Historical Information About The Last Name Bui

The surname “Bui” is derived from the Vietnamese word “bùi”, which means to rise up. The Bui surname is consequently associated with strength, power and resilience.The Bui surname can be found all over the world, with the majority of people bearing this name living in Vietnam. However, there are also significant populations of Bui in the United States, Australia and Canada.

According to historical records, the Bui surname can be traced back to the late 10th century. The first person to bear the name was a man named Bui Ngoc Uyen, who was born in the province of Nam Dinh in Vietnam.

Today, the Bui surname is considered to be one of the most prestigious surnames in Vietnam. Many people with the Bui surname are highly educated and successful professionals.

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The Popularity Of Bui As The Last Name

There are many people in the world who have the last name of Bui. In fact, it is one of the most popular last names in the world. This is because it is a common Vietnamese name. There are many different spellings of the name, but the most popular is Bui.There are many different reasons why the name is so popular. One reason is that it is a very old name. It can be traced back to the 10th century AD. This makes it one of the oldest last names in the world. This is because it is derived from the Vietnamese word “by”, which means “two”.

Another reason why the name is so popular is because it is very unique. There are not many last names that are derived from Vietnamese words. This makes the name stand out from the rest.

Lastly, the name is popular because it is very versatile. It can be used for both males and females. This is a rarity, as many last names are specific to one gender.

Overall, there are many different reasons why the name Bui is so popular. It is an old name that is unique to the Vietnamese culture. It is also versatile, which makes it popular among all genders.

Naming Ideas With Bui As The Last Name

When it comes to naming your child, you want to choose something that they will love and that will be with them for the rest of their life. If you are looking for something unique, why not consider a name with Bui as the last name?There are many different names that would fit well with Bui as the last name. Some examples include Bui, Boi, Boy, or Buoy. All of these names are unique and sure to stand out.

If you are looking for a name that is a little more traditional, try Bui as the last name. This name has a strong Vietnamese heritage and is sure to be unique. It is also gender-neutral, so it can be used for either a boy or a girl.

No matter what name you choose, be sure to have the Bui name at the end to make it truly unique. With this name, your child will always stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Bui

Huong BuiAnh BuiHung BuiDung BuiThi BuiThuy BuiLan BuiVan BuiKim BuiHong BuiMinh BuiTuan BuiHoa BuiPhuong BuiThu BuiNgoc BuiThao BuiMai BuiTrang BuiThanh BuiTam BuiHoang BuiQuang BuiT BuiLinh BuiKhanh BuiHai BuiMy BuiHien BuiHanh BuiTuyet BuiJohn BuiLoan BuiXuan BuiHa BuiHang BuiChau BuiDuc BuiDavid BuiTien BuiTu BuiNga BuiVinh BuiTrung BuiYen BuiHuy BuiLong BuiTrinh BuiTan BuiMichael BuiTony BuiSon BuiLien BuiNam BuiAn BuiKevin BuiChi BuiTuyen BuiHieu BuiTram BuiNguyen BuiVu BuiCuong BuiBinh BuiJennifer BuiThien BuiAnthony BuiNhan BuiHuyen BuiPhong BuiLe BuiThang BuiThomas BuiDuy BuiThai BuiQuoc BuiBich BuiJames BuiLoc BuiAnn BuiUyen BuiBao BuiDinh BuiOanh BuiThuan BuiH BuiQuynh BuiQuyen BuiQuan BuiPeter BuiNghia BuiPhuc BuiHue BuiMichelle BuiTri BuiTung BuiTina BuiLam BuiDan BuiLinda BuiViet BuiDat BuiToan BuiHiep BuiNhung BuiPhu BuiAndy BuiTran BuiThinh BuiNancy BuiMary BuiBrian BuiTruc BuiPhuoc BuiSteven BuiTuong BuiKhoa BuiNguyet BuiTruong BuiDiem BuiChristine BuiCam BuiTai BuiSang BuiCindy BuiHenry BuiAndrew BuiTho BuiJoseph BuiDao BuiTiffany BuiNgan BuiQuy BuiTom BuiThong BuiDanny BuiDang BuiDiep BuiJenny BuiThuong BuiLy BuiLisa BuiL BuiVy BuiHan BuiNhu BuiAmy BuiTheresa BuiTommy BuiChristina BuiRichard BuiJohnny BuiKimberly BuiN BuiNhi BuiDaniel BuiKathy BuiJulie BuiJimmy BuiTammy BuiBach BuiDuong BuiHao BuiTrong BuiDuyen BuiLiem BuiTin BuiChuong BuiTinh BuiChinh BuiCuc BuiDong BuiKhai BuiKieu BuiAnna BuiPhung BuiHuu BuiVivian BuiDanh BuiChristopher BuiCong BuiGiang BuiDoan BuiHoan BuiThoa BuiHelen BuiTim BuiDiana BuiLuan BuiAnnie BuiPhi BuiThuc BuiAlex BuiPhoung BuiMaria BuiJessica BuiPaul BuiElizabeth BuiKhoi BuiSteve BuiDon BuiHau BuiDai BuiTracy BuiLynn BuiVincent BuiThe BuiLoi BuiPhat BuiNhat BuiNghi BuiManh BuiBang BuiKelly BuiVien BuiDien BuiThy BuiMike BuiLuong BuiKenny BuiAmanda BuiTimothy BuiLily BuiBrandon BuiBe BuiLieu BuiSuong BuiJonathan BuiHuan BuiStephanie BuiDieu BuiBa BuiCatherine BuiLee BuiWilliam BuiHoai BuiKhang BuiAngela BuiCanh BuiJason BuiMan BuiKhiem BuiDiane BuiKiet BuiTo BuiCathy BuiTeresa BuiVictoria BuiThan BuiVuong BuiChanh BuiKy BuiHuynh BuiNina BuiHo BuiEmily BuiLai BuiJim BuiAlexander BuiGiao BuiDu BuiKhue BuiEric BuiLanh BuiSinh BuiTy BuiLang BuiCalvin BuiBill BuiChung BuiAi BuiDennis BuiJacqueline BuiAlan BuiUt BuiKaren BuiSandy BuiNinh BuiSam BuiVictor BuiMatthew BuiRyan BuiKenneth BuiXuyen BuiRobert BuiHop BuiSusan BuiChien BuiChieu BuiJustin BuiSau BuiTrieu BuiBilly BuiBryan BuiDonna BuiLap BuiSarah BuiTao BuiCan BuiNicholas Bui