How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Caballero?

There are an estimated 298 people in the US with the last name Caballero. Caballero is not a particularly common name, but it is more popular than some other Spanish surnames like Sanchez or Garcia. What is the history behind the Caballero surname?The Caballero surname may have originated in the Spanish region of Galicia. There are a few different theories about the origin of the name. One theory suggests that Caballero is a derivation of the Spanish word caballo, which means "horse." Another theory suggests that the name is derived from the Latin word caballarius, which means "mounted warrior."

Whatever the origin of the name, it is clear that Caballero is a distinctly Spanish surname. If you are interested in exploring your Caballero heritage, there are a few resources that you can check out. The Caballero Family Association is a good place to start. This association is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Caballero surname.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Caballero?

There are a few different ways to answer this question, but the most accurate answer would be that the largest population of people with the last name Caballero lives in California. According to the 2010 United States Census, there are 9,072 people living in California with the last name Caballero. This accounts for about 10% of the total population of people with the last name Caballero in the United States.There are a few other states that have a large population of people with the last name Caballero, including Texas, Florida, and New York. However, none of these states have as many people with the last name Caballero as California. If you are looking to connect with someone who has the last name Caballero, California is definitely the best place to do so.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Caballero?

There are many last names in the world, and each one has a story behind it. Some last names are more common than others, while others are a bit more uncommon. If you are looking for an uncommon last name, then you might want to consider Caballero.Caballero is a Spanish last name that is not as common as some of the other Spanish last names. However, it is still used by many people around the world. If you are looking for a unique and interesting name, then you might want to consider Caballero.

There are many different meanings associated with the last name Caballero. One of the meanings is 'horseman'. This might be a good name for someone who loves horses or who is into equestrian activities.

Another meaning of Caballero is 'gentleman'. This might be a good name for someone who is classy and gentlemanly.

Finally, Caballero can also mean 'cowboy'. This might be a good name for someone who is into country music or who loves the cowboy lifestyle.

If you are looking for a unique and interesting last name, then you might want to consider Caballero. This name has many different meanings, and it is sure to stand out from the rest.

List of People with the Last Name Caballero

Maria CaballeroManuel CaballeroJorge CaballeroAna CaballeroJuan CaballeroCarlos CaballeroJesus CaballeroMiguel CaballeroAntonio CaballeroLuis CaballeroJose CaballeroFrancisco CaballeroDaniel CaballeroCarmen CaballeroDavid CaballeroRosa CaballeroRoberto CaballeroHector CaballeroMario CaballeroPedro CaballeroMichael CaballeroMary CaballeroElizabeth CaballeroOscar CaballeroMartha CaballeroVictor CaballeroRafael CaballeroJ CaballeroRicardo CaballeroEduardo CaballeroGloria CaballeroM CaballeroRaul CaballeroA CaballeroSandra CaballeroAngel CaballeroJavier CaballeroMartin CaballeroAlejandro CaballeroVeronica CaballeroFernando CaballeroClaudia CaballeroLaura CaballeroPatricia CaballeroRuben CaballeroJohn CaballeroJessica CaballeroGuadalupe CaballeroRobert CaballeroJennifer CaballeroNorma CaballeroArmando CaballeroTeresa CaballeroJulio CaballeroJoe CaballeroDiana CaballeroJaime CaballeroBlanca CaballeroSergio CaballeroArturo CaballeroEnrique CaballeroIsabel CaballeroRamon CaballeroAlfredo CaballeroCesar CaballeroJuana CaballeroAlberto CaballeroMonica CaballeroAlex CaballeroAngelica CaballeroRichard CaballeroLeticia CaballeroMelissa CaballeroSilvia CaballeroSonia CaballeroMargarita CaballeroLinda CaballeroJoseph CaballeroAlicia CaballeroOlga CaballeroAlma CaballeroAdriana CaballeroNancy CaballeroGabriel CaballeroAnna CaballeroGerardo CaballeroIrma CaballeroSalvador CaballeroCynthia CaballeroLuz CaballeroGeorge CaballeroEdward CaballeroMarco CaballeroChris CaballeroMichelle CaballeroAnthony CaballeroFrank CaballeroSylvia CaballeroChristina CaballeroWilliam CaballeroAngela CaballeroChristian CaballeroErnesto CaballeroBrenda CaballeroGustavo CaballeroAlfonso CaballeroAndres CaballeroPablo CaballeroGilberto CaballeroChristopher CaballeroJonathan CaballeroRogelio CaballeroStephanie CaballeroIsrael CaballeroAndrea CaballeroYolanda CaballeroEdgar CaballeroVanessa CaballeroAdrian CaballeroVirginia CaballeroCecilia CaballeroNelson CaballeroMarcos CaballeroCarolina CaballeroFelix CaballeroJames CaballeroMayra CaballeroOmar CaballeroJulian CaballeroCristina CaballeroHugo CaballeroLorena CaballeroAmanda CaballeroJosefina CaballeroKarla CaballeroLourdes CaballeroLouis CaballeroRebecca CaballeroFelipe CaballeroPaul CaballeroIvan CaballeroRodolfo CaballeroSamuel CaballeroRaymond CaballeroVictoria CaballeroRene CaballeroRosario CaballeroGabriela CaballeroLisa CaballeroMarie CaballeroBeatriz CaballeroEric CaballeroGuillermo CaballeroEsther CaballeroAlbert CaballeroJesse CaballeroJacqueline CaballeroSusana CaballeroRamiro CaballeroRaquel CaballeroEddie CaballeroRocio CaballeroMaribel CaballeroThomas CaballeroAlejandra CaballeroBarbara CaballeroBenjamin CaballeroErika CaballeroFrancisca CaballeroCrystal CaballeroEdwin CaballeroIgnacio CaballeroRodrigo CaballeroSarah CaballeroJoel CaballeroHumberto CaballeroMercedes CaballeroEva CaballeroHilda CaballeroHenry CaballeroGraciela CaballeroSara CaballeroEvelyn CaballeroCelia CaballeroSusan CaballeroDolores CaballeroElena CaballeroSantiago CaballeroJanet CaballeroRose CaballeroGilbert CaballeroMiriam CaballeroMauricio CaballeroAlexander CaballeroLiliana CaballeroChristine CaballeroElsa CaballeroAlexis CaballeroErica CaballeroNora CaballeroEmma CaballeroOrlando CaballeroDora CaballeroIsmael CaballeroJuanita CaballeroNicole CaballeroLorenzo CaballeroBertha CaballeroMaricela CaballeroLydia CaballeroRolando CaballeroJulia CaballeroAgustin CaballeroSteven CaballeroSamantha CaballeroMark CaballeroBeatrice CaballeroGladys CaballeroLucia CaballeroOfelia CaballeroYvonne CaballeroRudy CaballeroAraceli CaballeroAshley CaballeroPaula CaballeroJudith CaballeroYesenia CaballeroAbel CaballeroMarina CaballeroEsperanza CaballeroNicolas CaballeroJosephine CaballeroMoises CaballeroDiego CaballeroNicholas CaballeroAntonia CaballeroLeonardo CaballeroKevin CaballeroAbraham CaballeroLilia CaballeroIrene CaballeroFidel CaballeroNatalie CaballeroMarisol CaballeroEsmeralda CaballeroJoaquin CaballeroTomas CaballeroSantos CaballeroIsaac CaballeroRuth CaballeroSofia CaballeroEsteban CaballeroNoel CaballeroReynaldo CaballeroNoe CaballeroRalph CaballeroDebra CaballeroKarina CaballeroFederico CaballeroKimberly CaballeroVicente CaballeroMatthew CaballeroKaren CaballeroLeslie CaballeroRoy CaballeroEfrain CaballeroNoemi CaballeroAdolfo CaballeroAlexandra CaballeroAdam CaballeroAmelia CaballeroDaisy CaballeroEmilio CaballeroJoshua CaballeroEmily CaballeroConcepcion CaballeroElvira CaballeroConsuelo CaballeroAda CaballeroMilagros CaballeroElvia CaballeroGerman CaballeroLeonel CaballeroIris CaballeroBelinda CaballeroPilar CaballeroWilfredo CaballeroSaul CaballeroAurora CaballeroLuisa CaballeroFabiola CaballeroEdith CaballeroAida CaballeroPeter CaballeroAndrew CaballeroWalter CaballeroBrandon CaballeroRamona CaballeroNelly CaballeroRigoberto Caballero