Historical Information About The Last Name Bowen

The surname Bowen has a rich and interesting history. According to historical information, the name Bowen is derived from the Welsh word "buan," which means "quick." As such, the name Bowen is indicative of a person who is lively, energetic, and quick-witted.The first recorded instance of the name Bowen appears in the Domesday Book, a survey of England and Wales conducted in 1086 by William the Conqueror. In the Domesday Book, the name Bowen is listed as a tenant-in-chief of the king.

In subsequent centuries, the surname Bowen has been borne by a number of notable figures. These include Sir John Bowen, a naval officer who served in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, and Sir Matthew Henry Bowen, a politician who served as the first Premier of Queensland, Australia.

Today, the surname Bowen is still widely spread throughout the world. Some of the most notable people with the surname Bowen include actor Hugh Bowen, artist Robert Bowen, and basketball player Shane Battier.

The Popularity Of Bowen As The Last Name

The popularity of Bowen as the last nameIt is interesting to note the popularity of the last name Bowen. According to the most recent census data, Bowen was the 3,824th most popular name in the United States in 2016. This means that there were approximately 3,824 people in the U.S. with the last name Bowen. This is a significant decrease from the name's popularity in 2000, when Bowen was the 1,574th most popular name in the U.S.

What could account for the name's declining popularity? There are likely a number of factors at play. First, the popularity of the name may have been affected by the fact that it is more commonly used as a first name than as a last name. Additionally, the name may have been negatively affected by its association with the television show Lost, which featured a character named Benjamin Linus Bowen.

Naming Ideas With Bowen As The Last Name

Naming Ideas With Bowen As The Last NameWhen it comes to naming a baby, there are endless possibilities. But when you are looking for a unique and timeless name, it can be hard to find the perfect one. If you are looking for a name that will stand the test of time, you may want to consider Bowen as the last name.

There are many famous Bowens throughout history, including the actor Michael Bowen and the musician Elvis Costello. And there are many more contemporary Bowens too, like the Olympic snowboarder Jamie Bowen and the actress Rooney Mara.

So why is the name Bowen so popular? Well, it has a nice ring to it, and it is not too common but not too rare either. It is also a name that will grow with your child, and it will never go out of style.

If you are looking for a unique name for your child, you may want to consider Bowen as the last name. It is a timeless name that will stand the test of time.

List of People with the Last Name Bowen

Brenda BowenShirley BowenRuth BowenLinda BowenMargaret BowenDonald BowenThomas BowenJack BowenM BowenBetty BowenAnn BowenKathleen BowenElizabeth BowenRobert BowenDaniel BowenMichael BowenRaymond BowenKimberly BowenTimothy BowenHelen BowenMary BowenSusan BowenNancy BowenSarah BowenJerry BowenAmanda BowenBill BowenDiane BowenDorothy BowenVirginia BowenChristine BowenPamela BowenJ BowenKenneth BowenBarbara BowenJessica BowenLisa BowenLaura BowenScott BowenEdward BowenDebbie BowenPatricia BowenDebra BowenDeborah BowenCarol BowenJason BowenMichelle BowenRebecca BowenAnna BowenJennifer BowenRonald BowenWilliam BowenTerry BowenDavid BowenJanet BowenCharles BowenStephanie BowenChris BowenAshley BowenTammy BowenKelly BowenGeorge BowenBrian BowenKatherine BowenJohn BowenPaul BowenSandra BowenAngela BowenCatherine BowenKaren BowenKevin BowenW BowenGary BowenJeff BowenMelissa BowenSteve BowenHeather BowenCynthia BowenJames BowenJeffrey BowenDonna BowenKim BowenD BowenRichard BowenSteven BowenMatthew BowenC BowenJoseph BowenMark BowenStephen BowenChristopher BowenAnthony BowenCindy BowenAmy BowenCarolyn BowenSharon BowenJoshua BowenLarry BowenJulie BowenTeresa BowenJoe BowenKathy BowenJudy BowenAndrew BowenFrank BowenChristina BowenJean BowenFrances BowenHarold BowenDouglas BowenLawrence BowenWalter BowenNicole BowenLori BowenMartha BowenEric BowenBobby BowenBeverly BowenJoyce BowenCheryl BowenDon BowenAlice BowenBilly BowenJanice BowenCarl BowenJeffery BowenGregory BowenTina BowenFred BowenJoan BowenKathryn BowenBrandon BowenKeith BowenTracy BowenMarie BowenTheresa BowenDoris BowenJamie BowenJudith BowenDennis BowenTiffany BowenRandy BowenRachel BowenEmily BowenDawn BowenWayne BowenJacqueline BowenJane BowenRobin BowenShannon BowenCrystal BowenAndrea BowenRoy BowenConnie BowenJackie BowenWendy BowenDenise BowenEvelyn BowenVictoria BowenJustin BowenBonnie BowenLeslie BowenRay BowenPatrick BowenRhonda BowenBruce BowenSara BowenRyan BowenLee BowenBrittany BowenGerald BowenJonathan BowenSamantha BowenRoger BowenRalph BowenDale BowenJesse BowenHenry BowenRose BowenMaria BowenMildred BowenWillie BowenDiana BowenSherry BowenHoward BowenWanda BowenArthur BowenSheila BowenKatie BowenApril BowenAnne BowenBenjamin BowenJulia BowenClarence BowenPaula BowenAnnie BowenAllen BowenPhillip BowenStacy BowenRussell BowenJimmy BowenMegan BowenJeremy BowenMarilyn BowenAmber BowenAdam BowenGrace BowenHarry BowenAlbert BowenSamuel BowenErnest BowenBradley BowenDana BowenJohnny BowenShawn BowenEugene BowenDanielle BowenGloria BowenFrederick BowenStacey BowenEarl BowenNicholas BowenLouise BowenPhyllis BowenDanny BowenEdith BowenFrancis BowenRuby BowenPeggy BowenTony BowenAaron BowenLauren BowenJessie BowenEdna BowenFlorence BowenNorma BowenRenee BowenKyle BowenLillian BowenCarrie BowenBryan BowenMarjorie BowenTyler BowenGladys BowenRodney BowenHazel BowenLois BowenRandall BowenTodd BowenHerbert BowenGlenn BowenCurtis BowenNathan BowenJay BowenCourtney BowenIrene BowenCharlotte BowenPeter BowenLloyd BowenZachary BowenMarion BowenSean BowenEmma BowenTaylor BowenRonnie BowenEllen BowenCraig BowenEthel BowenJacob BowenEva BowenNorman BowenAlan BowenGlen BowenTravis BowenMelvin BowenLewis BowenThelma BowenClyde BowenPauline BowenBarry BowenAlfred BowenAustin BowenFloyd BowenCecil BowenClara BowenBrent BowenShane BowenEsther BowenGordon BowenTroy BowenLucille BowenLeonard BowenCody BowenNellie BowenStanley BowenVernon BowenMarvin BowenEdwin BowenClifford BowenDustin Bowen