How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Byers?

There are about 8,500 people in the United States with the last name Byers. This name is derived from the Middle English word "byer," meaning "a buyer." It is thought that this name was given to someone who had made a purchase or who had been involved in a trade.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Byers?

Do you know which state in the US has the largest population with the last name Byers? If not, don't worry, you're not alone. Many people are unaware of this bit of trivia.As it turns out, the state with the largest population of people with the last name Byers is California. In fact, California is home to more than 16,000 people with the last name Byers. This is more than any other state in the US.

So, why is the last name Byers so popular in California? It's hard to say for sure. One possibility is that the name is derived from the Irish word "beir," which means "hewer." Thus, the name Byers may have originally been given to someone who was involved in the timber industry.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that the last name Byers is most popular in California. If you're looking to meet someone with this unique last name, your best bet is to head to the Golden State.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Byers?

Do you have a unique name? If you do, you're one of a kind! According to, the name Byers is one of the most uncommon names in the United States.Only 9 baby boys were given the name Byers in 2016. That's a really small number, considering there were over 4.3 million baby boys born in the US that year. So, if you're a parent who's thinking about naming your son Byers, you're definitely in the minority.

But why is the name Byers so uncommon? Well, there's no definitive answer, but it could be because it's a bit difficult to say and spell. It's definitely not a name that you hear every day.

If you're looking for an uncommon name with a cool last name to match, Byers is a great option. And who knows, maybe your son will be one of the few people in the country with that name.

List of People with the Last Name Byers

Mary ByersJohn ByersM ByersBarbara ByersLinda ByersRichard ByersMichael ByersThomas ByersPatricia ByersDavid ByersRobert ByersD ByersJames ByersC ByersWilliam ByersJ ByersJennifer ByersCharles ByersElizabeth ByersJoseph ByersDonald ByersKenneth ByersSusan ByersA ByersMichelle ByersAngela ByersGeorge ByersPaul ByersKimberly ByersSteven ByersDaniel ByersRonald ByersChris ByersLisa ByersBetty ByersMark ByersKaren ByersSandra ByersDorothy ByersChristopher ByersBrian ByersTimothy ByersLarry ByersSharon ByersMargaret ByersFrank ByersEdward ByersLaura ByersMelissa ByersCynthia ByersDonna ByersGary ByersCarol ByersRebecca ByersRuth ByersSteve ByersJason ByersAmanda ByersDeborah ByersMatthew ByersNancy ByersP ByersPamela ByersSarah ByersHelen ByersJessica ByersJeffrey ByersAmy ByersJanet ByersJoe ByersAshley ByersStephen ByersJulie ByersKathy ByersBrenda ByersScott ByersJack ByersKevin ByersKatherine ByersTerry ByersShirley ByersWalter ByersAnn ByersStephanie ByersJeff ByersRaymond ByersJerry ByersKim ByersCarolyn ByersDiane ByersChristina ByersGregory ByersDouglas ByersLawrence ByersDon ByersChristine ByersDebra ByersKelly ByersAndrew ByersHeather ByersCarl ByersKathleen ByersAnna ByersCatherine ByersJustin ByersLori ByersJoshua ByersVirginia ByersBrandon ByersDan ByersTeresa ByersDennis ByersDawn ByersNicole ByersAnthony ByersFrances ByersKeith ByersCheryl ByersFred ByersBeverly ByersKathryn ByersJonathan ByersTammy ByersTina ByersRachel ByersWayne ByersCindy ByersBruce ByersEric ByersJudy ByersHarold ByersJean ByersRay ByersMartha ByersJudith ByersSamuel ByersEmily ByersDenise ByersCrystal ByersJanice ByersTiffany ByersRyan ByersJoan ByersTracy ByersJacob ByersSherry ByersJoyce ByersRobin ByersDiana ByersPaula ByersAaron ByersBilly ByersDoris ByersGerald ByersArthur ByersJamie ByersRoger ByersRhonda ByersMildred ByersSara ByersRoy ByersKatie ByersVictoria ByersJane ByersAlice ByersMarie ByersBenjamin ByersBonnie ByersConnie ByersRalph ByersJeremy ByersHarry ByersShannon ByersLee ByersPhyllis ByersBrittany ByersAndrea ByersMichele ByersTheresa ByersPhillip ByersLeslie ByersMegan ByersMarilyn ByersHazel ByersLynn ByersHoward ByersFrederick ByersJesse ByersJacqueline ByersDale ByersEvelyn ByersPatrick ByersGloria ByersRandy ByersRussell ByersAnita ByersBrad ByersBradley ByersFlorence ByersAmber ByersWendy ByersGrace ByersMaria ByersJulia ByersEugene ByersClarence ByersLois ByersRose ByersEarl ByersNathan ByersDanielle ByersRita ByersShawn ByersWillie ByersMarcus ByersPeggy ByersNorma ByersGladys ByersBobby ByersAnnie ByersCarrie ByersKristen ByersJay ByersLauren ByersTodd ByersJill ByersTony ByersWanda ByersAllen ByersRuby ByersAnne ByersNicholas ByersEthel ByersBryan ByersEmma ByersRandall ByersCassandra ByersEdna ByersErin ByersCharlotte ByersRodney ByersTara ByersMarjorie ByersJordan ByersCraig ByersJessie ByersJimmy ByersLouise ByersEdith ByersSamantha ByersErnest ByersLillian ByersThelma ByersMarion ByersCurtis ByersElaine ByersHenry ByersEllen ByersDanny ByersAudrey ByersAlbert ByersKayla ByersBrent ByersEddie ByersChad ByersJohnny ByersPeter ByersTravis ByersLeonard ByersSylvia ByersLloyd ByersEsther ByersAdam ByersLucille ByersStanley ByersGlenn ByersTyler ByersBarry ByersPauline ByersClyde ByersZachary ByersIrene ByersNorman ByersDolores ByersLewis ByersWarren ByersBertha ByersTheodore ByersIda ByersDyron ByersClara ByersWesley ByersKyle ByersMarvin ByersMabel ByersSean ByersCecil ByersClifford ByersDustin ByersMelvin Byers