What Is The History Of The Last Name Burger?

The last name Burger has a storied history that is intertwined with the American dream. The first Burger to come to America was named Johannes Burger, who arrived in 1685. Burger was a German immigrant who came to America seeking religious freedom. Burger was eventually able to purchase a large amount of land in Pennsylvania, and his descendants continued to live and prosper in America.The Burger name has become synonymous with the American dream, and many Burgers have achieved great success in a variety of fields. Some notable Burgers include baseball player Lou Burger, singer Tony Burger, and business magnate Howard Burger.

The Burger name has also been associated with tragedy. In 2004, a plane carrying the Burgers crashed, killing all on board. This devastating event shook the Burger family and the entire community.

Despite these tragedies, the Burger name remains a symbol of strength and resilience. The Burger family has overcome many challenges and continues to make a positive impact on the world.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Burger?

There are definitely a few famous people with the last name Burger! For example, there is Ed Burger, a well-known math educator, and John Burger, a bishop in the Episcopal Church. There are also a few celebrities with the last name Burger, such as Daniel Burger, a German actor, and Chris Burger, a South African rugby player.So why is there such a common name like Burger? It turns out that the name Burger is derived from the Old German word bero, meaning "bear." And, as you might have guessed, there are quite a few people with the last name Bear as well!

Interestingly, the Burger name was actually quite rare until the 1950s, when it started to become more popular. This might have something to do with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, who helped to popularize the hamburger.

So if you're ever in doubt about someone's last name, just ask them if they're related to Ray Kroc!

Where Does The Last Name Burger Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Where does the last name Burger rank in the most common US names?According to the Social Security Administration, the name Burger is not one of the most common US names. In fact, it is not even in the top 1000. So, if you are looking for a unique name for your child, Burger is a great choice!

List of People with the Last Name Burger

King BurgerJohn BurgerDavid BurgerRichard BurgerWilliam BurgerCharles BurgerMary BurgerMichael BurgerRobert BurgerJames BurgerJ BurgerM BurgerJoseph BurgerThomas BurgerC BurgerJennifer BurgerBarbara BurgerLinda BurgerPatricia BurgerElizabeth BurgerSusan BurgerPaul BurgerDonald BurgerL BurgerGeorge BurgerSteven BurgerB BurgerKenneth BurgerLisa BurgerCarol BurgerMargaret BurgerDaniel BurgerSteve BurgerFrank BurgerDeborah BurgerEdward BurgerMichelle BurgerA BurgerMark BurgerKaren BurgerChris BurgerChristopher BurgerSandra BurgerNancy BurgerKimberly BurgerMatthew BurgerDonna BurgerBetty BurgerJeffrey BurgerRonald BurgerSarah BurgerMelissa BurgerBrian BurgerHelen BurgerDorothy BurgerGary BurgerAndrew BurgerAmy BurgerScott BurgerPamela BurgerEric BurgerKathleen BurgerDebra BurgerStephen BurgerAnna BurgerJulie BurgerJeff BurgerRaymond BurgerDiane BurgerAnn BurgerJessica BurgerMarie BurgerLaura BurgerBill BurgerJason BurgerKelly BurgerCynthia BurgerJoe BurgerTimothy BurgerRuth BurgerFred BurgerAmanda BurgerAngela BurgerChristine BurgerLarry BurgerJerry BurgerKatherine BurgerJean BurgerVirginia BurgerLawrence BurgerSharon BurgerRebecca BurgerCatherine BurgerBrenda BurgerStephanie BurgerJanet BurgerLori BurgerShirley BurgerWalter BurgerCarl BurgerDan BurgerJudith BurgerTeresa BurgerJeffery BurgerHarry BurgerKathryn BurgerDon BurgerHeather BurgerRobin BurgerJoan BurgerMaria BurgerCindy BurgerTerry BurgerAnthony BurgerNicole BurgerRyan BurgerTheresa BurgerJane BurgerAlbert BurgerJudy BurgerTammy BurgerFrances BurgerPeter BurgerEmily BurgerGerald BurgerCarolyn BurgerJack BurgerJacob BurgerDawn BurgerRachel BurgerBeverly BurgerKevin BurgerMartha BurgerNicholas BurgerLouis BurgerJonathan BurgerFrederick BurgerAshley BurgerKathy BurgerRalph BurgerDiana BurgerCheryl BurgerRay BurgerAlice BurgerRose BurgerHenry BurgerEvelyn BurgerBruce BurgerAndrea BurgerRoy BurgerJustin BurgerMarilyn BurgerBeth BurgerArthur BurgerChristina BurgerGregory BurgerFrancis BurgerDenise BurgerJanice BurgerMichele BurgerJoshua BurgerDennis BurgerDouglas BurgerLeslie BurgerRandy BurgerBrandon BurgerWayne BurgerMartin BurgerMildred BurgerSue BurgerHarold BurgerEarl BurgerLouise BurgerSamantha BurgerDale BurgerVictoria BurgerTracy BurgerTina BurgerLee BurgerJacqueline BurgerCarrie BurgerMegan BurgerJamie BurgerAnne BurgerTodd BurgerJoann BurgerEugene BurgerJoanne BurgerBonnie BurgerShannon BurgerAaron BurgerDoris BurgerJoyce BurgerHoward BurgerPatrick BurgerPeggy BurgerLois BurgerConnie BurgerEmma BurgerSheila BurgerCraig BurgerRenee BurgerPhilip BurgerSuzanne BurgerJulia BurgerLauren BurgerKeith BurgerAmber BurgerBenjamin BurgerSara BurgerEdith BurgerSherry BurgerPhyllis BurgerRussell BurgerStacy BurgerPaula BurgerAdam BurgerNorman BurgerJill BurgerClarence BurgerSamuel BurgerJeremy BurgerMarjorie BurgerEllen BurgerGlenn BurgerGail BurgerTheodore BurgerMelvin BurgerGrace BurgerVicki BurgerIrene BurgerJon BurgerLillian BurgerRhonda BurgerErin BurgerKyle BurgerFloyd BurgerMarion BurgerAlan BurgerBryan BurgerErnest BurgerAllen BurgerWendy BurgerEsther BurgerChristian BurgerJeanne BurgerSally BurgerJeanette BurgerEleanor BurgerTiffany BurgerDanielle BurgerAlfred BurgerJune BurgerEdna BurgerGloria BurgerJerome BurgerCharlotte BurgerRita BurgerAlexander BurgerElaine BurgerLeonard BurgerRandall BurgerBilly BurgerSean BurgerZachary BurgerPauline BurgerEva BurgerStanley BurgerRoger BurgerGertrude BurgerRodney BurgerBradley BurgerChad BurgerLorraine BurgerElmer BurgerHarvey BurgerLester BurgerEdwin BurgerClifford BurgerClara BurgerHerman BurgerLeo BurgerTyler BurgerLloyd BurgerMax BurgerGladys BurgerBertha BurgerTaylor BurgerLucille BurgerMinnie BurgerIda BurgerTravis BurgerTroy BurgerKarl BurgerPearl BurgerBernard BurgerEthel BurgerMabel BurgerBrent BurgerAustin Burger