How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Benjamin?

According to the most recent census data, there are approximately 126,000 people living in the United States with the last name Benjamin. This makes Benjamin the 23rd most common last name in the country. The origins of the name Benjamin are not entirely clear, but it is thought to come from either the Hebrew word ben, meaning "son," or the Arabic word bin, meaning "son of." Despite its relatively common occurrence, the name Benjamin is not particularly popular among celebrities or notable figures. In fact, the only two people in recent memory who have made headlines for their use of the name Benjamin are U.S. President Benjamin Harrison and musician Ben Folds.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Benjamin?

There are a few different states in the US that have the largest population with the last name Benjamin. Some of these states include California, Texas, New York, and Florida. The state with the largest population of people with the last name Benjamin is California. There are over 33,000 people in California with the last name Benjamin. This is followed by Texas, New York, and Florida.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Benjamin?

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, you might want to consider one of the most uncommon names with the last name Benjamin.Some of the most unique names with the last name Benjamin include Aero, Art, Brook, and Chase. If you're looking for something a little more traditional, you could also go with Benjamin or Ben.

No matter what name you choose, make sure you spend plenty of time thinking it over. After all, you'll be stuck with it for the rest of your child's life!

List of People with the Last Name Benjamin

Mary BenjaminThomas BenjaminRichard BenjaminRobert BenjaminPatricia BenjaminCharles BenjaminDavid BenjaminLinda BenjaminMichael BenjaminM BenjaminWilliam BenjaminJames BenjaminL BenjaminBarbara BenjaminJ BenjaminS BenjaminC BenjaminR BenjaminA BenjaminJoseph BenjaminJohn BenjaminB BenjaminGeorge BenjaminLisa BenjaminSusan BenjaminE BenjaminElizabeth BenjaminJennifer BenjaminChristopher BenjaminDonald BenjaminMichelle BenjaminDaniel BenjaminMarie BenjaminKenneth BenjaminK BenjaminMark BenjaminAnthony BenjaminSteven BenjaminDorothy BenjaminPaul BenjaminP BenjaminBrian BenjaminKaren BenjaminDeborah BenjaminChris BenjaminEdward BenjaminT BenjaminWillie BenjaminSarah BenjaminMargaret BenjaminJean BenjaminSharon BenjaminRonald BenjaminSandra BenjaminKimberly BenjaminCarol BenjaminJeffrey BenjaminCynthia BenjaminMelissa BenjaminF BenjaminMatthew BenjaminRuth BenjaminNicole BenjaminAnn BenjaminJason BenjaminH BenjaminW BenjaminAngela BenjaminJessica BenjaminBetty BenjaminDebra BenjaminDonna BenjaminFrank BenjaminRose BenjaminJacqueline BenjaminNancy BenjaminAndrew BenjaminEric BenjaminScott BenjaminHenry BenjaminLaura BenjaminGary BenjaminArthur BenjaminBrenda BenjaminKevin BenjaminSamuel BenjaminJoshua BenjaminHelen BenjaminDiane BenjaminStephanie BenjaminSteve BenjaminShirley BenjaminLarry BenjaminTimothy BenjaminRachel BenjaminCarolyn BenjaminCatherine BenjaminWalter BenjaminAmy BenjaminPamela BenjaminRebecca BenjaminAnna BenjaminLawrence BenjaminJoe BenjaminAshley BenjaminDenise BenjaminDebbie BenjaminHarold BenjaminKim BenjaminKathleen BenjaminJoan BenjaminJonathan BenjaminHeather BenjaminCheryl BenjaminAlice BenjaminRaymond BenjaminChristine BenjaminJack BenjaminAlbert BenjaminTammy BenjaminMaria BenjaminGregory BenjaminJulie BenjaminDoris BenjaminJoyce BenjaminJudith BenjaminJanet BenjaminTheresa BenjaminGloria BenjaminEvelyn BenjaminAndrea BenjaminLee BenjaminHarry BenjaminKelly BenjaminKeith BenjaminStephen BenjaminBeverly BenjaminTerry BenjaminKathy BenjaminDennis BenjaminGerald BenjaminFred BenjaminBen BenjaminKatherine BenjaminFrances BenjaminAnnie BenjaminSheila BenjaminJerry BenjaminClarence BenjaminTracy BenjaminAnne BenjaminRay BenjaminLeroy BenjaminBruce BenjaminAmanda BenjaminVictoria BenjaminBrandon BenjaminJanice BenjaminTina BenjaminRobin BenjaminAdam BenjaminNicholas BenjaminMarilyn BenjaminSara BenjaminAlicia BenjaminEarl BenjaminDouglas BenjaminCarl BenjaminJeffery BenjaminPeter BenjaminValerie BenjaminMartha BenjaminJudy BenjaminRoy BenjaminLeslie BenjaminLouise BenjaminTeresa BenjaminAlan BenjaminLouis BenjaminMartin BenjaminJulia BenjaminAaron BenjaminErica BenjaminEmily BenjaminMarcus BenjaminTiffany BenjaminErnest BenjaminLori BenjaminFranklin BenjaminDiana BenjaminHoward BenjaminMildred BenjaminPaula BenjaminFrancis BenjaminChristina BenjaminJane BenjaminShawn BenjaminVirginia BenjaminFrederick BenjaminFlorence BenjaminMonica BenjaminHerbert BenjaminMichele BenjaminAndre BenjaminWayne BenjaminLillian BenjaminKathryn BenjaminJacob BenjaminPatrick BenjaminSamantha BenjaminAllen BenjaminNathan BenjaminEugene BenjaminEsther BenjaminPhillip BenjaminPhilip BenjaminRhonda BenjaminSylvia BenjaminGrace BenjaminJamie BenjaminDawn BenjaminPhyllis BenjaminCrystal BenjaminRenee BenjaminAlfred BenjaminNorman BenjaminAlexander BenjaminLloyd BenjaminRoger BenjaminLynn BenjaminDanielle BenjaminJustin BenjaminEthel BenjaminAnnette BenjaminIrene BenjaminCarrie BenjaminLauren BenjaminJessie BenjaminJerome BenjaminYolanda BenjaminRalph BenjaminMonique BenjaminCourtney BenjaminBrittany BenjaminLeon BenjaminDerrick BenjaminTony BenjaminRuby BenjaminJasmine BenjaminWendy BenjaminGail BenjaminRodney BenjaminSean BenjaminMelvin BenjaminYvonne BenjaminJoanne BenjaminAudrey BenjaminShannon BenjaminLeonard BenjaminTodd BenjaminRyan BenjaminRussell BenjaminLorraine BenjaminCurtis BenjaminNorma BenjaminRita BenjaminEdith BenjaminMarjorie BenjaminBernard BenjaminElaine BenjaminAlexis BenjaminLois BenjaminDale BenjaminAmber BenjaminReginald BenjaminRosa BenjaminClifford BenjaminCharlene BenjaminAntonio BenjaminEdna BenjaminEmma BenjaminBeatrice BenjaminEddie BenjaminVeronica BenjaminCalvin BenjaminTyler BenjaminCraig BenjaminJay BenjaminMarc BenjaminEdwin BenjaminMarvin BenjaminAlvin BenjaminHazel BenjaminJeremy BenjaminVincent BenjaminDarrell BenjaminStanley BenjaminJoel BenjaminTyrone BenjaminJordan Benjamin