What Is The History Of The Last Name Bruce?

When researching the history of the last name Bruce, it's important to first look at the origins of the name. The name Bruce is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Norman French name Bruse. The name Bruse is in turn derived from the Old Frankish personal name Bruno.The first recorded use of the name Bruce was in the 13th century, when one Robert de Brus was mentioned in a document from the county of Fife in Scotland. Robert de Brus was a descendant of a Norman knight who had settled in Scotland after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

The name Bruce eventually became associated with the royal family of Scotland. One of the most famous members of the royal family of Scotland was Robert the Bruce, who was king of Scotland from 1306 to 1329. Robert the Bruce was a famous warrior and leader who fought for Scottish independence from England.

The name Bruce is still common in Scotland today, and is also used in other parts of the world, including the United States. If you are interested in researching the history of your last name, the best place to start is with the origins of the name.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Bruce?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Bruce, including Robert the Bruce, King of Scots and James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin and 11th Earl of Kincardine. Robert the Bruce was famous for his victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, while James Bruce was well known for his exploration and excavation of ancient Egyptian temples and monuments.

Where Does The Last Name Bruce Rank In The Most Common US Names?

This is a question that many people are probably curious about. According to the Social Security Administration, the last name Bruce is the 157th most common US name. This means that out of the over 500,000 last names that are in use in the US, Bruce is in the top third. This is not too surprising, as it is a fairly common name.There are a number of famous people who have the last name Bruce. Some of these people include singer Robert Bruce, actor Bruce Boxleitner, and hockey player Bruce Boudreau. There are also a number of other notable people who have this name.

If you are interested in finding out more about the most common US names, the Social Security Administration has a website where you can look up this information. You can also find out other interesting facts about US names on this website.

List of People with the Last Name Bruce

Charles BruceJames BruceRobert BruceM BruceBarbara BruceA BruceCynthia BruceJ BruceW BruceGeorge BruceDavid BruceDeborah BruceR BruceBetty BruceWilliam BruceSandra BruceD BruceSteven BruceDorothy BruceMary BrucePatricia BruceCarol BruceAmanda BruceNancy BruceB BruceE BruceRonald BruceJennifer BruceJoseph BruceEdward BruceMichelle BruceMichael BruceKaren BruceJohn BruceElizabeth BruceMargaret BruceS BruceThomas BruceLinda BruceSarah BruceDonald BruceKenneth BruceDonna BruceSusan BruceChris BruceDaniel BruceScott BruceRichard BruceKimberly BruceL BruceAngela BruceChristopher BruceC BruceLisa BruceLarry BruceKevin BruceSharon BrucePaul BruceRebecca BruceSteve BruceJessica BruceGary BruceMelissa BruceMark BruceJeffrey BruceBrian BruceKathleen BruceLaura BruceTimothy BruceMatthew BruceJason BruceHeather BruceAmy BrucePamela BruceHelen BruceH BruceDebra BruceBill BruceDouglas BruceAshley BruceKatherine BruceStephen BruceBrenda BruceTerry BruceKelly BruceCarolyn BruceCatherine BruceAnthony BruceKim BruceRuth BruceChristine BruceStephanie BruceGregory BruceEric BruceJeff BruceKathy BruceShirley BruceAnn BruceAndrew BruceLawrence BruceJerry BruceTeresa BruceCindy BruceFrank BruceMarie BruceDiane BruceAnna BruceRaymond BruceTammy BruceNicole BruceJulie BruceChristina BruceJack BruceVirginia BruceCarl BruceJoshua BruceJean BruceJanet BruceJoyce BruceRoy BruceJoe BruceFrances BruceJudy BruceTracy BruceHarold BruceJanice BruceJacqueline BruceCheryl BruceDon BruceWayne BruceJim BruceRobin BruceSamuel BruceDawn BruceShannon BruceBilly BruceLori BruceWalter BruceMartha BruceJamie BruceAlice BruceTina BruceLeslie BruceWillie BruceRyan BruceRachel BruceLee BruceJoan BruceJonathan BruceBrandon BruceJudith BruceCrystal BruceKeith BruceVictoria BruceBonnie BruceBenjamin BruceArthur BruceAnne BruceEmily BruceAllen BruceJane BruceBeverly BruceHarry BruceTiffany BruceDennis BruceRoger BruceJustin BruceKathryn BruceDenise BruceBobby BruceGerald BrucePatrick BruceJackie BruceSheila BruceHenry BruceAndrea BruceTheresa BruceGloria BruceMildred BruceSara BruceAmber BruceRandy BruceBrittany BruceSamantha BruceMarilyn BruceMegan BruceLouise BruceEvelyn BruceRalph BruceDoris BruceCarrie BruceRhonda BruceRose BrucePaula BruceEarl BrucePhyllis BrucePeggy BrucePhillip BruceRussell BruceSherry BruceFred BruceNicholas BruceRay BruceAlan BruceLynn BruceMaria BruceAaron BruceEdna BruceJeremy BruceConnie BruceHoward BruceGail BruceLois BruceClarence BruceJesse BruceAnnie BruceValerie BruceWanda BruceApril BruceTonya BruceShawn BruceDiana BruceDana BruceBryan BruceJulia BruceCharlotte BruceLauren BruceJohnny BruceDanny BruceAlexander BruceNorma BruceJessie BruceAdam BruceSean BruceBarry BruceMarjorie BruceAlbert BruceJimmy BruceTodd BruceRandall BruceFlorence BruceAnita BruceRuby BruceGrace BruceErin BruceHazel BruceIrene BruceCourtney BruceEugene BruceEmma BruceLucille BruceNorman BruceNathan BruceJacob BruceMarion BruceDale BruceClara BruceLillian BruceChad BruceTyler BruceGordon BruceEthel BruceEllen BruceEdith BruceRonnie BruceRoberta BruceSylvia BruceRita BruceDarrell BruceTommy BruceCraig BruceTaylor BruceTravis BruceHerbert BrucePauline BruceErnest BruceCurtis BruceStanley BrucePeter BruceThelma BruceCalvin BruceLouis BruceKyle BruceGlenn BruceIan BruceWallace BruceShane BruceJordan BruceJuanita BruceZachary BruceTroy BruceRodney BruceLloyd BruceLeonard BruceElsie BruceMarvin BruceNathaniel BruceVictor BruceAustin BruceMelvin Bruce