How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Brandt?

There are approximately 7,500 people in the US with the last name Brandt. This name is derived from the Old German word "brand," meaning "sword." The first known use of the name was in the 12th century.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Brandt?

There are a few states in the US with a larger population of people with the last name Brandt than others. But which one has the largest population?Brandt is a German surname that is particularly common in the state of North Dakota. According to the 2010 Census, North Dakota has the largest population of people with the last name Brandt. There are over 4,600 people in the state with the last name Brandt.

Wisconsin is in second place with a population of over 3,400 people with the last name Brandt. Minnesota is in third place with a population of over 2,700 people with the last name Brandt.

So, if you are looking for a state with the largest population of people with the last name Brandt, North Dakota is the place to go!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Brandt?

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider one of the more uncommon names with the last name Brandt. Here are a few of our favorites:1. Aiden

2. Artie

3. Harper

4. Justice

5. Knox

6. Max

7. Sawyer

8. Stella

9. Westley

10. Wynn

Do you have a favorite name that we didn't include on our list? Let us know in the comments!

List of People with the Last Name Brandt

John BrandtDavid BrandtPatricia BrandtSusan BrandtJames BrandtMary BrandtKaren BrandtThomas BrandtDonald BrandtElizabeth BrandtS BrandtRobert BrandtCharles BrandtRichard BrandtBarbara BrandtJ BrandtA BrandtJennifer BrandtWilliam BrandtMichael BrandtLinda BrandtPaul BrandtGeorge BrandtLisa BrandtChris BrandtJoseph BrandtK BrandtSteven BrandtEdward BrandtChristopher BrandtMargaret BrandtMark BrandtDaniel BrandtCarol BrandtKenneth BrandtJeffrey BrandtE BrandtAmy BrandtHenry BrandtDorothy BrandtHelen BrandtMichelle BrandtLaura BrandtDeborah BrandtJessica BrandtGary BrandtFred BrandtSarah BrandtRonald BrandtNancy BrandtCynthia BrandtRuth BrandtJason BrandtKimberly BrandtJulie BrandtCarl BrandtKathleen BrandtMatthew BrandtScott BrandtAnna BrandtDonna BrandtSandra BrandtWalter BrandtTimothy BrandtMelissa BrandtAmanda BrandtRebecca BrandtEric BrandtSteve BrandtMike BrandtJeff BrandtDiane BrandtStephanie BrandtChristine BrandtKevin BrandtKatherine BrandtAndrew BrandtBetty BrandtCheryl BrandtBill BrandtDebra BrandtHeather BrandtSharon BrandtAnn BrandtKim BrandtKathy BrandtJean BrandtRaymond BrandtBrian BrandtKelly BrandtMarie BrandtCatherine BrandtNicole BrandtKathryn BrandtAngela BrandtHarold BrandtRyan BrandtPamela BrandtJudith BrandtStephen BrandtLarry BrandtDouglas BrandtPeter BrandtFrederick BrandtCindy BrandtHarry BrandtLori BrandtShirley BrandtJoan BrandtJanet BrandtFrank BrandtGregory BrandtJerry BrandtBrenda BrandtJack BrandtArthur BrandtChristina BrandtEmily BrandtVirginia BrandtAshley BrandtJoshua BrandtGerald BrandtAnne BrandtJane BrandtLawrence BrandtRose BrandtJoyce BrandtJustin BrandtRachel BrandtJanice BrandtBenjamin BrandtCarolyn BrandtDennis BrandtTeresa BrandtJudy BrandtMartha BrandtMaria BrandtTheresa BrandtAdam BrandtAlice BrandtAlbert BrandtTammy BrandtKatie BrandtJacob BrandtNicholas BrandtMarilyn BrandtJonathan BrandtLee BrandtFrances BrandtBeverly BrandtTracy BrandtTerry BrandtMegan BrandtAndrea BrandtJamie BrandtLynn BrandtDawn BrandtDiana BrandtLauren BrandtConnie BrandtRoger BrandtFlorence BrandtWayne BrandtDale BrandtGrace BrandtBonnie BrandtRobin BrandtMarvin BrandtJill BrandtRalph BrandtRussell BrandtAnthony BrandtSamantha BrandtWendy BrandtTyler BrandtNathan BrandtLouis BrandtJeremy BrandtDenise BrandtEvelyn BrandtDoris BrandtJoanne BrandtHerbert BrandtLeslie BrandtSara BrandtLaurie BrandtPaula BrandtShannon BrandtIrene BrandtTodd BrandtVictoria BrandtLouise BrandtAmber BrandtMartin BrandtTina BrandtKeith BrandtLois BrandtKarl BrandtPatrick BrandtAlan BrandtBruce BrandtJay BrandtEllen BrandtEugene BrandtErin BrandtEsther BrandtSamuel BrandtAllen BrandtJon BrandtRandy BrandtEmma BrandtRay BrandtSuzanne BrandtJacqueline BrandtJulia BrandtAaron BrandtCraig BrandtLillian BrandtCarrie BrandtGail BrandtAlfred BrandtKristin BrandtMichele BrandtPhilip BrandtBarry BrandtGloria BrandtEthel BrandtPhyllis BrandtEleanor BrandtRoy BrandtDarlene BrandtAlex BrandtElaine BrandtSusanne BrandtRenee BrandtHoward BrandtEdna BrandtRita BrandtLeonard BrandtHerman BrandtTaylor BrandtTiffany BrandtBrittany BrandtZachary BrandtKyle BrandtClara BrandtPauline BrandtApril BrandtRhonda BrandtAlexander BrandtCharlotte BrandtNorma BrandtLloyd BrandtGertrude BrandtCaroline BrandtHolly BrandtEdith BrandtClarence BrandtMarion BrandtTravis BrandtJordan BrandtMabel BrandtEdwin BrandtAnnette BrandtLester BrandtChristian BrandtNorman BrandtDean BrandtMelvin BrandtErnest BrandtMarjorie BrandtLorraine BrandtBertha BrandtLeroy BrandtShawn BrandtLucille BrandtOtto BrandtBradley BrandtJoel BrandtHannah BrandtMarlene BrandtEva BrandtBernard BrandtClifford BrandtVernon BrandtLeo BrandtEarl BrandtSylvia BrandtArnold BrandtRoland BrandtElmer BrandtChad BrandtThelma BrandtElsie BrandtHazel BrandtDerek BrandtTheodore BrandtTroy BrandtWarren BrandtAgnes Brandt