What Is The History Of The Last Name Bergeron?

If you're interested in learning about the history of the last name Bergeron, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the origins of this name and explore some of the famous people who have borne it.The Bergeron name is thought to have originated in the region of France that is now known as Brittany. It is believed that the name was derived from the French word "berger," which means "shepherd." Over the years, the Bergeron name has been anglicized to a variety of different spellings, including Bergeron, Bergon, Birgeron, and Bargon.

Some famous people with the last name Bergeron include singer Celine Dion, Olympic gold medalist figure skater Brian Boitano, and professional golfer Payne Stewart.

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Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Bergeron?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Bergeron. One example is hockey player Denis Bergeron. Denis played for the Montreal Canadiens and other teams throughout his career. He was known as a gritty player who never gave up. Another famous Bergeron is French-Canadian singer Gilles Bergeron. Gilles was a popular singer in the 1960s and 1970s. He is best known for his song "Quand les hirondelles" (When the swallows return). There are also a few Bergerons in the world of politics. For example, there is Raymond Bergeron, who was a member of the Quebec National Assembly for over 20 years. And finally, there is Jacques Bergeron, who was a member of the Canadian House of Commons from 1988 to 1993.

Where Does The Last Name Bergeron Rank In The Most Common US Names?

If you're an American, there's a good chance that your last name is Bergeron. In fact, Bergeron is the 10th most common US last name. But where does it rank compared to other common US names?Here are the top 10 most common US last names, according to the 2010 Census:

1. Smith

2. Johnson

3. Williams

4. Garcia

5. Martinez

6. Jones

7. Brown

8. Davis

9. Robinson

10. Bergeron

Interestingly, Bergeron is the only last name on this list that doesn't end in -son. But it's still a very common name, and there's a good chance that you know someone with the last name Bergeron.

So what does the name Bergeron mean? It's a French name, and it means "hill of berries." And while the name is most common in the US, it's also popular in Canada and France.

If you're looking for more information about the name Bergeron, there are plenty of websites that can help. Just type "Bergeron name meaning" into your favorite search engine, and you'll find plenty of results.

And if you're interested in finding out where your last name ranks compared to other common US names, you can always check out the US Census Bureau website. It's a great resource for information about all things census-related!

List of People with the Last Name Bergeron

Joseph BergeronJohn BergeronMary BergeronRobert BergeronRichard BergeronMichael BergeronDavid BergeronD BergeronR BergeronJames BergeronPaul BergeronM BergeronC BergeronJennifer BergeronMichelle BergeronA BergeronMark BergeronS BergeronWilliam BergeronSusan BergeronDaniel BergeronK BergeronThomas BergeronPatricia BergeronRaymond BergeronLinda BergeronLisa BergeronDonna BergeronDonald BergeronChristopher BergeronKaren BergeronMarie BergeronChris BergeronCharles BergeronRonald BergeronGeorge BergeronElizabeth BergeronKenneth BergeronEdward BergeronNicole BergeronCarol BergeronBrian BergeronBarbara BergeronDeborah BergeronSandra BergeronJean BergeronJason BergeronLaura BergeronJulie BergeronChristine BergeronMelissa BergeronAmy BergeronKathleen BergeronCheryl BergeronJessica BergeronNancy BergeronArthur BergeronAngela BergeronDiane BergeronMatthew BergeronCatherine BergeronRoger BergeronGary BergeronAmanda BergeronSarah BergeronMargaret BergeronTheresa BergeronSteven BergeronCynthia BergeronKimberly BergeronAndrew BergeronJoe BergeronDennis BergeronRebecca BergeronSharon BergeronDorothy BergeronRoland BergeronKatherine BergeronLouis BergeronLeo BergeronGerald BergeronDebra BergeronHenry BergeronBrenda BergeronScott BergeronDenise BergeronJoshua BergeronStephanie BergeronKevin BergeronJanet BergeronKelly BergeronPhilip BergeronRita BergeronAnn BergeronCindy BergeronSteve BergeronRose BergeronShirley BergeronPamela BergeronNorman BergeronRachel BergeronAshley BergeronTimothy BergeronPeter BergeronAlbert BergeronTerry BergeronGerard BergeronHeather BergeronEric BergeronStephen BergeronChristina BergeronKeith BergeronJacqueline BergeronRenee BergeronTina BergeronAnna BergeronKim BergeronDawn BergeronJudith BergeronJeffrey BergeronLawrence BergeronAnne BergeronDanielle BergeronAlice BergeronIrene BergeronWayne BergeronAndre BergeronSuzanne BergeronEmily BergeronLynn BergeronKathy BergeronRyan BergeronAllen BergeronAnthony BergeronMichele BergeronBonnie BergeronFrancis BergeronJoan BergeronBetty BergeronHelen BergeronSamantha BergeronGregory BergeronLouise BergeronTammy BergeronNicholas BergeronElaine BergeronJanice BergeronJoyce BergeronDoris BergeronErnest BergeronMarc BergeronJustin BergeronCarolyn BergeronLarry BergeronDana BergeronAndrea BergeronBrandon BergeronPaula BergeronRuth BergeronKatie BergeronHarold BergeronJeanne BergeronJane BergeronAdam BergeronKathryn BergeronLaurie BergeronEugene BergeronPauline BergeronJudy BergeronEvelyn BergeronJacob BergeronPatrick BergeronLori BergeronRobin BergeronAlfred BergeronJamie BergeronVictoria BergeronClaire BergeronPhillip BergeronJerry BergeronTodd BergeronLauren BergeronGloria BergeronTiffany BergeronDarlene BergeronRoy BergeronShannon BergeronMegan BergeronWendy BergeronVirginia BergeronJack BergeronBrittany BergeronBruce BergeronRussell BergeronLionel BergeronJill BergeronJoanne BergeronJeannette BergeronRene BergeronMaurice BergeronSara BergeronMichel BergeronMonica BergeronFrances BergeronJoann BergeronLee BergeronLillian BergeronFrank BergeronLorraine BergeronBryan BergeronBrett BergeronLucille BergeronMelinda BergeronJonathan BergeronDenis BergeronKyle BergeronJeremy BergeronDiana BergeronApril BergeronCraig BergeronAaron BergeronRandy BergeronAlex BergeronMartha BergeronMaria BergeronWilfred BergeronMildred BergeronClaude BergeronTracy BergeronSherry BergeronMarion BergeronGail BergeronYvonne BergeronCecile BergeronMonique BergeronShawn BergeronNormand BergeronNathan BergeronBeatrice BergeronDouglas BergeronJay BergeronDale BergeronLeslie BergeronJon BergeronMarcel BergeronSheila BergeronHarry BergeronJulia BergeronBenjamin BergeronKayla BergeronSean BergeronBernard BergeronYvette BergeronClifford BergeronShane BergeronRodney BergeronPhyllis BergeronZachary BergeronTroy BergeronTyler BergeronAnita BergeronNorma BergeronEarl BergeronAnnette BergeronAudrey BergeronAlvin BergeronGrace BergeronMaureen BergeronAlicia BergeronRegina BergeronJesse BergeronAlexander BergeronLeonard BergeronDolores BergeronBarry BergeronChad BergeronTheodore BergeronBeverly BergeronCarl BergeronTravis BergeronEmma BergeronBradley BergeronClarence BergeronFlorence BergeronEva BergeronWalter BergeronBlake BergeronArmand BergeronAlan BergeronLucien BergeronJosephine BergeronHazel BergeronBlanche BergeronMitchell BergeronTaylor BergeronPierre BergeronCody BergeronEmile BergeronVictor BergeronDustin Bergeron