How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Bauer?

Do you know how many people are in the US with the last name Bauer? According to the 2010 Census, there are 8,593 people in the US with the last name Bauer. That's a pretty small number when you consider the population of the US is over 310 million people. So, if you're looking for someone with the last name Bauer, your chances of finding them are pretty good!

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Bauer?

Bauer is a common German surname that is ranked ninth in terms of frequency in the United States. It is most commonly found in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and Texas. According to the 2010 US Census, the state with the largest population of people with the last name Bauer is Texas, with over 16,000 residents bearing the name.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Bauer?

There are many uncommon names in the world, but there are few that can compare to Bauer. This name is not common in any part of the world, and is only seen a few times in any given country. If you are looking for an uncommon name with a bit of history behind it, Bauer is a great option.Bauer is a German name that is derived from the word 'bauer' which means farmer. This name was given to farmers in the middle ages, and it is still seen today among farmers and agriculturalists. While the name is not common, it is not rare. In fact, there are a few thousand people in the world with the last name Bauer.

If you are looking for an uncommon name for your child, Bauer is a great option. This name is unique and has a history behind it. It is not common in any part of the world, so your child will be sure to stand out.

List of People with the Last Name Bauer

Frank BauerCharles BauerDavid BauerPaul BauerNancy BauerMarie BauerElizabeth BauerMary BauerAnn BauerJoseph BauerDonald BauerGary BauerHelen BauerStephen BauerRuth BauerCarl BauerMargaret BauerFrederick BauerThomas BauerSandra BauerJennifer BauerMichael BauerLinda BauerTimothy BauerRobert BauerDonna BauerCarol BauerBetty BauerAnna BauerPatricia BauerFred BauerRaymond BauerDaniel BauerMark BauerKim BauerRichard BauerEdward BauerKimberly BauerMichelle BauerMatthew BauerLaura BauerBarbara BauerLawrence BauerCynthia BauerRebecca BauerDorothy BauerGeorge BauerJulie BauerJessica BauerC BauerAndrew BauerAmy BauerAngela BauerDeborah BauerJoe BauerSarah BauerKathleen BauerCatherine BauerAmanda BauerWilliam BauerKaren BauerChris BauerSusan BauerJames BauerSharon BauerSteven BauerJeff BauerKatherine BauerChristopher BauerRonald BauerLisa BauerKenneth BauerSteve BauerScott BauerJohn BauerJeffrey BauerEric BauerMelissa BauerM BauerBrian BauerJ BauerMike BauerChristine BauerWalter BauerDiane BauerKelly BauerStephanie BauerJason BauerHenry BauerHarold BauerJanet BauerPamela BauerAlbert BauerPeter BauerGregory BauerNicole BauerDebra BauerDan BauerJoan BauerJacob BauerCindy BauerLarry BauerHeather BauerRose BauerLori BauerKevin BauerDon BauerJudith BauerBrenda BauerJean BauerTheresa BauerCheryl BauerEmily BauerChristina BauerKathryn BauerJoshua BauerBruce BauerFrances BauerAnthony BauerNicholas BauerKathy BauerDennis BauerJack BauerShirley BauerMaria BauerArthur BauerDawn BauerVirginia BauerDenise BauerAlice BauerTeresa BauerDouglas BauerAshley BauerJane BauerLouis BauerLauren BauerRyan BauerAdam BauerRachel BauerMarilyn BauerJudy BauerMartin BauerHarry BauerRoger BauerJoyce BauerMartha BauerMegan BauerAnne BauerPatrick BauerCarolyn BauerLynn BauerSara BauerTerry BauerRobin BauerFrancis BauerBonnie BauerBrad BauerDoris BauerAndrea BauerTammy BauerDiana BauerJustin BauerVictoria BauerJerry BauerBeth BauerGerald BauerLouise BauerWendy BauerMildred BauerRalph BauerJonathan BauerJulia BauerJamie BauerJanice BauerJacqueline BauerJill BauerBenjamin BauerBeverly BauerWayne BauerRandy BauerKeith BauerBradley BauerTracy BauerJoanne BauerTodd BauerKarl BauerAlex BauerHoward BauerFlorence BauerJoann BauerLaurie BauerRussell BauerEugene BauerPhilip BauerDanielle BauerConnie BauerLeslie BauerMichele BauerLois BauerTina BauerKristen BauerEvelyn BauerLillian BauerEllen BauerNathan BauerCarrie BauerBrandon BauerErin BauerPaula BauerCraig BauerGrace BauerIrene BauerSamantha BauerCharlotte BauerEmma BauerElaine BauerJeremy BauerAmber BauerJon BauerKyle BauerTerri BauerEdwin BauerClarence BauerZachary BauerDale BauerRoy BauerShannon BauerHeidi BauerKurt BauerSuzanne BauerErnest BauerAlexander BauerSherry BauerLee BauerDolores BauerBrittany BauerRita BauerAaron BauerBernard BauerPeggy BauerPhyllis BauerChristian BauerEsther BauerRenee BauerAlfred BauerAlan BauerTheodore BauerSally BauerPhillip BauerHolly BauerGloria BauerClara BauerMarjorie BauerGertrude BauerHerman BauerTyler BauerNorman BauerAllison BauerNorma BauerHerbert BauerEdith BauerElsie BauerJerome BauerJosephine BauerRosemary BauerEleanor BauerLeonard BauerJay BauerEdna BauerEileen BauerPauline BauerEva BauerChad BauerBertha BauerElmer BauerBryan BauerBrent BauerJordan BauerShawn BauerMarion BauerBrett BauerLeo BauerAgnes BauerLucille BauerMax BauerAustin BauerTravis BauerSean BauerEarl BauerJesse BauerStanley BauerGladys BauerLeroy BauerSamuel BauerTroy BauerArnold BauerIda BauerHans BauerAugust BauerOtto Bauer