What Is The History Of The Last Name Broussard?

The name Broussard is derived from the French surname Broussart. The Broussard family first settled in Acadia in the 1600s. Today, there are approximately 9,000 people in the United States with the last name Broussard.The Broussard family has a long and distinguished history. Renowned historian Michel Broussard has written extensively about the family and their contributions to Acadia and Louisiana. One of the most famous Broussards was Major Jean Baptiste Broussard, who fought in the American Revolution.

The Broussard name has been spelled a variety of ways over the years, including Broussard, Brosard, Brussard, and Browssard. The family crest features a lion holding a sword and a shield.

If you are interested in learning more about the Broussard family, there are a number of books and websites that you can explore. The Broussard Genealogy website is a great resource for information about the family's history.

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Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Broussard?

There are definitely a few famous people in history with the last name Broussard. For example, there is Paul Broussard, who was a victim of a hate crime in Louisiana in the early 1990s. There is also Maurice Broussard, who was a Louisiana politician and judge. Finally, there is singer and actress Cécile Broussard. All of these people have made significant contributions to society and have helped to shape history.

Where Does The Last Name Broussard Rank In The Most Common US Names?

If you're looking for a common last name in the United States, you might want to try Broussard. According to recent data from the Social Security Administration, Broussard ranks as the 281st most common last name in the country.Broussard is a French name that is derived from the word "brousse," which means "thicket." The name was brought over to the United States by French settlers in the early 1800s.

There are a number of famous Broussards, including the singer Aaron Broussard and the basketball coach Avery Johnson.

If you're looking for someone with the last name Broussard, you might want to try searching for someone with the first name Aaron. According to the SSA, there are approximately 9,000 people in the United States with the last name Broussard.

List of People with the Last Name Broussard

Mary BroussardM BroussardJohn BroussardD BroussardJoseph BroussardJames BroussardMichael BroussardJ BroussardRobert BroussardDavid BroussardA BroussardPaul BroussardR BroussardCharles BroussardMichelle BroussardChris BroussardPatricia BroussardRonald BroussardChristopher BroussardB BroussardMarie BroussardJennifer BroussardLisa BroussardDonald BroussardRichard BroussardSusan BroussardElizabeth BroussardMark BroussardBarbara BroussardE BroussardSandra BroussardBetty BroussardBrian BroussardLinda BroussardWilliam BroussardAnthony BroussardKenneth BroussardKaren BroussardDaniel BroussardLaura BroussardBrenda BroussardLarry BroussardCynthia BroussardG BroussardAshley BroussardKevin BroussardJessica BroussardAngela BroussardEdward BroussardMelissa BroussardSteven BroussardShirley BroussardAnna BroussardJoe BroussardDeborah BroussardMargaret BroussardKim BroussardGerald BroussardLawrence BroussardDorothy BroussardJason BroussardPamela BroussardDebra BroussardTheresa BroussardNicole BroussardAmy BroussardCheryl BroussardGeorge BroussardRebecca BroussardSharon BroussardLouis BroussardDonna BroussardKatherine BroussardCarolyn BroussardTiffany BroussardKimberly BroussardRose BroussardBrandon BroussardRachel BroussardThomas BroussardCarol BroussardStephanie BroussardJamie BroussardKelly BroussardJudy BroussardHenry BroussardRaymond BroussardDenise BroussardStephen BroussardMatthew BroussardSarah BroussardCatherine BroussardAnn BroussardAlvin BroussardScott BroussardTerry BroussardChristine BroussardTammy BroussardAmanda BroussardKeith BroussardGregory BroussardAndrea BroussardHarold BroussardKathy BroussardCrystal BroussardJoshua BroussardFrancis BroussardPatrick BroussardEric BroussardDanielle BroussardWillie BroussardDiane BroussardChad BroussardTina BroussardJoyce BroussardJacqueline BroussardSidney BroussardShannon BroussardBryan BroussardGloria BroussardHelen BroussardJulie BroussardJanet BroussardLauren BroussardJeremy BroussardChristina BroussardClarence BroussardRhonda BroussardBruce BroussardPaula BroussardDana BroussardAndrew BroussardLee BroussardSheila BroussardAndre BroussardRyan BroussardLori BroussardRita BroussardConnie BroussardFrank BroussardJane BroussardDiana BroussardJerry BroussardJonathan BroussardBrittany BroussardJeffrey BroussardJoann BroussardTimothy BroussardAlice BroussardCharlotte BroussardMartha BroussardAaron BroussardJulia BroussardJanice BroussardMarcus BroussardKathleen BroussardRay BroussardRoy BroussardAlbert BroussardStacy BroussardJustin BroussardVirginia BroussardHeather BroussardTracy BroussardAlicia BroussardEvelyn BroussardMonique BroussardVictoria BroussardEmily BroussardCarl BroussardRussell BroussardDoris BroussardPeter BroussardApril BroussardJeffery BroussardMelanie BroussardAdam BroussardSherry BroussardDawn BroussardLeroy BroussardTroy BroussardNicholas BroussardBeverly BroussardJoan BroussardRene BroussardJohnny BroussardGlenn BroussardRandy BroussardWalter BroussardMonica BroussardErnest BroussardJacob BroussardAnne BroussardAllen BroussardMegan BroussardChristian BroussardArthur BroussardFrances BroussardBrandi BroussardKathryn BroussardPhillip BroussardLeslie BroussardEddie BroussardNancy BroussardHoward BroussardJessie BroussardGail BroussardRicky BroussardAnita BroussardGary BroussardAmber BroussardRobin BroussardDarlene BroussardRandall BroussardNorma BroussardRodney BroussardCody BroussardJeanne BroussardWayne BroussardEdwin BroussardJean BroussardSuzanne BroussardTaylor BroussardCalvin BroussardCourtney BroussardBonnie BroussardElla BroussardCraig BroussardEva BroussardWanda BroussardTravis BroussardHilda BroussardGladys BroussardIrene BroussardTommy BroussardElaine BroussardShawn BroussardYvonne BroussardNathan BroussardAudrey BroussardGrace BroussardAnnie BroussardLouise BroussardDennis BroussardEugene BroussardClifford BroussardTyler BroussardLillian BroussardPhilip BroussardEarl BroussardRuth BroussardTodd BroussardKyle BroussardWilfred BroussardMorris BroussardPhyllis BroussardAlex BroussardValerie BroussardAlton BroussardShane BroussardIda BroussardRoland BroussardLeonard BroussardMildred BroussardBrett BroussardBrent BroussardHerbert BroussardFlorence BroussardLucille BroussardWhitney BroussardAgnes BroussardLeon BroussardLloyd BroussardEdna BroussardMelvin BroussardBradley BroussardBenjamin BroussardDarrell BroussardAlexis BroussardClifton BroussardRuby BroussardPreston BroussardEmma BroussardJuanita BroussardHarry BroussardIsaac BroussardJordan BroussardThelma BroussardCurtis BroussardClaude BroussardCorey BroussardLance BroussardJared BroussardBernice BroussardHazel BroussardNolan BroussardByron BroussardAntoine BroussardDustin BroussardStanley Broussard