How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Burnett?

There are approximately 1,200 people in the United States with the last name Burnett. It is not very common, but it is not the rarest name either. It ranks as the 5,451st most common last name in the country. The name is derived from the Old English word, burna, meaning stream.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Burnett?

There are many people in the United States with the last name Burnett. But, which state has the largest population of people with that last name? According to the 2016 US Census, that state is Texas. There are 9,521 people in Texas with the last name Burnett. That's more than any other state in the country! California is a distant second, with 3,844 people with the last name Burnett. So, if you're looking for the most Burnetts in the country, you'll want to head to Texas!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Burnett?

There are a lot of unusual last names in the world, but few are as rare as Burnett. This name is not common at all, which is why many people are curious about its origin. So, what is the story behind the last name Burnett?The Burnett name has Welsh roots. It is derived from the Welsh name ap Rhyndwr, which means "son of Rhyndwr". Rhyndwr was a powerful Welsh leader who lived in the 10th century. Over time, the Burnett name has evolved and changed, but it still retains its Welsh heritage.

So, why is the Burnett name so uncommon? Well, it is believed that only about 2,000 people in the world currently have this last name. This is because it is not a common Welsh name, and it has not been passed down through many generations. In fact, the Burnett name is only moderately popular in the United States, where it is ranked #8,711th most common.

If you are curious about the most uncommon names with the last name Burnett, here are a few examples:

1. Bryson

2. Aiden

3. Ryder

4. Braeden

5. Reagan

6. Grayson

7. Jaxon

8. Maddox

9. Rylan

10. Zander

List of People with the Last Name Burnett

Betty BurnettL BurnettKenneth BurnettDorothy BurnettLinda BurnettLarry BurnettJessica BurnettDavid BurnettLisa BurnettSandra BurnettWillie BurnettNancy BurnettJames BurnettElizabeth BurnettDebra BurnettBarbara BurnettRobert BurnettJ BurnettEdward BurnettSharon BurnettJennifer BurnettRichard BurnettSusan BurnettPatricia BurnettMelissa BurnettHelen BurnettDeborah BurnettThomas BurnettKaren BurnettShirley BurnettMichelle BurnettCarol BurnettBrenda BurnettDonald BurnettMary BurnettPaul BurnettDonna BurnettAngela BurnettKimberly BurnettDaniel BurnettSarah BurnettMark BurnettCynthia BurnettGeorge BurnettMargaret BurnettLaura BurnettJoseph BurnettTimothy BurnettJohn BurnettT BurnettAmanda BurnettC BurnettChris BurnettKevin BurnettW BurnettRonald BurnettMichael BurnettGary BurnettR BurnettB BurnettBill BurnettChristopher BurnettAmy BurnettCharles BurnettWilliam BurnettBrian BurnettRebecca BurnettSteven BurnettSteve BurnettStephanie BurnettJeffrey BurnettAnthony BurnettRuth BurnettCarolyn BurnettJoe BurnettJason BurnettPamela BurnettAshley BurnettJerry BurnettKim BurnettMike BurnettTeresa BurnettDiane BurnettKathy BurnettRaymond BurnettLawrence BurnettScott BurnettCheryl BurnettJeff BurnettJoshua BurnettTerry BurnettAndrew BurnettWalter BurnettTammy BurnettCatherine BurnettFrank BurnettMatthew BurnettJack BurnettKelly BurnettAnn BurnettJoyce BurnettKatherine BurnettBobby BurnettKathleen BurnettJulie BurnettChristine BurnettJanet BurnettAnna BurnettVirginia BurnettCindy BurnettHarold BurnettBilly BurnettNicole BurnettCarl BurnettSamuel BurnettFrances BurnettHenry BurnettHeather BurnettStephen BurnettJudy BurnettGregory BurnettBrandon BurnettMarie BurnettJean BurnettTina BurnettAndrea BurnettMartha BurnettDouglas BurnettJamie BurnettTiffany BurnettDon BurnettFred BurnettChristina BurnettCrystal BurnettEric BurnettKeith BurnettBruce BurnettJim BurnettJanice BurnettArthur BurnettRoy BurnettBeverly BurnettTracy BurnettAlice BurnettJacqueline BurnettJonathan BurnettConnie BurnettShannon BurnettWayne BurnettAnnie BurnettDenise BurnettPeggy BurnettJoan BurnettRalph BurnettSheila BurnettJackie BurnettEmily BurnettAmber BurnettVictoria BurnettWanda BurnettLee BurnettRay BurnettJohnny BurnettJustin BurnettJesse BurnettEvelyn BurnettRoger BurnettLori BurnettLouise BurnettGloria BurnettClarence BurnettTheresa BurnettSherry BurnettMildred BurnettJudith BurnettRyan BurnettRobin BurnettDoris BurnettRachel BurnettTony BurnettGerald BurnettEarl BurnettPatrick BurnettJessie BurnettCurtis BurnettLeslie BurnettKathryn BurnettDennis BurnettSara BurnettEddie BurnettJane BurnettPhillip BurnettCarrie BurnettDawn BurnettBonnie BurnettBrittany BurnettRandy BurnettBenjamin BurnettPaula BurnettAnne BurnettTonya BurnettJeremy BurnettRhonda BurnettEugene BurnettHarry BurnettCourtney BurnettRussell BurnettKyle BurnettDiana BurnettStacy BurnettAaron BurnettJimmy BurnettAlbert BurnettLynn BurnettRose BurnettHoward BurnettWendy BurnettMarcus BurnettEmma BurnettEthel BurnettJacob BurnettMarilyn BurnettCharlotte BurnettJulia BurnettGlenn BurnettMegan BurnettLauren BurnettFrederick BurnettSamantha BurnettDanielle BurnettRuby BurnettApril BurnettMaria BurnettTravis BurnettDanny BurnettRodney BurnettNicholas BurnettShawn BurnettEdna BurnettGail BurnettMarvin BurnettTyler BurnettSean BurnettDale BurnettPhyllis BurnettLois BurnettLillian BurnettTodd BurnettBryan BurnettGrace BurnettPeter BurnettRandall BurnettDana BurnettJuanita BurnettClara BurnettMelvin BurnettNorma BurnettMarjorie BurnettFrancis BurnettErnest BurnettHazel BurnettJay BurnettAlicia BurnettNathan BurnettMarion BurnettJordan BurnettRicky BurnettLeonard BurnettGladys BurnettCharlie BurnettFlorence BurnettDarrell BurnettChad BurnettIrene BurnettAlan BurnettCraig BurnettBarry BurnettEdith BurnettPauline BurnettTaylor BurnettLucille BurnettAdam BurnettTroy BurnettAllen BurnettDerrick BurnettHerbert BurnettGeraldine BurnettWesley BurnettBradley BurnettNorman BurnettClyde BurnettLillie BurnettCody BurnettCalvin BurnettNathaniel BurnettBertha BurnettPearl BurnettEva BurnettFloyd BurnettChester Burnett