How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Berman?

There are an estimated 389,000 people living in the United States with the last name Berman, making it the 18th most common surname in the country. The name is derived from the Yiddish word bar, meaning "son," and man, meaning "man." It was most likely originally given to fathers who had many children.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Berman?

There are a few different Berman families across the United States, but which state has the largest population of them? Believe it or not, the Berman family is most populous in California. With over 190,000 people in the state carrying the last name, Berman is the 15th most common surname in California.So why is the Berman family so popular in California? It's hard to say for sure, but there are a few possible explanations. One theory is that the name is derived from the Yiddish word "bern," meaning bear. Given that California is home to a large Jewish population, it's possible that the name took off there because of its cultural connection.

Another possibility is that the Bermans migrated to California en masse during the 1800s gold rush. Whatever the reason, the Berman name is strongly associated with California – so much so that the state even has a Berman Day!

If you're looking for a state with a smaller Berman population, head to Pennsylvania. With a little over 5,000 people carrying the last name, Berman is the 267th most common surname in the state. Other states with significant Berman populations include New York, Illinois, and Texas.

So what does all this mean for you? If your last name is Berman, you can feel proud to be part of a large and diverse family. And if you're looking to meet other Bermans, California is the place to be!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Berman?

There are many uncommon names with the last name Berman. Some of these names include Apple, Bunny, and Comet. These names are certainly not the norm, but they are unique and interesting.If you are looking for an uncommon name for your child, then you should consider one of the names listed above. They are all unique and special, and your child will stand out from the crowd.

So, if you are looking for an unusual name for your child, then consider one of the names listed above. They are all unique and special, and your child will stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Berman

David BermanM BermanMichael BermanJ BermanRobert BermanS BermanSusan BermanA BermanSteven BermanJoseph BermanRichard BermanMark BermanHarry BermanRose BermanWilliam BermanD BermanJeffrey BermanMary BermanDaniel BermanL BermanSamuel BermanB BermanBarbara BermanLisa BermanRuth BermanC BermanCarol BermanLouis BermanSarah BermanSteve BermanJennifer BermanAnna BermanLinda BermanEdward BermanCharles BermanJack BermanScott BermanAndrew BermanBenjamin BermanElizabeth BermanPaul BermanH BermanJudith BermanKaren BermanAlan BermanHelen BermanMorris BermanRachel BermanJohn BermanLawrence BermanJeff BermanJacob BermanJames BermanDeborah BermanLarry BermanSandra BermanRonald BermanMatthew BermanJessica BermanSara BermanHoward BermanMichelle BermanNancy BermanPhilip BermanDorothy BermanStephen BermanJoshua BermanEric BermanSylvia BermanBruce BermanMartin BermanPatricia BermanAbraham BermanSharon BermanEsther BermanSam BermanHarold BermanLillian BermanEllen BermanRebecca BermanBarry BermanAnne BermanLaura BermanJoel BermanAdam BermanKenneth BermanBernard BermanMarc BermanShirley BermanJonathan BermanMax BermanAnn BermanBen BermanArthur BermanJulie BermanPeter BermanDonald BermanMiriam BermanMelissa BermanMarilyn BermanJoan BermanElaine BermanAmy BermanDonna BermanIda BermanGary BermanStanley BermanAlex BermanJane BermanJay BermanStephanie BermanFrances BermanBetty BermanBrian BermanLeonard BermanSidney BermanIrving BermanLori BermanPamela BermanGeorge BermanDebra BermanAlbert BermanEvelyn BermanNorman BermanAlexander BermanBeth BermanMildred BermanAndrea BermanEmily BermanPhyllis BermanMichele BermanAaron BermanNathan BermanJudy BermanSally BermanLee BermanDiane BermanHerbert BermanLauren BermanMilton BermanLeslie BermanFlorence BermanSuzanne BermanHarvey BermanMarvin BermanGertrude BermanRobin BermanJason BermanAmanda BermanJoe BermanCynthia BermanIra BermanEthel BermanJanet BermanKathleen BermanStuart BermanLynn BermanMargaret BermanJean BermanHenry BermanCheryl BermanMaria BermanFred BermanChristine BermanNicole BermanJerry BermanKatherine BermanGail BermanPhillip BermanArnold BermanStacey BermanAllan BermanFrank BermanEugene BermanKimberly BermanGregory BermanThomas BermanCharlotte BermanWendy BermanJulia BermanEdith BermanRita BermanGerald BermanBernice BermanMarcia BermanNeil BermanJoyce BermanLeo BermanJanice BermanMartha BermanZachary BermanHyman BermanMarjorie BermanSeymour BermanBonnie BermanAllison BermanSheila BermanMelvin BermanBeatrice BermanCatherine BermanMitchell BermanJacqueline BermanDoris BermanJill BermanJoanne BermanSeth BermanChristopher BermanMollie BermanAlice BermanTodd BermanPearl BermanSol BermanTheodore BermanDouglas BermanJeanette BermanSamantha BermanJerome BermanBertha BermanAshley BermanLaurie BermanIrene BermanDennis BermanBeverly BermanCelia BermanNatalie BermanMinnie BermanJeremy BermanKathy BermanLois BermanHannah BermanRoberta BermanHarriet BermanAllen BermanSadie BermanAbe BermanMarie BermanFannie BermanBessie BermanEleanor BermanGloria BermanJulius BermanSophie BermanCraig BermanSaul BermanRussell BermanDiana BermanAnita BermanNaomi BermanHelene BermanLeah BermanDanielle BermanBrenda BermanClaire BermanSanford BermanErica BermanJordan BermanIsadore BermanArlene BermanMarshall BermanCarole BermanJesse BermanEva BermanEstelle BermanCarl BermanFrederick BermanPaula BermanMarlene BermanKeith BermanLeon BermanAlvin BermanRalph BermanLewis BermanHolly BermanBrett BermanKevin BermanIrwin BermanSimon BermanRenee BermanVivian BermanAnnette BermanSheldon BermanWalter BermanMeyer BermanBradley BermanMyron BermanPauline BermanDora BermanMurray BermanIsaac BermanHerman BermanRochelle BermanBrandon BermanRyan BermanJeanne BermanLena BermanMarion BermanMaurice BermanTillie BermanWayne BermanNicholas Berman