Historical Information About The Last Name Boyer

The Boyer surname is one that is steeped in history. It is believed that the Boyer name is derived from the German word "bauer," which means "farmer." The Boyer surname first appeared in America in the early 1800s.There are many notable Boyers throughout history. One of the most famous is Richard Boyer, who was a soldier in the American Revolution. Another notable Boyer is Benjamin Boyer, who served as a Pennsylvania state representative and senator.

If you are interested in learning more about the Boyer surname, there are several resources available. One great source of information is the Boyer Family Association website. This website contains a wealth of information about the Boyer surname, including historical records and genealogy information.

If you are interested in carrying on the Boyer surname, there are several ways to do so. One option is to research your family tree and see if you can find any direct descendants of the original Boyer immigrants. Another option is to adopt the Boyer surname.

Whatever route you choose, the Boyer surname is sure to have a rich history that you can be proud to be a part of.

The Popularity Of Boyer As The Last Name

There are many interesting facts about the last name Boyer. For one, it is one of the most popular last names in the United States. In fact, it is the 9th most common surname in the country. Additionally, it is also one of the most popular last names in France.There are many theories about where the name Boyer comes from. One theory is that it is derived from the Old French word "bouyer", which means "cowherd". It is also possible that the name is derived from the German word "bauer", which means "farmer".

Whatever the origin of the name, there is no doubt that it is a popular one. If you are looking for a unique last name, Boyer may not be the best option, but it is definitely a name that you won't forget.

Naming Ideas With Boyer As The Last Name

If you're looking for unique baby name ideas, consider a name with Boyer as the last name. This surname is rarely used today, making it a perfect choice for your little one.There are many Boyer name options to choose from. For boys, there's Boyd, Bowman, and Brouwer. For girls, there's Boyd, Boyer, and Brouwer. Each of these names has a unique sound and feel.

If you're looking for a name that's both uncommon and stylish, a Boyer name is a great choice. So, if you're pregnant and looking for a name that will stand out, consider a Boyer name for your baby.

List of People with the Last Name Boyer

Dorothy BoyerSandra BoyerCarol BoyerGeorge BoyerLinda BoyerRichard BoyerA BoyerPatricia BoyerMichelle BoyerDonald BoyerBarbara BoyerPaul BoyerCharles BoyerSarah BoyerMelissa BoyerElizabeth BoyerMargaret BoyerJames BoyerThomas BoyerMary BoyerBetty BoyerSusan BoyerD BoyerM BoyerMatthew BoyerDavid BoyerJeffrey BoyerDeborah BoyerKaren BoyerEdward BoyerSteven BoyerMark BoyerChristopher BoyerWilliam BoyerDaniel BoyerJohn BoyerKenneth BoyerChris BoyerMichael BoyerLisa BoyerDonna BoyerKimberly BoyerRonald BoyerAmy BoyerR BoyerJoseph BoyerJ BoyerBrian BoyerRobert BoyerJennifer BoyerNancy BoyerRebecca BoyerScott BoyerHelen BoyerKevin BoyerSharon BoyerJessica BoyerCynthia BoyerSteve BoyerGary BoyerBill BoyerLaura BoyerRuth BoyerKathleen BoyerJeff BoyerJason BoyerAnna BoyerAngela BoyerKelly BoyerKim BoyerAmanda BoyerCatherine BoyerPamela BoyerFrank BoyerStephanie BoyerMarie BoyerLarry BoyerDebra BoyerCheryl BoyerTimothy BoyerTerry BoyerChristine BoyerJulie BoyerHeather BoyerRaymond BoyerJean BoyerLawrence BoyerStephen BoyerHarold BoyerKathy BoyerDiane BoyerAndrew BoyerAshley BoyerChristina BoyerCindy BoyerNicole BoyerJoshua BoyerHarry BoyerCarl BoyerShirley BoyerEric BoyerKatherine BoyerDon BoyerJanet BoyerBrenda BoyerAnn BoyerJack BoyerVirginia BoyerRobin BoyerTammy BoyerGregory BoyerJoe BoyerKeith BoyerDouglas BoyerBrandon BoyerRalph BoyerTeresa BoyerGerald BoyerDennis BoyerDenise BoyerJoan BoyerRachel BoyerJoyce BoyerJudy BoyerLori BoyerWalter BoyerJudith BoyerMartha BoyerRyan BoyerAlice BoyerEmily BoyerTracy BoyerTheresa BoyerBeth BoyerJamie BoyerFrances BoyerBruce BoyerJane BoyerHoward BoyerDoris BoyerJustin BoyerKathryn BoyerSara BoyerMildred BoyerAnthony BoyerBonnie BoyerBeverly BoyerTina BoyerSamuel BoyerCarolyn BoyerConnie BoyerDawn BoyerJerry BoyerDale BoyerFrancis BoyerMichele BoyerJanice BoyerAndrea BoyerClarence BoyerRose BoyerRussell BoyerRoger BoyerBrad BoyerCathy BoyerJonathan BoyerLynn BoyerShannon BoyerArthur BoyerPatrick BoyerPhilip BoyerSuzanne BoyerEarl BoyerCrystal BoyerJacob BoyerVictoria BoyerTodd BoyerJacqueline BoyerMegan BoyerAmber BoyerNicholas BoyerHolly BoyerBrittany BoyerEdna BoyerPeter BoyerGrace BoyerBradley BoyerRoy BoyerWayne BoyerBenjamin BoyerLois BoyerSamantha BoyerAnne BoyerAaron BoyerFred BoyerWendy BoyerDiana BoyerCarrie BoyerJoanne BoyerMaria BoyerAlan BoyerEvelyn BoyerCraig BoyerNathan BoyerRay BoyerRita BoyerEllen BoyerAllen BoyerLee BoyerTiffany BoyerFlorence BoyerLeslie BoyerIrene BoyerBryan BoyerAdam BoyerSherry BoyerKyle BoyerLouise BoyerRandy BoyerGloria BoyerKatie BoyerGlenn BoyerAlbert BoyerHenry BoyerStacey BoyerEugene BoyerMarilyn BoyerGail BoyerDanielle BoyerEsther BoyerPaula BoyerSheila BoyerMarjorie BoyerShawn BoyerPhyllis BoyerElaine BoyerZachary BoyerGladys BoyerMarion BoyerJulia BoyerLeonard BoyerDana BoyerJeremy BoyerLillian BoyerLaurie BoyerPeggy BoyerEmma BoyerPhillip BoyerJon BoyerEdith BoyerLauren BoyerBarry BoyerDarlene BoyerJesse BoyerJune BoyerErnest BoyerBrooke BoyerDean BoyerTyler BoyerEthel BoyerSean BoyerSally BoyerCharlotte BoyerWanda BoyerBertha BoyerEdwin BoyerClara BoyerBrett BoyerChad BoyerNorma BoyerLucille BoyerNorman BoyerJay BoyerFloyd BoyerEleanor BoyerRodney BoyerTheodore BoyerStanley BoyerAlexander BoyerMartin BoyerLouis BoyerRuby BoyerElsie BoyerClifford BoyerPauline BoyerEva BoyerThelma BoyerBernard BoyerBernice BoyerBrent BoyerJosephine BoyerLloyd BoyerTravis BoyerMarvin BoyerJordan BoyerGertrude BoyerMelvin BoyerBeatrice BoyerLester BoyerClyde BoyerHerbert Boyer