What Is The History Of The Last Name Briggs?

When it comes to family surnames, there are many out there that are common. But there are also some that are quite unique. The last name Briggs is one of those unique surnames. So where did it come from? And what is the history behind it?The Briggs surname is believed to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word brigg, which means bridge. There was a town in England called Brigge, which is where the name is thought to have come from. The first person to be documented with the last name Briggs was a man named Geoffrey Briggs, who lived in the 1300s.

The Briggs family tree is quite extensive. Some of the most notable members include actor Tyrone Power, singer Patsy Cline, and baseball player Ted Williams. There have also been a number of prominent politicians with the last name Briggs, including two governors of Massachusetts.

So what is the history of the Briggs surname? It is believed to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word brigg, which means bridge. The first person to be documented with the last name Briggs was a man named Geoffrey Briggs, who lived in the 1300s. The Briggs family tree is quite extensive, and includes a number of notable members.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Briggs?

Yes, there are quite a few famous people in history with the last name Briggs. For example, there is Briggs Cunningham, who was a successful American race car driver and entrepreneur. Then there is Briggs Warner, who was a powerful figure in the early days of the American auto industry. Finally, there is Briggs Henery, who was a highly decorated soldier in the American Civil War.

Where Does The Last Name Briggs Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Briggs is the 78th most common surname in the United States, according to recent estimates. So, what puts this name in the top 100 most popular names? And how does it compare to other common surnames in the US?Briggs is a common English name that is derived from the word "bridge." The name is thought to have originated in the East Midlands region of England. It was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Briggs is a less common surname in the United States than some of the other top 100 surnames. For example, Smith is the most common surname in the US, and Johnson is the second most common.

But why is the name Briggs so common in some parts of the country and not others?

One possible explanation is that the name Briggs is more common in states that were once part of the English colonies. For example, the name Briggs ranks in the top 10 most common surnames in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. But the name is much less common in states that were never part of the English colonies, such as Louisiana and Arizona.

So, if you're looking for a unique name, Briggs may not be the best choice. But if you're looking for a name that is common in many parts of the US, Briggs is a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Briggs

Edward BriggsPatricia BriggsCynthia BriggsBetty BriggsSharon BriggsJeffrey BriggsNancy BriggsRobert BriggsKaren BriggsMary BriggsCarol BriggsLaura BriggsRichard BriggsDorothy BriggsDeborah BriggsGeorge BriggsJoseph BriggsGary BriggsElizabeth BriggsJessica BriggsJames BriggsDonald BriggsLarry BriggsR BriggsLinda BriggsSandra BriggsBarbara BriggsJohn BriggsKenneth BriggsDaniel BriggsCharles BriggsPaul BriggsThomas BriggsMichael BriggsSarah BriggsMargaret BriggsG BriggsDonna BriggsC BriggsMark BriggsJ BriggsChristopher BriggsRebecca BriggsRuth BriggsMichelle BriggsWilliam BriggsLisa BriggsBrian BriggsChris BriggsM BriggsSteven BriggsAmanda BriggsDavid BriggsScott BriggsAngela BriggsRonald BriggsKimberly BriggsSusan BriggsJennifer BriggsJason BriggsAmy BriggsLawrence BriggsHelen BriggsRaymond BriggsKevin BriggsTimothy BriggsMatthew BriggsPamela BriggsJeff BriggsAnn BriggsAnthony BriggsDebra BriggsFrank BriggsHeather BriggsBrenda BriggsStephen BriggsStephanie BriggsKathleen BriggsAshley BriggsTerry BriggsKim BriggsShirley BriggsMelissa BriggsSteve BriggsJack BriggsCatherine BriggsDiane BriggsCarolyn BriggsChristine BriggsMike BriggsKathy BriggsKatherine BriggsWalter BriggsAndrew BriggsVirginia BriggsJoshua BriggsJacqueline BriggsJulie BriggsHarold BriggsRobin BriggsNicole BriggsEric BriggsTeresa BriggsChristina BriggsDon BriggsDenise BriggsJanet BriggsAnna BriggsMarie BriggsKelly BriggsLori BriggsCheryl BriggsFrances BriggsDouglas BriggsJoe BriggsCindy BriggsJeffery BriggsJerry BriggsAlice BriggsKathryn BriggsTammy BriggsJonathan BriggsFred BriggsWillie BriggsHarry BriggsJanice BriggsCarl BriggsJudith BriggsHenry BriggsJoyce BriggsJean BriggsRachel BriggsJoan BriggsArthur BriggsMartha BriggsJackie BriggsJustin BriggsEmily BriggsTheresa BriggsRoger BriggsRalph BriggsVictoria BriggsBrandon BriggsTiffany BriggsRyan BriggsJudy BriggsDawn BriggsAnne BriggsBeverly BriggsPeter BriggsGloria BriggsSara BriggsGerald BriggsJamie BriggsBenjamin BriggsShannon BriggsGregory BriggsDoris BriggsRoy BriggsShawn BriggsRussell BriggsLeslie BriggsLee BriggsAndrea BriggsTracy BriggsKeith BriggsTina BriggsBonnie BriggsMarilyn BriggsSherry BriggsDennis BriggsMildred BriggsJeremy BriggsWayne BriggsDale BriggsAlbert BriggsJane BriggsLaurie BriggsEarl BriggsRose BriggsEvelyn BriggsPatrick BriggsAllen BriggsSamantha BriggsAaron BriggsWendy BriggsCrystal BriggsPaula BriggsHoward BriggsMegan BriggsBruce BriggsErnest BriggsMarion BriggsConnie BriggsSamuel BriggsAnnie BriggsMaria BriggsClarence BriggsIrene BriggsJulia BriggsEllen BriggsCarrie BriggsAlan BriggsLynn BriggsFlorence BriggsRhonda BriggsAmber BriggsNorman BriggsTyler BriggsBrittany BriggsRay BriggsBobby BriggsPhillip BriggsPeggy BriggsAdam BriggsKatie BriggsRandy BriggsBilly BriggsElaine BriggsNicholas BriggsLouise BriggsCharlotte BriggsApril BriggsPhyllis BriggsDana BriggsMichele BriggsGlenn BriggsJacob BriggsLauren BriggsEthel BriggsLloyd BriggsDanielle BriggsPhilip BriggsGladys BriggsEugene BriggsLois BriggsRodney BriggsLillian BriggsEdith BriggsWarren BriggsGrace BriggsFrancis BriggsValerie BriggsNathan BriggsFrederick BriggsErin BriggsEdna BriggsBryan BriggsRuby BriggsCurtis BriggsTaylor BriggsWanda BriggsMarjorie BriggsKyle BriggsHazel BriggsNorma BriggsDanny BriggsTony BriggsEmma BriggsGail BriggsRandall BriggsZachary BriggsClifford BriggsChad BriggsBradley BriggsEddie BriggsGordon BriggsEleanor BriggsLucille BriggsSean BriggsFloyd BriggsTravis BriggsJesse BriggsLeonard BriggsBarry BriggsAnita BriggsRita BriggsHerbert BriggsCraig BriggsAudrey BriggsTheodore BriggsBeatrice BriggsDean BriggsGeraldine BriggsClara BriggsMelvin BriggsElla BriggsTroy BriggsEsther BriggsErrol BriggsMabel BriggsMarvin BriggsEva BriggsThelma BriggsStanley BriggsBertha BriggsLouis BriggsGertrude BriggsLeroy BriggsClyde Briggs