What Is The History Of The Last Name Barron?

The Barron family name is believed to have originated in the Scottish Highlands in the early 12th century. The name is derived from the barony or lordly title of Baron. The first recorded bearer of the name was Ranulf de Barun who was recorded in the 1273 Subsidy Rolls of Cumberland.The Barron family coat of arms features a red shield with a silver chevron between three gold crosses. The crest is a gold lion rampant holding a red banner with the words 'Superior' inscribed on it. The motto of the Barron family is 'Virtute et opera'.

The Barron family has a long and distinguished history, with members having fought in many wars over the centuries. One of the most notable members of the family was Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who commanded the naval forces in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

Today, the Barron family is still active in many fields, with members occupying positions in business, politics, law, and the military.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Barron?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Barron. One of the most well-known is James Barron, who was a senior officer in the United States Navy and commanded the USS Intrepid during the War of 1812. Other notable Barrons include Sarah Barron, who was the first woman to become a full professor at an American university, and Edward Barron, who was a successful businessman and one of the founders of the Coca-Cola Company.While there are no celebrities or public figures with the last name Barron that are quite as well-known as those mentioned above, there are plenty of other interesting and noteworthy people who have borne this name. For example, Barron Hilton was the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain, and Barron Trump is the son of United States President Donald Trump.

So, if you are looking for an interesting and unique baby name, Barron may be a good option. And, if you are interested in learning more about some of the most notable people in history with this last name, be sure to do some online research.

Where Does The Last Name Barron Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many things to consider when naming a baby, and one of the most important is the name's popularity. Some parents want a common name that will be easy for their child to blend in, while others want something more unique.According to the Social Security Administration, the most common US baby name in 2017 was Liam. The name ranked tenth in popularity in 2016, so it experienced a large jump in popularity last year. Liam was followed by William, James, Benjamin, and Owen.

The Barron name doesn't rank very high on the list of most common US names. In fact, it is the 2,379th most popular name in the country. There are only 942 babies with the name Barron in the US, so it is definitely a unique choice.

If you're looking for a unique name that is still very popular, consider Liam or William. These names have been in the top 10 list for many years and are sure to be popular for many more.

List of People with the Last Name Barron

Paul BarronJose BarronRobert BarronJohn BarronJessica BarronMary BarronWilliam BarronJoseph BarronCharles BarronMaria BarronMichelle BarronDavid BarronR BarronS BarronElizabeth BarronBarbara BarronJoe BarronMichael BarronJames BarronLaura BarronJennifer BarronJesus BarronA BarronRichard BarronMartha BarronThomas BarronSandra BarronLisa BarronFrancisco BarronDaniel BarronJ BarronLinda BarronJuan BarronLuis BarronPatricia BarronSusan BarronMargaret BarronChristopher BarronCarlos BarronMiguel BarronCynthia BarronRosa BarronGeorge BarronE BarronDonald BarronManuel BarronMark BarronNancy BarronAntonio BarronEdward BarronRebecca BarronFrank BarronDeborah BarronTeresa BarronSarah BarronDonna BarronChris BarronBrenda BarronAngela BarronVictor BarronKimberly BarronMelissa BarronSteven BarronGuadalupe BarronJorge BarronAmy BarronDorothy BarronAnna BarronAnthony BarronGloria BarronRonald BarronAmanda BarronRoberto BarronMartin BarronVeronica BarronBetty BarronStephanie BarronRaymond BarronChristina BarronCarol BarronKenneth BarronAna BarronAndrew BarronMatthew BarronRicardo BarronKaren BarronSteve BarronAshley BarronDebra BarronRuth BarronMarie BarronAnn BarronNorma BarronKathleen BarronJason BarronChristine BarronAlejandro BarronJulie BarronRaul BarronDiana BarronMario BarronTimothy BarronHelen BarronKevin BarronLarry BarronJeffrey BarronAlicia BarronJesse BarronDiane BarronStephen BarronSharon BarronVirginia BarronAlice BarronJonathan BarronCarmen BarronSamuel BarronJack BarronWillie BarronCatherine BarronRuben BarronSergio BarronPedro BarronAndrea BarronPamela BarronNicole BarronHector BarronJavier BarronEric BarronAngel BarronKelly BarronBrian BarronArmando BarronOscar BarronRachel BarronAlex BarronVictoria BarronJoshua BarronKatherine BarronPatrick BarronMonica BarronYolanda BarronSara BarronLee BarronHenry BarronLawrence BarronFernando BarronTheresa BarronJaime BarronLeticia BarronAlfredo BarronScott BarronRose BarronJulia BarronHeather BarronSylvia BarronJuana BarronIrene BarronArthur BarronJanet BarronJerry BarronKathy BarronWalter BarronJudith BarronFrances BarronEduardo BarronCarolyn BarronJoel BarronEmily BarronDenise BarronJean BarronGabriel BarronClaudia BarronJulio BarronPaula BarronAlberto BarronAngelica BarronNicholas BarronShirley BarronJuanita BarronArturo BarronRuby BarronBrandon BarronGary BarronBenjamin BarronRamon BarronConnie BarronTerry BarronEva BarronDennis BarronJamie BarronAlbert BarronJane BarronSalvador BarronGregory BarronFrancis BarronVanessa BarronGerardo BarronLeslie BarronRafael BarronTony BarronAnne BarronMarcos BarronBobby BarronDouglas BarronEvelyn BarronAdam BarronLouis BarronCheryl BarronAlma BarronCrystal BarronGabriela BarronKeith BarronJanice BarronIsabel BarronEdgar BarronTina BarronEsther BarronJacqueline BarronSilvia BarronAndres BarronDoris BarronGerald BarronBilly BarronJoyce BarronSamantha BarronCesar BarronAlexander BarronGrace BarronBruce BarronOlga BarronDanielle BarronRoy BarronJohnny BarronAdriana BarronAdrian BarronBonnie BarronFelipe BarronErnesto BarronErica BarronDolores BarronSean BarronMargarita BarronJoan BarronAmber BarronBrittany BarronBlanca BarronTiffany BarronJacob BarronErika BarronBertha BarronPeter BarronMarco BarronJustin BarronRita BarronAnita BarronCarrie BarronGuillermo BarronCecilia BarronPablo BarronKathryn BarronHoward BarronEdna BarronBeverly BarronIrma BarronGilbert BarronEmma BarronFred BarronChristian BarronRogelio BarronErnest BarronMaribel BarronEnrique BarronMildred BarronSonia BarronOmar BarronPeggy BarronLuz BarronNatalie BarronRussell BarronHarry BarronRalph BarronDanny BarronRodolfo BarronEdith BarronHarold BarronJosefina BarronEarl BarronBeatrice BarronLillian BarronJosephine BarronStanley BarronAlfonso BarronNathan BarronEugene BarronClara BarronRoger BarronTyler BarronClarence BarronNorman BarronFelix Barron