How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Barrios?

There are an estimated 191,000 people in the US with the last name Barrios according to the 2010 census. This makes it the 246th most common last name in America. Barrios is a Spanish name meaning 'villages'. It is most commonly found in Texas, California, and New Mexico.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Barrios?

If you're looking for a large population of people with the last name Barrios, you'll want to head to Texas. According to the 2000 US Census, Texas had the largest population of people with the last name Barrios. There were a total of 9,488 people in the state with the last name Barrios. California was a distant second, with 5,879 people.So why is the last name Barrios so popular in Texas? It's hard to say for sure, but one possible explanation is that it's a common name in Mexico and many Mexican immigrants have settled in Texas. In fact, the Barrios name is actually quite common in Mexico – it's the 11th most popular last name in the country.

If you're interested in tracking down other states with large populations of people with the last name Barrios, you can check out the list below. This list was compiled using data from the 2000 US Census.

1. Texas – 9,488

2. California – 5,879

3. New York – 4,857

4. Florida – 4,206

5. Illinois – 3,827

6. Pennsylvania – 3,614

7. Ohio – 3,065

8. Michigan – 2,875

9. New Jersey – 2,746

10. Georgia – 2,630

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Barrios?

There are many uncommon last names in the world. But, what are the most uncommon names with the last name Barrios?There are many possibilities, but some of the most uncommon names with the last name Barrios are Nguyen, Zwirlein, and Carbone.

Each of these names is unique and uncommon, making them perfect for anyone looking for an unusual name. If you are looking for a last name that is not common, then Barrios is a great option.

Whatever your reason for choosing the last name Barrios, make sure you are happy with it. This name is sure to stand out and be unique, which can be a great thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

List of People with the Last Name Barrios

Maria BarriosAna BarriosJose BarriosManuel BarriosCarlos BarriosDavid BarriosLuis BarriosJesus BarriosJuan BarriosVictor BarriosAntonio BarriosMiguel BarriosJorge BarriosMario BarriosDaniel BarriosFrancisco BarriosRosa BarriosCarmen BarriosPatricia BarriosMartha BarriosPedro BarriosJulio BarriosRoberto BarriosSandra BarriosOscar BarriosElizabeth BarriosHector BarriosRafael BarriosAngel BarriosGuadalupe BarriosAlejandro BarriosRicardo BarriosJohn BarriosRaul BarriosVeronica BarriosLaura BarriosRobert BarriosJessica BarriosGloria BarriosFernando BarriosEdgar BarriosEduardo BarriosJavier BarriosRuben BarriosJ BarriosCesar BarriosMary BarriosMichael BarriosA BarriosMartin BarriosSilvia BarriosJennifer BarriosJuana BarriosClaudia BarriosArmando BarriosSergio BarriosJaime BarriosDiana BarriosIrma BarriosNorma BarriosBlanca BarriosArturo BarriosWilliam BarriosAlfredo BarriosOlga BarriosJoseph BarriosSalvador BarriosAnna BarriosMonica BarriosAlberto BarriosTeresa BarriosBrenda BarriosAlex BarriosMarco BarriosPablo BarriosEnrique BarriosAnthony BarriosLuz BarriosAlicia BarriosNancy BarriosJulia BarriosYolanda BarriosHugo BarriosHenry BarriosJoel BarriosGustavo BarriosRichard BarriosSonia BarriosErnesto BarriosMichelle BarriosRamon BarriosChristina BarriosMargarita BarriosAlma BarriosJoe BarriosGerardo BarriosAngelica BarriosErika BarriosMarta BarriosMelissa BarriosCynthia BarriosGuillermo BarriosStephanie BarriosLeticia BarriosAngela BarriosVictoria BarriosJonathan BarriosLorena BarriosVanessa BarriosRene BarriosIvan BarriosEdwin BarriosAndrea BarriosGabriel BarriosMarcos BarriosLinda BarriosLouis BarriosAlejandra BarriosGabriela BarriosGeorge BarriosMayra BarriosFrank BarriosGilberto BarriosEvelyn BarriosMiriam BarriosAdriana BarriosChristian BarriosIsabel BarriosAdrian BarriosKaren BarriosFelipe BarriosGladys BarriosJames BarriosRodolfo BarriosSylvia BarriosFrancisca BarriosLisa BarriosFelix BarriosEdward BarriosAmanda BarriosJulian BarriosCarolina BarriosOmar BarriosChristopher BarriosRolando BarriosEric BarriosDora BarriosIsrael BarriosLidia BarriosOrlando BarriosRaymond BarriosGraciela BarriosBarbara BarriosAlfonso BarriosCecilia BarriosCristina BarriosWalter BarriosAntonia BarriosDolores BarriosWendy BarriosBertha BarriosSamuel BarriosCindy BarriosAndres BarriosVirginia BarriosHumberto BarriosJesse BarriosThomas BarriosErica BarriosJacqueline BarriosLeonardo BarriosTomas BarriosLorenzo BarriosMaribel BarriosSaul BarriosAlexander BarriosErick BarriosSara BarriosEsteban BarriosAraceli BarriosRaquel BarriosMercedes BarriosSantiago BarriosRudy BarriosRogelio BarriosSteven BarriosSusana BarriosEsperanza BarriosIngrid BarriosGilbert BarriosRuth BarriosAgustin BarriosHilda BarriosAshley BarriosRebecca BarriosYesenia BarriosKarina BarriosLucia BarriosIsmael BarriosAndrew BarriosKarla BarriosNicole BarriosRonald BarriosOfelia BarriosFredy BarriosKimberly BarriosJulie BarriosTony BarriosLazaro BarriosEva BarriosPaul BarriosElena BarriosMoises BarriosEsther BarriosLiliana BarriosBeatriz BarriosMarvin BarriosKevin BarriosElmer BarriosReyna BarriosElsa BarriosLourdes BarriosRocio BarriosMark BarriosLilia BarriosGregorio BarriosSarah BarriosAlexis BarriosBenjamin BarriosRosario BarriosNicolas BarriosDenise BarriosAbel BarriosCrystal BarriosNora BarriosEdith BarriosMargaret BarriosDaisy BarriosIrene BarriosMirna BarriosMaritza BarriosJudith BarriosJason BarriosCelia BarriosJoaquin BarriosOlivia BarriosAdolfo BarriosLeslie BarriosIgnacio BarriosGerman BarriosDomingo BarriosNoe BarriosBryan BarriosConsuelo BarriosMarina BarriosMilton BarriosKelly BarriosAlvaro BarriosWanda BarriosDelia BarriosEsmeralda BarriosCharles BarriosFidel BarriosMaricela BarriosRigoberto BarriosSantos BarriosJosefina BarriosRita BarriosCarla BarriosCristian BarriosRosalba BarriosJosue BarriosNelson BarriosLeonor BarriosVincent BarriosAura BarriosAlbert BarriosEfrain BarriosByron BarriosLeonel BarriosAlba BarriosBenito BarriosRamiro BarriosVicente BarriosBrandon BarriosJacob BarriosKenneth BarriosMarlon BarriosAaron BarriosAlan BarriosMelvin BarriosHeriberto BarriosEmilio BarriosZoila BarriosOswaldo BarriosJoshua BarriosMauricio BarriosAbraham BarriosOctavio BarriosElias Barrios