry BarnesCharlie BarnesLee BarnesMildred BarnesAnthony BarnesSandra BarnesJamie BarnesChristina BarnesAlbert BarnesDebra BarnesJustin BarnesDale BarnesSara BarnesCraig BarnesGary BarnesAndrew BarnesCurtis BarnesWanda BarnesBarbara BarnesBryan BarnesJames BarnesAshley BarnesSusan BarnesTheresa BarnesPeggy BarnesDoris BarnesDonald BarnesEmily BarnesLinda BarnesWendy BarnesSteven BarnesRhonda BarnesTracy BarnesJanice BarnesJackie BarnesJudith BarnesValerie BarnesDiana BarnesBonnie BarnesDiane BarnesJane BarnesJessie BarnesLisa BarnesCharlotte BarnesErica BarnesSarah BarnesJessica BarnesChristopher BarnesKenneth BarnesDanny BarnesRonnie BarnesLawrence BarnesJudy BarnesRita BarnesHarry BarnesMarcus BarnesMargaret BarnesSamantha BarnesRussell BarnesEugene BarnesEddie BarnesRegina BarnesHeather BarnesThomas BarnesStanley BarnesZachary BarnesTammy BarnesJesse BarnesRay BarnesMarvin BarnesCourtney BarnesBrandon BarnesJennifer BarnesCarrie BarnesEdward BarnesJeremy BarnesHarold BarnesJanet BarnesPeter BarnesRobert BarnesTiffany BarnesDennis BarnesMelissa BarnesTimothy BarnesTravis BarnesStephen BarnesLarry BarnesBruce BarnesLori BarnesCheryl BarnesCalvin BarnesMatthew BarnesDanielle BarnesD BarnesCarl BarnesRachel BarnesGregory BarnesKeith BarnesBradley BarnesScott BarnesJonathan BarnesChristine BarnesJulie BarnesDawn BarnesShannon BarnesJason BarnesPamela BarnesTina BarnesEmma BarnesKaren BarnesArthur BarnesStephanie BarnesRodney BarnesApril BarnesMichael BarnesLaura BarnesAndrea BarnesFrank BarnesRoger BarnesNathan BarnesConnie BarnesEric BarnesLeonard BarnesJoe BarnesDana BarnesLillian BarnesSamuel BarnesRandy BarnesTyler BarnesBrittany BarnesKim BarnesKathleen BarnesJoseph BarnesKevin BarnesDaniel BarnesTonya BarnesNicholas BarnesPatrick BarnesJacob BarnesMonica BarnesBenjamin BarnesPhillip BarnesShawn BarnesKimberly BarnesGeorge BarnesRandall BarnesClarence BarnesDerrick BarnesCorey BarnesHerbert BarnesCynthia BarnesLeslie BarnesLloyd BarnesEdith BarnesAaron BarnesNorma BarnesVivian BarnesMarjorie BarnesVictoria BarnesLillie BarnesTaylor BarnesTroy BarnesReginald BarnesAmber BarnesBernice BarnesKyle BarnesAdam BarnesRyan BarnesClifford BarnesTodd BarnesJordan BarnesLewis BarnesPauline BarnesMattie BarnesBarry BarnesAlfred BarnesFloyd BarnesBertha BarnesMaurice BarnesNathaniel Barnes