Historical Information About The Last Name Bowles

hThere are many interesting facts about the last name Bowles. For example, it is derived from an English place name, meaning "hill by the water." The first record of the name Bowles was found in the Domesday Book of 1086. It was listed as a tenant-in-chief and was located in Oxfordshire, England.

One of the most famous Bowleses was William Bowles, who was a British artist and writer. He was born in 1762 and is best known for his landscape paintings. He also published a series of poems and essays about the American Revolution.

The Bowles family has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the 10th century. If you are interested in learning more about the Bowles name, be sure to do some online research. There is a wealth of information available online, and you can also find out more by contacting the Bowles family archives.

The Popularity Of Bowles As The Last Name

The popularity of the last name Bowles is evident in the number of people who have it. It ranked 9,772nd in popularity in the United States in 2010. This is not surprising because it is a strong and masculine name. It is derived from an Old English word meaning “hill.”There are many famous people who have this last name. Some of them are:

-Gary Bowles, an American serial killer

-Jimmy Bowles, an American jazz musician

-John Bowles, a Canadian politician

-Ken Bowles, an English cricketer

There are also many places named after Bowles. Some of them are:

-Bowles, a village in Hampshire, England

-Bowles, a village in Northumberland, England

-Bowles, a town in Morris County, New Jersey

-Bowles, a township in Medina County, Ohio

This name is sure to continue to be popular because it is strong and has a rich history.

Naming Ideas With Bowles As The Last Name

If you're looking for a unique and interesting baby name, consider a name with Bowles as the last name. There are several options to choose from, all of which are sure to stand out in a crowd.One of the most popular options is Bowen. This name has Irish and Welsh origins and means "well-born." It's a strong name that is perfect for a little boy.

If you're looking for a girl's name, consider Blair. This name has Scottish origins and means "field." It's a unique name that is sure to get your child plenty of attention.

Another option is Boyle. This name has Irish origins and means "descendant of the yellow-haired one." It's a unique name that is sure to get your child noticed.

No matter what name you choose, be sure to consider the Bowles surname. It's sure to make your child stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Bowles

Richard BowlesMary BowlesJames BowlesRobert BowlesThomas BowlesWilliam BowlesCharles BowlesMichael BowlesJ BowlesJohn BowlesDavid BowlesJennifer BowlesElizabeth BowlesPatricia BowlesLinda BowlesS BowlesJoseph BowlesGeorge BowlesSusan BowlesDonald BowlesB BowlesBarbara BowlesL BowlesLisa BowlesMargaret BowlesBetty BowlesChristopher BowlesBrian BowlesChris BowlesDeborah BowlesSandra BowlesKaren BowlesDaniel BowlesDorothy BowlesE BowlesMark BowlesKimberly BowlesSteven BowlesKenneth BowlesDonna BowlesMichelle BowlesCarol BowlesSarah BowlesEdward BowlesLarry BowlesMelissa BowlesAngela BowlesPaul BowlesLaura BowlesRebecca BowlesStephanie BowlesJessica BowlesCynthia BowlesAmanda BowlesJeffrey BowlesJason BowlesRonald BowlesFrank BowlesBrenda BowlesHelen BowlesKim BowlesJerry BowlesSharon BowlesTeresa BowlesKevin BowlesCatherine BowlesDebra BowlesAmy BowlesNancy BowlesShirley BowlesJeff BowlesGary BowlesLawrence BowlesStephen BowlesPamela BowlesTimothy BowlesKelly BowlesRuth BowlesChristine BowlesBilly BowlesAnn BowlesJanet BowlesJoshua BowlesJudy BowlesKatherine BowlesDebbie BowlesHeather BowlesRaymond BowlesJulie BowlesMatthew BowlesMike BowlesAshley BowlesAnna BowlesKathleen BowlesScott BowlesJack BowlesWalter BowlesTerry BowlesKathy BowlesCindy BowlesVirginia BowlesJoe BowlesTammy BowlesMartha BowlesChristina BowlesEric BowlesJean BowlesGregory BowlesFrances BowlesDiane BowlesCarl BowlesAnthony BowlesCarolyn BowlesJoyce BowlesDennis BowlesConnie BowlesJustin BowlesLori BowlesAndrew BowlesTina BowlesNicole BowlesMarie BowlesShannon BowlesEvelyn BowlesBobby BowlesDon BowlesRussell BowlesWillie BowlesAlice BowlesRoger BowlesBrandon BowlesKeith BowlesFred BowlesSamuel BowlesJeffery BowlesErnest BowlesAndrea BowlesRobin BowlesTiffany BowlesCheryl BowlesHarold BowlesAaron BowlesEmily BowlesRhonda BowlesMildred BowlesJane BowlesRoy BowlesPhillip BowlesJamie BowlesPeggy BowlesArthur BowlesJonathan BowlesHoward BowlesJudith BowlesWendy BowlesWayne BowlesSamantha BowlesBeverly BowlesDouglas BowlesDanielle BowlesBrittany BowlesRuby BowlesJacqueline BowlesSara BowlesHarry BowlesRyan BowlesSheila BowlesLee BowlesMaria BowlesPatrick BowlesCrystal BowlesEugene BowlesAnnie BowlesLouise BowlesBonnie BowlesRachel BowlesJoan BowlesAnne BowlesBryan BowlesClarence BowlesAmber BowlesTheresa BowlesDawn BowlesPhyllis BowlesWanda BowlesCarrie BowlesBenjamin BowlesKathryn BowlesDoris BowlesDiana BowlesRalph BowlesKatie BowlesGerald BowlesAlbert BowlesRay BowlesEarl BowlesAllen BowlesEmma BowlesTonya BowlesEdith BowlesDanny BowlesMegan BowlesRose BowlesJulia BowlesLillian BowlesAlan BowlesJessie BowlesHenry BowlesMarvin BowlesDenise BowlesJesse BowlesJimmy BowlesJeremy BowlesMarjorie BowlesLeslie BowlesErin BowlesApril BowlesDarlene BowlesNathan BowlesPhilip BowlesCurtis BowlesCourtney BowlesLois BowlesEdna BowlesHerbert BowlesFrederick BowlesTravis BowlesJanice BowlesTamara BowlesJacob BowlesGloria BowlesBruce BowlesGladys BowlesTaylor BowlesEdwin BowlesIrene BowlesGrace BowlesEddie BowlesAdam BowlesThelma BowlesBradley BowlesMarilyn BowlesBillie BowlesBarry BowlesLauren BowlesFrancis BowlesHazel BowlesMarion BowlesBrent BowlesJuanita BowlesLewis BowlesDale BowlesShawn BowlesVanessa BowlesNorman BowlesChad BowlesGlenn BowlesEva BowlesTodd BowlesNicholas BowlesNorma BowlesRicky BowlesEleanor BowlesDarrell BowlesLeonard BowlesSuzanne BowlesEthel BowlesLucille BowlesFlorence BowlesRonnie BowlesRita BowlesLouis BowlesGeraldine BowlesAustin BowlesZachary BowlesMelvin BowlesFloyd BowlesPauline BowlesBertha BowlesRandall BowlesDustin BowlesRodney BowlesCody BowlesTyler BowlesKyle BowlesClara BowlesLeon BowlesCecil BowlesRandy BowlesClifford BowlesWesley BowlesLloyd BowlesNathaniel BowlesAlfred BowlesLester BowlesWarren BowlesCorey BowlesClyde BowlesNellie BowlesAlvin Bowles